Hundreds of Canadians named in Pandora Papers | Leaked records show how wealthy avoid taxes 1

Hundreds of Canadians named in Pandora Papers | Leaked records show how wealthy avoid taxes


ICIJ's Ben Hallman explains the significance of the Pandora Papers and which countries are becoming havens for tax avoidance.

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  1. Of course, ever seen a poor politician in Federal or even provincial government? Do you imagine they’ll get into power and fix this?

    1. @Patrick O’Connor So name them, I’m waiting. Federal and Provincial, and as I said, “in government and poor.”

  2. What happened to trickle down economics? Seems like the rich keep hoarding their money. Who would have thought?!

    1. It’s likely more than that. Governments, regardless of what political party they are affiliated with think they can keep on printing money. They can’t.

  3. So cra didn’t go after anyone from the Panama papers, I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that they won’t pursue any Canadian names in these papers either…. easier to go after you or me.

    1. Exactly
      They’re only interested in going after the middle class that’s just treading water
      The government incurs more in costs with these audits than they reclaim because the goal is growing big government not paying down the deficit or the debt

  4. Putting judges on the same level as criminals is a perfect picture of what Canada’s justice system has become in the last 20 years

  5. can’t wait to see trudildeaus name added to the list, or, as with blackface, will they bury it?

    1. Can’t wait to see every conservative donor on this list too….I mean, if you think its just Trudeau I’ve got a bridge to sell ya 😉

  6. So I will not pay tax nor will I pay my landlord now. In fact I’m going to start stealing at the grocery store.

    1. Lawmakers coerce you to comply via threat of jail.
      Meanwhile, the wealthy keep most of what the earn….
      Life is not fair

  7. This is super old news….change the report name, etc. Look it up. Oh brother!
    Blah blah blah! Nothing will change. The loopholes will stretch like an elastic.
    Vanguard and 7 others…yup. They own it all.

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