1. Good. Now investigate Princess Ivanka for all those illegal Chinese trademarks she got while Daddy-Husband was president

    1. @ako tairi are u serious. She has made millions during her time as an “advisor”. And not from the businesses she had before 2016. Those failed. Just like trump not taking the presidential salary and so he can prove he’s a rich guy who cares about his poor supporters. Get a grip. Born rich, only cares about the rich, and enhancing the pockets of his rich corporate donors and friends. really, he’s been taking in millions of dollars from that the status of POTUS. Just ask the people who donated to his “election fraud” fund. Im not even sorry they got ripped off and the money is going in his pocket. Like having diplomats from other countries use his hotel and then charging them the 4 times the normal rate or having govt events at his hotels and charging 4 times the rate. Grifters making money off his status, doesn’t need the salary. She and him both made up for it plenty.

    2. @AmericaIsWorthIt just like trump’s election fraud claims 😂🤣 Laughable and absurd. Every judge including his own Supreme Court picks knows it

  2. Wasn’t Ivanka called in to testify recently? Isn’t she, and her husband, also under investigation?

    1. It’s under audit just like trump. I’m sure Hunter will show his taxes but trump will NEVER SHOW because his fraking guilty.

    2. @Carol lemon
      Ibanka was fined and forbidden to ever sit on the board of any charity because she and the trump cartel embezzled from a children’s cancer and veterans charity. What a sweet heart, good Christian girl?
      You people conveniently ignore all the low down crap the Trump’s do. Like trying to dismantle Democracy. Hillary was on point about you all.

  3. Lock him up! Seriously though, if he’s guilty, let him go to prison. And let Trumps kids be held to the same standard.

    1. POTUS has been audited for years and the IRS has found deductions that are not in conflict with the US Corporate tax laws of this country. His kids are cleared by the same principal. Joe Biden has not been audited and his son Hunter is under investigation for tax evasion and fraud. Joe may be next if they find him connected to Hunters money practices with China and Ukraine which seems to conflict with the US Corporate tax laws.

    2. @AH III hunter says in a text to his kids grandpa gets 50%. If true, that’s money laundering. Essentially, hunter is the middle man between people paying money to Joe, which is probably illegal or must be reported. They pay hunter, hunter pays Joe thus laundering the money.

    3. @Anne B. I’m sure once Donald is out of the WH, trump indictments will be the breaking news for the trump family!

    1. He’s been under investigation since 2018. 1209 N. Orange Street in Wilmington, DE is a U.S. tax haven. Can we get an operation Warp Speed on Trump’s tax returns?

    2. @MOLLY WOP Show me the proof that those were even Hunter Biden’s laptops. That whole piece of crap story was made up by Giuliani and the NY Post, trying to make a big smear right before the election. Funny how it all just faded away…. Now they can’t even find said laptops. LMAO! Seriously?

    3. @Joe Marks You only want to see the POTUS tax information so you can make some sort of “moral argument” on the basis of how much he paid. If Hunter is being investigated for his taxes, it could be, because he LAUNDERED and withheld. I know you probably don’t understand how this works, but if you do a little research you could.

    4. funny, this is old news to us, it came out months ago, big tech just hid it from you and cnn, well didn’t they get sued for 250 million by nick sandmann for lying about the boy? must have, cause they have to pay him that much money. do you know 17 states so far are signed up for scotus to delve into the election fraud? 17….so far.

    5. @MOLLY WOP
      The laptop hard drive was in possession of the FBI for over a year. No charges were ever brought to Hunter Biden. Don’t believe all the memes and social media post you see,because most of them are misleading and false.

  4. Easy, peasy, Hunter. Just tell ’em you’re under audit…forever! Problemo solved-o! (Works for Donny!)

    1. @whatyousay no, the perv that professed publicly that he let minority children rub the hair on his hairy legs.
      That perv.

