I Can’t Figure Out Why Trump Continues To Do Things That Damage Him With The Electorate’ | MSNBC


  1. Trump’s betrayals know no bounds. Once he’s ripped out of the White House, there needs to be a reckoning

    1. @Richard Owens ok, but when Trump is no longer president, there will no longer be an Attorney General who works for Trump, and that is the only thing protecting him from the charges that are already waiting for him.

    2. @Richard Owens yea I hope you’re dead wrong but I’m afraid that sounds about correct

    3. @AL- BOT Bill Barr will remain AG until another one can be confirmed by the Senate. And, if the Democrats don’t win the Senate in November, Barr will remain AG. Let that sink in.

    4. @Richard Owens the A G is nominated by the president, and approved by the Senate. If Biden becomes president, Barr will be fired (just like when Trump fired previous AG’s). An “Acting” AG will take over until Senate approves someone. If Trump goes, so does Barr.

    5. @Richard Owens Get rid of Mitch McConnell and you would get rid of the gridlock. That man sits on close to 200 bills and refuses to bring them to the floor for vote. Bills that are bipartisan.

  2. It’s not fun for Trump anymore when he realized people want him to actually work (something he hasn’t understood his whole life.)

    1. @The Manager it doesn’t respond. … it just makes blanket contrary sentences… they aren’t that clever.

    2. I agree and disagree. He is not working legally, but he is working hard at getting around the rules. With his personality disorder, there may be what we could call enjoyment at being hated since he cannot love or be loved. When we are angry with him, and hate him, he is manipulating our emotions. That is power, and he knows how to use those emotions against us.

    1. @Justin Jones you wish!
      Lmfao!. your such a loser that’s all you could think of and it’s stupid like you.. lol

    2. @Karen O my truth I told you seems to have you triggered lol. It’s like when President Trump speaks truth all you Dumbocrats whine and moan. The reality is you’re the loser who supports loser candidates and instead of admitting the facts you spin lies to others hoping they will accept them if you keep repeating the lies. You took a play out of the Nazi playbook you racist

    3. @Justin Jones just keep telling yourself that..
      You are a funny man.
      I’m not going to respond anymore because I don’t like losers ba bye
      You can keep putting more lies and deciet out there but I’m done dealing with you because there is no talking to the braindead losers

    4. @Karen O we noticed a bum loser like you never disputed my facts I told. In fact you can’t argue that your mouth smells like a sewer too. This is probably why you are bitter and want America to deteriorate because it will make people slide into an economic class like you which means more people will be become bums. The difference is they would work if given a job but a loser like you wants to freeload of society

    5. @Jovon R. what allies have turned their backs on the the country that financially and militarily supports them. Name one ,other than Obama ally Iran

    1. @Dan B.
      It used to be a third of the country. I think it’s down to a fourth. Alot of people have experienced trump’s incompetent leadership up close and personal….151,000+

    2. Neither does yours or you could find someone besides a senile old perv like Biden to lead your party!

    3. @Kitten Scott Another deplorable who’s too stupid to see that Treasonous Trump is as dumb as a rock and suffering from dementia. Trump loves you uneducated stupid people. And that’s why you love him too…. He dumb like you too.

    4. “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

  3. Joe, regardless of why, let’s just be grateful that he is making all these mistakes. He is writing his own eulogy and that’s okay with me.

    1. I agree with you. Only there are people getting sick and suffer.. that’s the problematic point. Apart from that, yes, let him dig his own grave..

  4. Joe, you’re saying what everyone thinks but WHY DON’T YOU LET ANYONE ELSE TALK!!! ?????? Why bother having anyone else present?!

  5. I’m sure.. his mother wondered the same thing… ummm, here’s the answer…it’s very simple..trump is a malignant narcissist. Narcissists are cowards..that’s why it’s absolutely essential to get rid of his enablers. Vote straight Blue November 2020.🤣🇺🇸

    1. Ironic…the Democrats are wearing Red and the GOP is wearing Blue 🙂 it’s in the little things… that’s how upside down WE are 🙂

    2. Annette Sandoval, And involved within the narcissistic behavior, don’t forget the sociopathic lying and racist tweeting. I don’t understand how Americans let themselves get taken in by this grifter . Every day The Orange Bone Spur does something new and more un-Presidential.

    1. @barry Amato seek your probation officer. Beg them not to violate you for hanging around the playground

    2. Barry Amato – Exactly. He and his cronies are filling their pockets and in the meantime the country is dying. Vote the orange disgrace out!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  6. When one makes their politics into a religion based strictly on beliefs and faith you get ignorance like trump and the republicans.

  7. He’s trying to destroy this country cause even he can’t be that stupid. You’re right Putin’s pulling the strings.

  8. Fun fact: Agent Orange DOESN’T have a clue about anything that makes sense and benefits anyone but himself.

    1. I’m not even sure about that. If he did what was good for him so that he could be re-elected he wouldn’t be acting like a fool right now

    1. @rachel – ??? End your Despicable Liberal Group-think IDIOCY. You are embarrassing the Crap out of yourself. Poor Shallow-minded Liberal DOLT.

    2. Wow, what an impressive amount of trolls.. lol!! Is your Orange Master getting nervous and you have to work overtime? Save your breath… People here are smart. Vote blue 🌊 🌊🌊🌊 vote Biden 🌊🌊🌊 and lock Dementia Don up!!!

    3. @Science wins – I want to discuss President Trump’s Massive Landslide BLOWOUT Victory over your Hero Mr. “Truth over Facts” Biden in November. Will you be here or hide in Shame like embarrassed Liberal DOLTS did back in 2016 after Scandal-ridden CROOKED Hillary’s Rejection. What say you?

    4. @Science wins – Wow, Jutta has switched over to another Moniker. Now it’s “Science wins” ??? Let me guess, you’re not only a Mentally-deluded Liberal DOLT but also a self-proclaimed Atheist Liberal DOLT as well. What other YouTube accounts do you have Jutta?

  9. He’s a full-blown dictator in his own mind but he has assassinated murdered everyone that has died with Covid because he refused to believe it and acted like it wasn’t real it’s a hoax remember when he said that?

    1. Hence Herman Mcain and the gov of Oklahoma a dependent Trump lover caught Covid at rally in tulsa neither wore masks as not to displease their Dear Leader

  10. Joe, your question is easy to answer: They do not care, their priority is their interests, they all are involved in crimes. They DO NOT care for the founding fathers, nor anybody else but themselves.

  11. There should be some reckoning for every person who had a hand in putting him in office, every last one.

    1. You’re absolutely right about that!….if ALL these guys aren’t put in prison, the behavior of “elected” officials, in the future will be WORSE

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