Hurricane in a Pandemic, Is Jamaica Ready? | Suspect Molester Held | TVJ News - June 2 2021 1

Hurricane in a Pandemic, Is Jamaica Ready? | Suspect Molester Held | TVJ News – June 2 2021


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  1. I really don’t see the need for cash incentives. Have we forgotten that we are a poor, economically under-performing country with the lowest GDP per capita of all of Britain’s former colonies in the Caribbean? Offering free vaccinations is more than enough. Those who don’t want to take it can take their chances.

  2. Jamaica when the government speak about contribution to the need and needy I always wonder if other country who helped Jamaica if they think what the people get from the Jamaican government is something to most about not at all

  3. And most politician in Parliament when they speak do they have a machine in their throat I cannot understand one word the English language is poor

  4. And that is why I’m saying the local authority is just eating up taxpayer money and doing nothing and this type of people should go to prison for life

  5. You are absolutely right the pandemic gave us so many headaches this something right here display on my screen also would give us more pandemic it not take away only add

  6. How the hell public sector can’t get raise in pay but u ppl talking about giving money for vacation selling our self ten thousand can’t even buy a good two days dinner for a family of four

  7. Don’t look at others , everyone is responsible for his or her own existence, do not blame the government after this. If you do not wear a mask do not show up to the emergency room without your own personal oxygen tank , please stay home there are not enough for everyone

  8. I like this new format where you get to see other newscasters being introduced. Thanks for the news, Anthony. Two great presenters.

  9. Then thousands Dollars in nothing..that is less than $100.Dollars US Dollars..why not giving them 30 thousands that would be awesome!

  10. We’re poor people and when he have a 2PM curfew on Sundays we’re suffering to get drive to go home after work by spending what we’re not earning.

  11. My heath is my responsibility, so why would need a cash incentive to take of my oun health..? If the powers that be really believe in the benefit of taking the jàb is so good why does fully vaccinated need to be quarantined.

  12. Public sector workers need a raise of pay Mr Holness. We can’t buy gas or food to feed ourselves and families properly. Sir we are begging you to consider the workers. We have lost faith in this economy. Paying people to take the vaccine is not a good step at this time when the workers’ pay are being cut to accommodate these things. We are tired of it.

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