1. 100% agreed. Schools need more security like having armed security and/or some teachers…having doors secured so people can only enter through one secured entrance (like TSA or many other government buildings). K8ds should never have to fear a gunman ability to get in to the school, but if it happens, they should be able to feel secure that there are armed people within to protect them.

  1. Well, when your “heroes” are standing around outside, 100 deep, I can see how the poor child is traumatized the shooter was allowed to roam around an hour like that.
    Poor kid

  2. “We were having a real drill.” That just hurt to hear. Children just can’t comprehend how serious these situation’s are in the moment. They can’t & shouldn’t be trained to handle this. It’s inhuman. We need background checks. We don’t need AR-15’s

    1. @Cowboy X my point is gun laws just disarm law abiding citizens.. our founding fathers wanted citizens armed to protect themselves.. even against the state.. we were founded on these principles.. read and maybe 🤔 you’ll learn something

    2. @Ed I think with training any firearm can do damage especially in an urban situation. The gun doesn’t really matter unless you’re fighting long rang you can acquire 30 round mags for a Glock 9mm regularly … so no Ars are not the issue.. the shooter is the issue. And ppl will use what ever they can get .. if not an ar it will be something else

    3. @Watch&Cut sir, your a veteran. The average 18 Y/O civilian isn’t on a comparable spectrum. Not even in the same league. You’ve were trained to handle rifle’s, bombs & actively taught how too stay calm in a firefight over a period of months too atleast a year. Followed by a minimum of 3-4 years of putting those skills too the test in active environments. No one minds if you have a gun because you’ve proven you’d use it to defend us sir. That being said, I look left & right TWICE before crossing an empty street cause that’s how lil u can trust ppl in the USA Today. The average person simply cannot be trusted to handle equipment that it took you yourself a period of years to get comfortable with. It’s a bad joke to say anyone in this country needs an automatic rifle or shotgun or a friggen RPG. Our kids are dying because of people with guns.

    4. @Watch&Cut okay, I get your argument, I agree that If not an AR it’ll be something else, which is exactly my point. Let it be something else.
      AR’s are designed to cause max damage, on average the wound from an AR is nearly impossible to fix even by the best surgeons. Pistols have a much lower mortality rate, and are much harder to aim without proper training. Especially a moving target. It takes dozens of hours of training to hit a moving target with a pistol.
      Shotguns are deadly af, but can easily be countered during reload, and it’s generally harder to cause a mass casualty scenario with a shotgun. In these shootings it’s almost always an AR because they’re designed to kill in the most efficient way possible , hell that’s their whole selling point. Easier to aim, less recoil, target will most likely die, easy reload. It’s a mass shooter/murderers dream.
      We should raise the age limit to buy any gun from 18 up to 21 at least. And 25 for an AR.

    5. @MarryJanesBud I’m also not saying everyone should carry or own ARs proper background check .. personally I would mandate a requirement that all who purchase any riffle be required to take a hands on safety training class. Background check.

      I’m also saying not to Ban them… that does nothing but disarm those who decide to follow the law. True gun control is good… gun bans are unconstitutional and very bad for all of us as the state will never disarm themselves… that’s the whole point of the second amendment… we just have to make sure bad guys don’t… and not to create a black market making it a bigger incentive for criminals.
      We should fund the police… teachers and school systems as that’s the true investment in our future.

  3. One of the teachers that died protecting them, her husband was making her funeral arrangements and he died. This whole story is so heart breaking. I just can’t imagine what they are going thru.

    1. @EUREKA AKERUE Come on! He got through the script very well. His handler had a good signal of waving her hand in front of her face and that got him to remember that he was afraid of guns.

  4. As somebody who lives outside of the US. Hearing a child say “we practiced a lot”, “…we started in kindergarten” and finally “Im scared someone might shoot me” just fills me with horror and dread for the after-effects that these kids will have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

    1. @Ivan Vargas in Canada my kids have only ever had 1 drill which was last year due to the violence in the States.

    2. @Aunty Nick same in Brazil (my country) and Japan (where I live). I have never heard that kids do it in schools 😳 in any country.

  5. You are a very brave young man being able to tell us what happened. Sending you love from Scotland. ♥️

  6. man its just bring me to tears what animal can do such monstrosity to these innocent souls, man just look at them so innocent, kids likes an angel they dont hold grudges, dont hate all they do is love and crave love back …. RIP kiddos …

  7. got teary eyed when the kid started talking. he’s just like a baby. tragic that some of his classmates were massacered by a mad man.

  8. All of this killing is so heartbreaking I cannot understand how someone can be so evil inside to do other human beings this way. May God be with all these families

  9. I was thinking about this last night…and it occurred to me..I had to text my son..I said to him…”I’m so sorry, I never worried about you guys when I sent you off to school , I can’t imagine how you feel when you send your kids ” he said ” yeah mom, they have active shooter drills for the kids now” that in itself is traumatic

  10. A real drill. The child speaks of it as if it is a natural occurrence, There’s accountability from all angles.

  11. Comment number 2
    As a kid, my friends was in a restroom when another student themselves in the chest. It was a tragedy and confusing for the lot of the school.
    When I reflect on that time, it’s obvious that my friend had changed and the rest of the school did not change like he did. He was there, saw it. He was witness to such a horrible thing. Others students had only the pain of the idea, for him that pain was not so metaphysical.
    I’m trying to say this kid will be ok. His trauma is lesser the some, and more held to the idea, and not to the experience.
    Good luck little man

  12. Imagine paying your taxes for officers to be trained and equipped with the tools required to stop such shootings, only for them to hide away from said shooter and turn on the parents of the victims instead.

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