1. Naw, send him home and give him some files on viruses we’ve been studying. That’ll teach him a lesson. 🤡

    1. Agree the FREEDUMBS were not charged and do not have to pay restitution for the multiple millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars spent on the protests and now the inquiries.

  1. Wondering about the actual weight of what was allegedly stolen. A lot of this seems heavily political, due to the current climate. But guess we’ll receive partial information on this in the next 5 years or so when things are settled.

  2. Fkg 10 year of jail ONLY???!!! No hard labor, living like a king in prison. No fkg wonder a person isn’t afraid to commit a crime in Canada!

  3. With the Liberals in power I expect absolutely nothing to come of this as I’m sure he’ll be portrayed as some kind of victim.

  4. Bookem Danno. If guilty, a full 10 years, perhaps on each charge found guilty – Consecutive – NOT Concurrently. I believe Canadians are getting tired of next to none top notch Canadian Security on mutable fronts. And as far as Canadian prolific criminals there are laws just for them but very rarely used. WTF

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