‘I Am Broken. And My Colleagues Are Broken:’ Montana ICU Nurse As Covid-19 Cases Surge | MTP Daily

'I Am Broken. And My Colleagues Are Broken:' Montana ICU Nurse As Covid-19 Cases Surge | MTP Daily 1


NBC News Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez brings the latest from Montana where the state reported its second highest daily Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. Aired on 10/30/2020.
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'I Am Broken. And My Colleagues Are Broken:' Montana ICU Nurse As Covid-19 Cases Surge | MTP Daily

64 Comments on "‘I Am Broken. And My Colleagues Are Broken:’ Montana ICU Nurse As Covid-19 Cases Surge | MTP Daily"

  1. All these wonderful medical personnel are going to have PTSD for a long time. My heart is with them.

  2. Thank doctors and nurses who save the people from Covid-19

  3. GOD BLESS to All doctor and personal hospital

  4. It’s gotten to the point where hundreds of people dying every day in isolation because they can’t have loved ones in the room when they are hooked up to ventilators isn’t news any more. It is still happening. Every day in every state.

  5. Véronique Callaerts | October 30, 2020 at 3:28 PM | Reply

    Second wave is in Belgium almost second lockdown please stay safe wear a mask

  6. So sad for those healthcare workers and their families coz their actually overworked and begging people to listen

  7. We owe it to the Doctors and Nurses and all other healthcare workers to just wear our masks. For the love everyone. Just do it. Do it from your own free will.

  8. The impact of this pandemic is heartbreaking. When people reject the existence of the pandemic I want to scream! Why would this be a hoax? What’s the benefit of a “hoax”? It’s world wide! They should get out of their little world, turn off Fox News and see what is really going on.

  9. I am almost there myself. After 8 months of people coming in, arguing, claiming this is a hoax, then dying…it’s almost too much. Nurses and doctors are working 6 days a week, sometimes 16hr days…just to be disrespected by people who think this is a game.

    • Serafin Borgia | October 30, 2020 at 4:49 PM | Reply

      Unfortunately those idiots always haveT the loudest voices and drown out the ones of compassion. I hope you all know some of us think of the medical professionals every single day . We don’t take you for granted, we do care about the pain you are going through and we do appreciate you.

    • My goddaughter is a nurse in ny. Hubby and i are paying her bills so she doesn’t have to work. We are financially able to do so, as she is single, childfree. Sadly, her friends can’t afford to stay home, and some have died. Too bad they have to follow the hippocratic oath, cus if a patient says they didn’t wear a mask they should not be treated, the end

    • @happy expat I wish life was so simple. These people (in California) just brought a wave of COVID into existence by attending a Cooties Rally in Orange County. They believe and trust the guy in charge, right up until it’s time to go. I may consider taking a break, but fear leaving my colleagues 1-staff down. I cannot believe this is actually happening in a modern society.

    • @Serafin Borgia Thank you! We, I just need a break from such debilitating nonsense and death.

    • @William Casey Amen and Thank you!

  10. Trump has done such a great job that it will take years to get back to a “Normal Life”. He sent the wrong message to the American People and we’ll pay for it. Think about that.

  11. And does Donny care ?? He has never worked a day in his life.

  12. God bless our essential workers, they’re risking their lives for us.

  13. Trump got medical care that a lot of Americans didn’t get. He talk about taking away ACA Care. The madman should be held accountable along with Republican Party Cult.

  14. Not a big deal- wow! Whoever said you are dead 💀 inside.
    Yes, our doctors & nurses are exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally… let’s help please
    Wear mask 😷, social distance & stops 🛑 spreading disinformation please

  15. Chump has no Heart! We The People need a Üresident that has feelings “Just Like Us!” Blue Tsunami!

  16. Trump is so out of touch with the people. He doesn’t even mention them. It’s all about himself. Disgusting excuse for a human

  17. Republicans don’t care.

  18. My heart goes out to your medical people trying their best to deal with the aftermath of Trumps rallies and lack of leadership.

  19. And Chuck Todd asked if Biden was taking Covid too seriously…

  20. In America like the Virus, there is no cure for ignorance. Praying that your nightmare named Trump will end soon, and sanity will return to your Administration.

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