Human Rights Campaign Is Calling On Corporate America | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Human Rights Campaign Is Calling On Corporate America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Alphonso David of the Human Rights Campaign joins Morning Joe to discuss how the HRC is letter calling on corporate leaders to stand up for the LGBTQ community. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Human Rights Campaign Is Calling On Corporate America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Josef Jerbils Okay princess, if it helps you to get through your day believing that, then you go right ahead.

    1. Stop hating us white Christian straight males that like country music and dukes of hazzard

  1. Retransgresspublicans want to take away voters rights black lives matters make speed bumps of Americans AND get paid

  2. Justice for the victims of fentanyl George Floyd. I hope they sue the George Floyd’s estate for $30 million especially the pregnant woman that fentanyl George Floyd held a gun to.

  3. Where is the outrage over the 40 innocent black children slaughtered in the streets of Chicago in 2020?

    1. I can express the outrage that black transgender women are murdered at a much higher level than non black transgender women, but you don’t care, but I do!

    1. Equality also means equality of accountability of your own actions.
      But you never want to hold the criminals accountable

  4. A view from Canada. Let’s all treat each other as people. The US needs to mature. It’s way behind other democracies in caring for all of it’s citizens.

    1. You don’t have the right to voice your opinion you let Justin Trudeau take your guns LOL try that crap in America ain’t gonna happen

    2. @Reason All right I’m officially over MS NBC it’s comical at this point but I can’t believe people act like this unless there are six year olds behind a computer screen

    3. @Joe Blow: I’m tired of people from Canada acting like they’re country is a better place to live when almost nobody wants to live there.

  5. Too bad Black people don’t know how to bring their ID to a voting poll all this could be took an care of

  6. You burn the corporate stores. Loot the iPhone stores. Call corporations racist. Then you want them to help you. Unbelievable

    1. @Reason it’s pretty stupid to destroy your own cities. Then complain there’s no jobs no businesses and no opportunities in those communities

    2. @David Hale: I agree. It’s also pretty stupid to complain about corporations from your Dell, iphone or HP.

  7. The people shouldn’t have to appeal to corporations to get things done when the majority of the population are in favor of them. Repeal Citizens United.

  8. How pathetic… so the greatest, most freedom loving nation on the planet is still living in the 1950s? As I said… Pathetic!

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