'I became worse': Trump gloats about impeachments at CPAC 1

‘I became worse’: Trump gloats about impeachments at CPAC

Former U.S. president Donald Trump spoke at CPAC, where he said that the impeachment proceedings against him made him 'worse.'

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    1. You realize that the impeachments had no actual grounds, it was all just the democrats trying to put a leash on him

    1. Trump lost by 7 000 000 votes, then lied about losing, so that the simple minded folk like you could repeat that.

  1. Biden destroying America will easily help President Trump get re-elected. Not even stuffing the Mail in Ballots will help the democraps. Lol

    1. The Repuicans have lost 3 out of 4 of the past Presidential elections. If they ever want to win again, they will have to dump Trump and field a better candidate.

  2. Why are stations like this giving him what he wants? The only thing worse than BAD publicity is NO Publicity! With everything going on, he’s not worth it!

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