“I Alone Can Fix It” Authors Discuss The Chaotic Last Days Of The Trump White House 1

“I Alone Can Fix It” Authors Discuss The Chaotic Last Days Of The Trump White House

Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker sat down with former president Trump and several White House staffers for their latest book.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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“I Alone Can Fix It” Authors Discuss The Chaotic Last Days Of The Trump White House


    1. @LLL its so disgusting idiots voted for that ignorant person to run our darn country.
      I blame all those voters.

    1. @bert larsen American NEED for instant gratification..Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself.

    2. @FENTON MILLER at least I know what bathroom to use, that’s pretty sad when you people are confused on what bathroom to use

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid you don’t even live in the United states, just look at your account name. That’s pathetic

  1. Of course he will run. He is facing serious federal charges. He needs to self pardon to evade jail. It is all about self preservation.

    1. @Marie Kamerdula He doesn’t need to self-pardon though. As President he’d have presidential immunity and even before he was floating the idea of “President for life” so he’d look to find some way around the two term limit if needed. Might not be needed though in any case, he’s an old guy.

  2. When trump and his company goes down the tubes. The gop will deny they know, liked or supported him. And plenty of the gullible republicans will buy or ignore it.

    1. ​@Timmy Truth It’s never been a topic I’ve given much thought about, but it seems like you know how many.
      When you pick up a guy, do you ask his political affiliation?

  3. Well this time around he can’t keep blaming the Clintons ” Lock Her Up”. But even back then if he lost to Hillary he said he was going to say the election was fake or rigged. He is a D-bag to the core.

  4. He’s unwilling to give up up the grifting by continuing the lies. Sadly so many people actually believe him and continue to give to his Big lies

  5. We-the-people (sane) are so over don-the-con, except indicting him for all the crimes he commented.
    Please put the cuffs on him and send him to jail. NOW!

    1. Knowing about Trump’s excesses are a cautionary tale. Legislators need to write laws to prevent such excesses ever occurring again. If Trump had more intelligence, instead of just animal cunning, we might have ceased to be a democracy.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Right. A carnival Barker almost cost us our democracy. Think how much worse it would have been if he had had brains. Hopefully, presidential cults will not be the rule.

    3. I would settle for seeing Donald installed in a cheap nursing home focused on ripping off the guy he hires to change his diaper.

  6. Like a true “mob boss” he thought he had the judges in his back pocket. He believes everyone has a price like him. He doesn’t understand honor nor does he respect truth. Every word that falls from his mouth is a lie. He really believes the majority of people believe him.

  7. Diaper Don said he needed better Judges. Well, he should quit crying and someone needs to point out that HE appointed the judges!

    1. trump. Would be great if trump would be convicted by a judge he appointed. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

  8. Mitch is NOT some master strategist nor is Nancy, Mitch is more like trump in the fact that he knows his base and how he came manipulate them………nothing masterful about tricking adults with a 9 year olds mentality(Republicans)!

    1. He and Graham are just bare faced liars. the oldest strategy going and their record speaks so,

    1. …why are you media folks even giving oxygen to this Cancer, Donald Trump!!! please think about this guys!!!!

    2. @Lewis Liew Unfortunately, a has-been, forgettable, one-term, ex-Pres promoting a “voter fraud” hustle in a pathetic attempt to monopolize media attention, is news.

  9. Fun Fact: “Dominion Voting Systems has issued subpoenas to right-wing attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for their communications with Fox News as part of its lawsuit against the network…”

  10. Trump is a liar. Period. He doesn’t need any proof to hang on to this story forever. He will never let go. His fundraising depends on the lie.

    1. What’s more, his very identity depends on this. His ego will not allow him to believe the American people rejected him.

  11. The only reason Trump wants to be president is because he knows that he’s going to jail, period.

    1. I disagree. I think he honestly believes the stuff he says. He truly thinks he was a great president.

      But of course he would us the position to avoid going to jail.

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