‘I carry a gun everywhere I go’: GOP lawmaker grills activist over rhetoric

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) called out Harvard Law instructor and LGTBQ rights activist Alejandra Caraballo at a House oversight hearing over some of her past tweets. #CNN #News


  1. How about not tweeting every thought that triggers you. Wait a minute think about WTF you are saying. We all have moments like those that Tweet their feeling without thought. D Lemon is right and the left media calls them out, on FOX that is just standard rhetoric coming out of their hosts.

  2. Rep. Mace’s point was well made and absurdly dodged. Political fanatics, both right and left should be condemned, and Harvard shouldn’t tolerate such rhetoric from a faculty member.

    1. @David Whitten what is the source of evidence of this? I think I remember this was one of those made up conspiracy laden stories. So best to post your source of fact, so it reminds everyone of the story—–a couple months go by and most everyone has forgotten about it—you know how it is.

    2. @David Whitten what about the dm Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Who was target to be kidnapped & murdered because of right wing media

    1. @Russell Thorburn the biggest arms dealer is free to keep doing what he does best. I don’t want any democrats talking about guns control. Where was your energy about that?

    2. Murder is a sin not killing…so murdering an unborn human in a womb is technically murder….its not self defense there’s a difference but dems only see it the way they want to. 😉

  3. I believe that news media also needs to re-evaluate the ways they deliver the news…both sides. Playing on people’s emotions is a great money maker. I’ve heard news people discuss this topic. I don’t see them trying to change it. There are a couple of main people that I really enjoyed listening to. Recently, it seems they are taking lessons from Fox. Just report the news, please. Thankyou.

    1. So in other words you don’t enjoy watching CNN unless they are reporting news through a far left bias lense?

  4. Alejandra Caraballo was called out for engaging in the same behavior for which she claims other groups are guilty of.

    1. @Ace Boog is Back – Her tweets promoted accosting Supreme Court justices. That most certainly is inciting violence.

    2. @Phil Coscia That’s not inciting anything. If this meets your barometer for a call to violence, I implore you to review what multiple GOP politicians and candidates have said and done over the last 2-4 years.

    3. @Ace Boog is Back Please educate us by giving specific examples/quotes from GOP politicians and candidates over the last 2-4 years. And I’ll wait.

  5. Watching Alejandra Caraballo be called out and start stuttering is a thing of beauty. She’s not used to being held accountable.

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