‘I don’t kiss anyone’s a** like him’: Candidates face off in Ohio Senate debate

The debate between Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance in Ohio's closer-than-expected Senate race began with a testy exchange on the economy and quickly devolved from there into a contentious – and at times personal – clash. CNN's Omar Jimenez reports. #CNN #News


  1. If they really pro-life, they should take good care of people’s lives–all the living people’s lives in the country.

    1. @Millie Mitchell hector, eh? Well, I don’t get that- unless it’s because I’m hectoring you? Hmm seems unlikely

  2. With all of their accusations and complaints, why didn’t the GOP/GQP solve the immigration problem during the Trump administration’s time? Separating migrant children from their parents was cruel. Listen to what they say, then watch what they do.

  3. JD Vance at the end of that debate footage @4:07, “Don’t mind us. We’re just criming over here. There is no way anyone can focus on two problems at the same time!”

    1. @dfo123 Exactly! I’m from Indiana and the GOP seem to think these Midwest states are “theirs”. We used to have a democratic Senator, Joe Donnelly, not too long ago. It all depends on the candidates and issues. Yes, Indiana leans red, but it’s not a given.

    1. @Tom DeWitt If you’re replying to me. F.Y. I., l drink Jack, and I like my representatives like my drink, a straight shooter, thus not Vance.Take your meds troll.

  4. I didn’t see the whole debate, but i like the fact that each candidate lets the other speak, at least in these clips. Go Tim!!

  5. They should make it a law if you have not lived in a particular state for at least 2-4 years prior to entering a political race you should not be qualified to run for office.

  6. I’m from Tim Ryan’s district & he has unwaveringly fought FOR us like he fought WITH Vance last night. He has crossed party lines for plenty of things when it has benefited his constituents. He voted with Trump on the trade, for example, because this is an industrial area & it was good for us.

    What the national media doesn’t understand is that people around here do not think of Tim Ryan has a Democrat or as a Republican. Vance didn’t understand that when he decided to run, either. Ryan’s spent 20 years proving to us that he’ll vote for us, every time, regardless of which party is backing our needs. And we, as a district, actually know him & have faith in him. He shows up to everything from cancer benefits to cook-offs, unpublicized, and just walks around talking to people. I’m not surprised that he can debate well, bc he’s been defending his positions to us individually & taking our input for his entire term as our representative.

    Ultimately, I won’t be surprised if he wins in my state, despite it being a red state, bc he’s not a typical politician. People should expect atypical results, bc he’s an atypical Senate candidate. I’m a Democrat, but I’m from a Republican family & every single one of us is going to vote for him, & we’re not an anomaly. I’m hearing the same thing from everyone. Go Tim!

    1. @Tom DeWitt I’m too old, have too many tattoos, & swear too much to be an intern. Also, having 4 kids makes unpaid work pretty impossible. I know it’s hard to believe that there are decent politicians out there, so I don’t fault you for your doubts over my comment. I’ve been surprised that Ryan doesn’t suck for 20 years now. Have yourself a nice day & hang onto that skepticism. I can’t fault a skeptic when I’m trying to teach 4 little people to question everything & think for themselves.

    2. Vance KO’d Ryan like Tyson fighting some 12 y/o kid. 2900 respondents that are likely voters agreed Vance won that debate. Ryan was sent home in a body bag. But you go ahead and write your novels that no one reads.

    1. I appreciated his sentiment about a “generational change” in the federal government. I don’t think Biden should run again either. He’s accomplished some good things but he’s struggled to unite the party, he doesn’t excite the voting base, & he’s about to turn 80. That would mean he’d be over 86 years old if he were to finish a second term. He’d be wise to heed Tim Ryan’s words & start putting his support behind a potential successor(but not Harris).

  7. I wish Tim Ryan won the 2020 presidential primary. He’s the type of blue collar friendly Democrat we need.

  8. I live in Ohio and these moderators failing to mention that our other Senator not up for reelection this year is Sherrod Brown who is a democrat….. This state is more neutral than they are giving it credit for and Tim can certainly pull this off…!

    1. Vance KO’d Ryan like Tyson fighting some 12 y/o kid. 2900 respondents that are likely voters agreed Vance won that debate. Ryan was sent home in a body bag.

  9. This wasn’t a debate it was a name-calling free-for-all. Acting like children. Are these who we want in charge?

  10. Tim He is right it need a new younger generation of politicians all the old politicians been around for so long and never really help the poor people it’s sad 😢

  11. I like Tim Ryan, and I’m amazed he’s managed to make this race – in solidly red Ohio – quite competitive. That being said, I don’t appreciate him being Ageist by saying Biden shouldn’t run again in 2024. He’s done more good for this country in his first 2 years office than nearly every other president in US history! No need for that, Tim.

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