Hurricane Hanna makes landfall, floods parts of south Texas | USA TODAY


    1. @Robert Bartlett IIBLM is not extreme all that want is to end or at least lower down police brutality

    2. @Delia Cortes no, they admit loud and proud they are Marxists, and want to change the country. No talking head said it, no social media, ALL their leaders say it, check out their web page , simple research.

    3. @Nanker Phelge Let’s just hope it can get rid of the remaining Mega Karens so we are free from torment.

    1. You would think. Nope most of it was these about these regressive far left traitors in Portland xP

    2. We ain’t a popular region here deep south Texas in Rio grande valley so they don’t even bother making a video clip of details about the Hurricane.

    3. @A96V33 yea but the past few years ppl have been talking abt it non stop until this year I think it’s bc of politics and stuff

    1. yes a cat one, weak hurricane, Douglas may only be a tropical storm when it reaches y’all…it’s going over cold waters to get to you

    2. Douglas refuses to weaken quick, you’ll likely see tropical storm force winds at the least

    1. Excuse me Sir/Madam
      Are you saved?
      If you died tonight are you going to heaven? Jesus loves you.

  1. I heard not one thing about this hurricane until it made landfall lol. Lucky I wasn’t in its path!

    1. It developed over night. Barely any coverage since it was a short span until it touched land. We received less than 24 hour warning

  2. Every year ppl are just so shocked at the power of hurricanes and weather….why!? We see it everyday every year

    1. They are drama queens. These are the type that hoard food and toilet paper. They literally are the ones glued to the 24-7 doomsday MSM networks, who are nothing but negative and dramatic, playing on their weak minds.

  3. ngl I didn’t even know there was a hurricane because all the new outlets were focused on the President or Corona

    1. Lmao when Cleveland was in the tub on family guy and his house gets destroyed and just slides

  4. Hello, Humans.
    “Intelligence is more important than strength, that is why earth is ruled by men and not by animals.”
    -Amit Kalantri


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