1. “I had no intent to break Russian law” Ok, so what country are you allowed to bring weed products into? Sounds pretty intentional to me!

    1. @Technique you not see the 10x ppl who clearly explained you can’t bring weed into Canada….? I live in Canada you can only buy it from the approved places here you still get charged with smuggling if u bring it across the border

    2. @Mc McPherson If you think so.. Then try it! In Canada you are allowed to travel within Canada with weed, but you are not allowed to enter or leave Canada with weed..

    1. @clanholmes Absolutely and extremely harsh. I don’t think she had a suitcase full with intent to sell, just personal use, right?

    2. @John Bern No they don’t. Small amount cannabis use is generally tolerated. Do not get me wrong. Bringing Cannabis through an airport in a foreign country is moronic. She committed a crime and deserves a sentence, but a year from the max is political.

    1. @Final Affliction She is a 2 time Olympic gold medal winner and a professional athlete in 2 countries using medically prescribed cannabis. “Completly ruins your drive, work ethic, motivation….” . Friend, what are you talking about?

    2. @Zombie Deathrays and if she is so motivated then why did she choose to spend the next 10 years sitting down?

    3. @Zombie Deathrays 不不不不不She’s freaking sitting in a Russia prison for the next 9 years! That is the classic definition of drugs being bad for you!!!不不不不

    4. @Dark Roses 丹儭 Are you in drugs? I even quoted the part I was referring to. Ruins drive, work ethic, motivation. Direct to a 2x Olympic athlete playing on 2 professional teams on 2 different continents, smh.

      Also, Im assuming you wont use any prescription drugs then? Because Griner had a prescription for what must have been mostly empty cartridges she was found with. Or are prescription drugs bad for you?

    1. Not even kidding I would have taken that as disrespect if I was the judge… Like she’s flat out calling you stupid thinking you will believe the fact she just “accidentally” packed stuff she knew was illegal like how dumb u gotta be to believe that

  2. Be thankful she wasn’t trying to get into Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. She has lived there playing for the team, she should have been well aware of the laws. I am guessing that she likely smoked weed while in Russia for the last 6 years, and knew she had to get it illegally so, she walked into this with eyes wide open.

    1. I don’t think weed is illegal in the Kingdom but nearly everything else is and punishable by dismemberment!

  3. I wonder if this person loves how great our country is now, because prior to this they are a poster child for how oppressive it is here. I do not want this person in prison anymore for something this trivial, but at the same time hopefully if/when they get out they will have a new appreciation for how lucky they actually have it here

    1. I support her right to protest and speak out against injustice and inequality, but I do agree that we need to acknowledge that to live in a democracy is a huge privilege and one that most citizens of this world do not get to enjoy. Perspective matters when you speak out.

    1. @Angela I`m saying it`s funny she thinks getting back to her team is important, like getting a DUI and telling the judge I need to get back to my drinking buddies.

  4. It’s the responsibility of the person to know the laws and rights of any country they go to. Own your fault and do your time.

    1. @Deedledave clearly you have never been to Russia or research Russian law… They don’t play around with drugs especially drug smuggling

    2. @CC Ink Did I say anything about Russia’s stance on drug smuggling? You don’t need to research Russian law to know they’re tough on drugs. Stop acting like you’re some legal expert on Russia because you googled something.

  5. Going to Russia with ANY drug is just plain stupid. This puts USA in a difficult position to negotiate. Maybe she should stay there for a while

    1. She cant fly anywhere in the USA with drugs either. She was acting entitled and above the law.

  6. Ummm… You been to Russia more then 5x you know 100% weed is illegal there but you CHOSE TO BRING IT WITH YOU! I think weed should be legal around the world but it isn’t so as an adult you are responsible for you’re actions 仄儭

  7. Anyone travelling anywhere should familiarize themselves with the laws of that country. She cant fly in her own country with drugs. She believed she was entitled to do whatever she wanted.

    1. Is it a she or a he???? I don’t understand the voice sound male n looks like a male. Please help me with this

    2. @donshea wyatt wow!!!!! This is so sad but true what’s happening in the world now. JESUS IS COMING SOON

  8. What she really means is, i didn’t think Russia would enforce their laws, america the land of slavery don’t enforce their laws.

  9. I don’t get why a woman who won 4 gold medals would throw her career away over cannabis laws she should have adhered to save her own skin. Do I think she’s evil? No, just unwise. Russia has strict laws, dear – and they don’t care how American you are.

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