    2. CRIMINAL investigation is quite a different matter than a tax audit…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. I’m a data analyst at a Fortune 500 company. I live on Zero Hedge and post here when I’m not busy. I have sifted through the information for the past 24 hours. In order to ensure proper vigilance and attention to detail I consumed 200 mg of Adderall spaced out in a bi-hourly schedule. I also have been microdosing LSD for the past three years.
      I can unequivocally say that there is absolutely nothing profound within this information. It is insubstantial at best, and outright exaggerations bordering on slander at worst.
      It would likely be in everyone’s best interest to focus on more pertinent issues as opposed to getting lost in a web of obfuscation.
      Given the intense mental output of thorough investigation it is essential that one rest to rejuvenate neural productivity.
      I suggest going to sleep and completing at least 3 REM cycles before reassessing any further information.

    1. @A Morfus he wants government control of your life money and health and he is best friends with Communist China

    2. @Michael Knight Trump has a history of defrauding private contractors in NY, private citizens with his Trump University scam, and now his own supporters with this charade of election fraud which by the way there still isn’t any concrete evidence. Only testimony from the likes of Melissa Crone LMAO… AWESOME WITNESS TESTIMONY… EPIC

    3. This is everything that I asked our government to do, this should be investigated.

      That laptop was a treasure trove of guilty. Soon there will be a special council regarding ‘ the big guy’.

    4. @D.B. Cooper None of which is as bad as getting money from foreign governments that Joe directly impacts. Trumps issues are a civil matter, the Bidens are a national security issue. Nice distraction attempt. I’m sure it works on TDS infected people.

    1. I have a feeling this is just a cover-up by the FBI. So, from now on whoever brings up Hunter Biden’s laptop is immediately shut down by “fact-checkers” saying the FBI found no evidence of corruption.

    2. Um, you all ever think about the timing? Biden wouldn’t even have gotten out of the primary if this information and coverage came out when it was known. It looks like to me they are setting up Biden to fall and prop up Harris, they aren’t even waiting till inauguration day.

    1. Its obvious fox news will nag about this for the next four years just like they always keep bringing up hilary emails.

    1. It’s just a smoke screen. That’s why CNN (Communist News Network) is reporting this. It’s not that CNN just saw the light and suddenly becomes unbiased.

    2. It makes me wonder how the media ignored this, the feds hid it during the election, and the notebook is proven correct AGAIN and the black mirror media LIED TO EVERY AMERICAN AGAIN.

    3. @Lost Birds Production why hasn’t the IRS taken any action against Trump? They must be Russian operatives!

    4. @General Sanders Everyone seems to be fraking scared of this guy. I’m not. If I work on that field I’d crucify the MF based on United States of America’s LAW.

    1. The investigation started well over a year ago about when the notebook dropped and was given to the FBI. Furthermore, we know for a fact the Biden’s have received money from overseas interest. Its not even in question. The only question is did they report it? Do they report money they pay Joe under the table? Did they get anything for it…oh wait, Burisma did.

    1. I knew this info a month ago. When your msm gods wouldn’t cover it and said it was debunked as fake. Lmfao. The salt will flow.

    2. Thats not the point. Even tho true.
      the bidens are just as corrupt as Trump. Come on jack, you you know the thing?

  5. The FBI had this HB laptop since 2019 and finally investigating. About time. Now when will they go after the CP on his laptop with his niece. Gulliani handed the CP video over to the New Castle County Delaware Police and CNN didn’t cover that.

    1. @Anne B. You know how you want to say something but you just don’t? You just leave it alone and walk away because it’s not even worth a pinch of your attention? Yeah… just let Trump’s flock have it!! 🤦

  6. Yeah this is “breaking news” just like China lying about covid deaths is breaking news if you follow cnn for your news lol

  7. Don’t worry, they won’t find anything, they never investigate “royalties” for real, it’s just for show and tell to please the public.

  8. The Hunter Biden Laptop, along with the CEO of Hunter Bidens company, implicated Joe Biden in the Biden Crime Family MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME!

  9. Beijing Biden 🇨🇳💰🇺🇦💰🇷🇺💰crime family was exposed back in October, the mainstream media and big tech censored and suppressed the information .

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