Huge Number Of Local Police Forces Makes Nationwide Reform Difficult | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Huge Number Of Local Police Forces Makes Nationwide Reform Difficult | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. My sentiments exactly make them pay insurance like the nurses and doctors when you start getting into their pockets they will start listening trust me

  1. Joel 1:13
    “Gird yourselves, and lament, ye priests: howl, ye ministers of the altar: come, lie all night in sackcloth, ye ministers of my God: for the meat offering and the drink offering is withholden from the house of your God.”

  2. very well said, ty prof boyd and mr williams. the qualified immunity, the police unions backing people to the hilt no matter the crime, etc., those need to be corrected immediately.

    1. All white MSNBC talk about race relations all day. Where is their on- air black anchors?

    2. it remains mildly amusing but even more pathetic when russian trolls ‘drop by’ to comment on youtube videos about American issues while they pretend to be Americans. granted, they wish that they were. even as bad as things are here right now, thanks directly to trumputin and putin, it is still better than their ‘country’, under putin. add to that the fact that trumputin is only here temporarily but they are stuck with their dictator for life. funny, putin is a dictator but also a worldwide laughingstock, on oh so many levels. that these poor pathetic trolls do this for money, 85 rubles for each direct reply, is even more pathetic. they prostitute themselves for just about the equivalent of $1 American money… wow, really pathetic. but also really quite amusing.

    3. @RowenS Newsroom4am I doubt that Media Matters would pay anyone to post when so many of us gladly speak our minds for free.

    1. That would mean less black officers so… that’s a racist suggestion.

      It’s still a good one.

    2. @Rusty Shackleford yeah Rusty check out the cup in Houston he’s black and he’s a dirty cop dropping Coke at all his arrest so he can have a lot of arrests on his records he being investigated now I hope they put him in the jail just wear he put a lot of people innocent and not so innocent

    3. @mary johnson

      Adding coke to to an arrest would be an aggravating charge not the primary which means they weren’t all that innocent… unless you think he arrested those people so he could frame them, is that what you think?

  3. Police seem to have forgotten they are our employees and they work for us. Stop dressing in military gear and pretending to be soldiers, if you cowards want to play soldier join the army. Police teach we the public are the enemy and then go out in that military mind set and escalate every situation.

    1. Percentage are playing Rambo. Just like this. He wasn’t driving. Police judge jury executioner

  4. 🔥 Lake County, Florida need the FBI to come again and stay👌 Remember “Devil in the Grove” “The Groveland 4”

  5. Dr King message is to BOYCOTT
    on businesses corporations and JOBS
    Police is killing our sons daughters
    Mothers and Fathers

    1. American’s should have done this years ago. You would have crippled businesses. It’s wot should happen.

  6. City and county police are a recipe for disaster. Too many layers, too inefficient. One police force per state is a much better model.

  7. Trup’s choke hold ban is recommended but not required. Shooting in the back is preferred to any fair fight

  8. Police are scared now been scared so where’s the understanding to there fears? There are not many any more who want to protect others in the first place a bad police is just that but why are yall punishing the other 99% who when in uniform in these times are extra scared for there lives?0

  9. Qualified immunity is kind of the same as being able to declare bankruptcy over and over or forming a corporation so you’re not responsible for its debts. They’re all legal, but shouldn’t be.

  10. I know how to fix that make it so people can sue the cops when they know they can be sued personally they will think twice before acting most of the time make them pay insurance just like the doctors and the nurses have to do after you suit a couple of cops are you well they might get the idea

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