1. If he’s broken a law then charge him. If the evidence is there he’ll be convicted. It doesn’t matter who is father is. And for that if his dad did anything illegal charge him as well.

    1. @Zynathera “it’s not illegal fit an American to sit on the board of a foreign country” yes it is if you’re making financial profit for a member of the government at tax payers expense, quid pro quo

    1. @E J well, strictly speaking, shouldn’t he be better off moneytaly, if that was the case.
      Even if he had addictions and sold secrets he would be rolling in cash. Not having his private business splattered all over the net, tv and papers. When are we going to see trumps taxes?

  2. Ah, . . . he was a drug addict.

    It’s not like that was a secret and his emails and actions are in line with what you would expect from a drug addict.

  3. The last line had me falling over🤣” it’s anyone’s guess if he will even be charged at all”.

    1. @Devo The only question is: What did he pay off with those 83k. 83k seems a lot for us mere mortals but if you sunk a company and a personally liable thats not a not. I mean if you sunk a company and aren’t the mango messiah 😉

    1. @SmokeStack yeah if he had a gun & drugs he needs to go into prison. I know someone that had drugs & a shotgun with bird load. He went to prison. A handgun & drugs is much worse imo. He should go to prison. The taxes. Hunter is probably broke. & people that I’ve heard of in this tax situation typically don’t go to prison.

    2. @ynotttt proof? You ain’t got none. So u really think his drug addicted self was in cahoots with?

    1. @SourDoughBill listen I’m not saying I like fox just that it was on fox . Damn y’all really like making everything so fucking polarized. Take a second to not be pissed at random people on the internet.

  4. That last thing he said about bringing politically sensitive issues before elections. DEMS do it all the time!

  5. Ohhh, so Hunter is all paid up on his taxes even though nobody for sure yet knows just how much income there actually was…? Nice, I would like that same treatment.

  6. Don’t forget. 10% for the big guy!
    Remember when you believed Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation? 🤣🤣🤣

  7. So when a drug addict falls in to debt does that mean that they get a pass too? Yeah the rich don’t go through the same as us when dealing with the law. Shame

  8. He is just one example of how crooked these people are. His father knows what’s going on. He’s the big guy! The corruption is unbelievable.

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