'I feel more confident about most things I do' - 13-year-old on bonding with Joe Biden over stutter 1

‘I feel more confident about most things I do’ – 13-year-old on bonding with Joe Biden over stutter


Brayden Harrington, the 13-year-old who bonded with President-elect Joe Biden over their shared experience with stuttering, tells CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon about speaking at the inauguration.

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    1. I don’t want to cry, BUT THE PEACE I HAVE IN MY SOUL IS AMAZING… TK.U.GOD!

  1. I’ve suffered the same affliction all my life and I would never have the nerve to get on national TV. I can barely deal with a Zoom job interview. Props to this kid!

    1. Try meditation, should help with being yourself. Never worry too much of stuttering, who knows, maybe will help overcome it. Good luck

    2. I had a speech impediment when I was younger. Fortunately I was able to overcome it. Every night my dad would work with me. I hope you find relief or acceptance of yourself. Best wishes to you.

    3. @R EE you can’t go back with stupid, and that is exactly what you are. That and trying to grab attention. What a lonely Soul you must be.

  2. This is so great. What a brave kid. My nephew grew up with a stutter. It’s difficult for most people to understand how hard it is to grow up with this. Good on this kid, and good on everyone who struggles with speech.

    1. @Super 8 oh my, well let me check. I just walked outside and found myself living as a full citizen in america. That’s to bad turns out I am american. -_-. I’d rather have a relationship with god then be American if there was a choice.

    1. @Dawn Green He has done that thing with his hand before in other contexts. It means a flustered person. The journalist in question happened to be disabled, others that got this treatment weren’t. The person was caught in a lie.

    2. @123 the taliban from the good old bush days or obama days? lol Trump gets blamed for that too? Does Trump get blamed for 9/11 too? lol ignorance and hatred for America is exposed both in politicians and in their humble servants…

    1. Joe doesn’t have a stuttering problem he has a truth problem this is why God is taking away his faculties for being such a political grifting deviant.


  3. ” every body stutters one way or the other so check out my message to you, as a matter of fact don’t let nothin’ hold you back if the scatman can do it so can you”
    John scatman

    1. The whole stuttering thing is a cover for ‘Ol Joe… C’mon man! Stop trying to pluck people’s heart strings… It’s a disgusting thing to do.

  4. James Earl Jones, was a stutterer When he was a child,his mom had young Earl, place a spoon over his tongue while pronounce individual words. Steve Harvey, as well was a stutterer… I hope this young boy get the help he’s need.

    1. @Timbowalk During the last Presidential debate Biden told Pres Trump that China should be held accountable for the virus, do you expect that to happen?

    2. @Alley Sway 2-days ago Trump’s plan of social distancing , mask wearing, & vaccination was killing thousands every day, what more will Biden do to stop pandemic?

    3. @Sirius Yx i get u..i suffered the same in my childhood, got bullied by other kids, even my siblings sometimes during siblings fightings: what a tragedy when u are upset and your stutter gets worse and other kids mock u and u feel like a loser..
      As i grew up, i figured when i speak French ( my 2nd language)my stutter goes away…Now as an adult, i still stutter very, very slightly only when i am very stressed or upset..only my family members know i stutter( that’s how much i improved).

  5. We each have challenges, something we struggle with at some point. “Our imperfections are our gifts” — because our imperfections are what connect us as humans. May we each find a guide or a light when we feel ourselves lost or in darkness, and may we each have the opportunity to shine a light or lend a hand to others who need it.

    1. @no way LOL…vibrator on wheels !…that’s actually really funny.
      You are being selfish, and obviously have no children, nor nephews or nieces. You probably don’t even bother recycling at home.

    2. @Zaynab bint Al-HarithHey, just a technical question since you are a pro at this:…. is it considered trolling if I don’t get payed ?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, but Parkinson’s research has come so far over the last 20 years, so I pray that you benefit from some of the newer treatment’s! God Bless

    2. I took care of my mother for 7 years who had Parkinson’s. and it was an honor. The doctors gave her 2wks but I gave her 9 months and then she was ready to go home. It was a honored a true honored

  6. As a father of a child with Special Needs, listening to this kid speak always brings a tear of joy to my eye and Chris was right, I just want to know that my kids are gonna be ok.

  7. I’m crying it’s so refreshing to see a president once again being a positive influence on our children! As a parent and fellow human being I’m so proud of you Brayden! You did JFK’s speech so well!

  8. “Imperfections are your gifts”. Never heard something more inspiring than this. Very good way to frame it. I also have a bit of a stutter myself, this lad has a bright future and God bless him and the USA!

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