Huge superyacht squeezes through narrow canals 1

Huge superyacht squeezes through narrow canals


Photographer Tom van Oossanen captured footage of a massive yacht being transported through tiny canals in Holland. The ship was built by a Dutch company at their shipyard in Kaag and it's on its way to Amsterdam where it will undergo sea trials.

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  1. If you listening carefully, you can hear the former captain of the Ever Green whipping his beer can against the wall.

    1. Maybe you should have started investing in your 20’s. Then you wouldn’t complain about your current situation.

    2. @JasonDrvmz he is not complaining but that’s maybe in your I know nothing at all about that person but I love to lecture people head.

    3. @Marcus Antonius why would I care? You people aren’t Me. If you invest then you better get into real estate…

  2. I’m surprised the canal is dredged that deep, I would expect that yacht to have a draft of 15′ or so.

    1. @Jim McLoughlin you do realise that the ship that got stuck is operated by Taiwanese company whose crew at the time of the incident were all Indians. It easily could have been a European ship passing through that same spot at that same time and being hit by the very same wind thus getting stuck.

  3. Fun fact this is one of betsy devos yachts, she was going out for some McDonald’s to show us how she is just like everybody else

    1. George carlin would probably say “drag her out in the middle of the night and beat her with heavy clubs under a full moon”.

  4. I can’t afford a giant sub from JMike’s Subs, but I want a big yacht just like that one

    1. Most Americans can’t afford a sub from JMikes Subs. I, being one of those people! And it really pisses me off!

  5. I was going to say the same thing….after he said everyone LOVES it. Yeah NOT the people waiting for the bridge to re-open. They got places to be, it just looks like ol’ Captain Obvious is just showing off!!

  6. America’s gone crazy. I just hope this summer I hear these three words “welcome to Jamaica”

    1. I love Jamaica, cuz it’s so slow, everything’s slow way down like you can’t be in a hurry to go anywhere

  7. ”Yeah i know you are tired and just want to get home after your minimum wage shift but ive gotta get my million dollar yacht out to see so wait an hour or so you filthy peasants”

    1. It’s a heck of a lot more than $1000000! $1000000 doesn’t get me much for a boat these days!

  8. They probably have their Tax Evading Bank accounts in your country too. It’s like one stop shopping. So convenient.

  9. something pretty much identical happened when i was living in siesta key sarasota. a small cruise ship somehow went up the wrong canal inlet and i found myself looking out my window watching a cruise ship sailing by, thinking .. where the heck did that thing come from!!?? i had to go to school so i didnt see how it made its way out the canals, but it was quite the scene. didnt even know such ships could raise their ballast so high.

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