I Am Not A Wimp - says Jamaican Senator L. Brown - April 27 2021 1

I Am Not A Wimp – says Jamaican Senator L. Brown – April 27 2021


Opposition Senator Lambert Brown is digging deeper into his resolve that jungle justice may have a role to play in Jamaica's society to deal with certain crimes.

0:00 – Introduction

3:02 – Decrease in Covid Stats for Westmoreland
6:46 – Promises for St. Mary Residents Unfulfilled
11:38 – Cricket Coach Concerned About Sport

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  1. No need to APOLOGIZE to the HYPOCRITES Mr. BROWN, at lest you speak your mind and no one had to realise any secret voice not.

  2. According to hearing every day how violent men, women and young people has grown to be, coldhheartedly wicked minded, no respect for life, he is justified to think the way he does.
    The way crimes has grown with the crimes bizarrely worser, the last resorts, the violent behaviour, is like calling for “capital punishment to be reinstated.

  3. That was indeed an execution, payback for the recent guilty convictions and arrests of those killer cops. Praying for justice.

  4. I agree with Mr. Brown. I am from the US and have lived in Jamaica for 11 years and I have never never never had the police respond to my assaults – break-ins – threats – NEVER. I am old and have never even told white lies but Jamaica brings out the worst in good people because others are not doing their job!!!!!!!!

  5. Too many matters have no father. NO 1 WILLING to take the bull by its horn. Jungle justice if the law cannot hold the culprits

  6. I understand this man, because there’s no just in Jamaica people killed someone and get 4 years in prison some of them get away without even go to prison so where are the just

    1. Because, it appears from what I am reading, hearing, and seeing that justice is for sale in Jamaica. It pays to be a don, scammer, gunman, and low life individual.

  7. I would take matter in my own hands to avenge whomever hurt my family especially my daughter
    The laws don’t do anything for us let criminal and murders go free

  8. I agree with you sir cause I see that thet don’t want to are they can’t bring back hanging. For these people who have no heart

  9. @L.Brown, real talk..KNT. You’ve said what many of them are doing or willing to do behind closed door.

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