I have been called some extraordinary names and given titles – Jeremy Sinclair


Jeremy_SinclairWhile Dominica is hitting news headlines in the global media especially after the arrest of Italian casino tycoon Francesco Corallo, who holds diplomatic passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Weekly Blitz has interviewed Jeremy Sinclair, a political analyst and researcher, who has been always labeled as “Phantom” by the lone spokesperson of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Anthony Astaphan, the infamous attorney, who continues to defend rogue regime of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, labels Jeremy Sinclair as ‘Phantom‘ or a ghost, though Jeremy is no ghost at all. Anthony Astaphan repeatedly claimed that no one under the sun exists as Jeremy Sinclair, while Weekly Blitz has talked to him in Spain over phone on a number of occasions and it was once again found that, what Anthony Astaphan claims about Jeremy are clean lies, though Anthony has earned fame to be a great liar and an active abettor of numerous forms of corruption and crimes committed by the regime of Roosevelt Skerrit.

Here are the excerpts of the exclusive interview of Jeremy Sinclair:

Q: Jeremy – thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by Weekly Blitz. As we know, you have been fighting against political and social evils in the world, what might have provoked the Roosevelt Skerrit regime to deploy their own mouthpiece – Anthony Astaphan in spreading venom against you?

A: I am happy to have been invited by your prestigious newspaper every regime in the world has a spokesperson, and as you will be aware what the spokesperson states can also be denied by the powers that be, that the spokesperson miss understood what he was asked to say, or that he put it over badly, or mistakenly thus hiding the real power from self entrapment, it is true I have been called some extraordinary names and given titles that are quite frankly incredible and is best described as childish, certainly what you would not expect from a government spokesman let alone a Senior Council and officer of the court, as for provocation no one likes to be caught out in falsehoods or be placed in such position that demonstrates a course of conduct of serious wrongdoing, venom is normally to be expected when common sense, thought and reason is replaced by the panic syndrome.

Q: As we know, the ruling party in Dominica is proved to be corrupt and involved in numerous crimes, which is the worst form of Kleptocracy in today’s world, why the opposition leaders like Ron Green are yet to raise voice against such gross irregularities of the Skerrit regime?

A: To the best of my knowledge Mr. Ron Green is an honorable man, well respected in Dominica he is I feel in an invidious position the UWP party is vastly in the minority due simply to the methods used in the last election, in protest the party have made a protest of not attending or boycotting the Parliament sessions, however one simply can not dismiss him, I feel that he will be rocked as much as any one by these astounding revelations and will be planning a strategy.

Q: You have been very respectful to Mr. Lennox and Mr. Fontaine, who are reputable investigative journalists in Dominica. Do you think, the Skerrit regime may put some unseen force or adopt any repressive policy on these individuals for their explosive comments and investigative reports on the corruption, nepotism and anarchy of the Skerrit regime in Dominica?

A: Yes it is true to say that my respect for Mr Linton is solid he is a man of the people and for the people and has been very active over many years exposing the corrupt practices used against Dominica and it’s people, Dr Fontaine is equally held in my highest regard. Yes of course there is an unforeseen force that was on air on the radio where an honourable man was offered a bribe on the eve of the last election he refused and was then threatened he is unable now to returned to his home country Dominica name supplied to further protect this gentleman plus he was a thorn in the side of Skerrit.

Q: Do you see any chance of emergence of the third force in Dominica, which would survive the entire nation from great political and diplomatic disaster as well as salvage country’s dignity, which has been greatly compromised by Roosevelt Skerrit and his cronies?

A: It is difficult to say, there are many opponents to the present administration, personally I feel the the UWP can not be underestimated and are the party who can quite possibly regain power, Dominican people are not stupid they know the wrongs and I have confidence that they will know how to assist the UWP.

Q: In your opinion, do you think the people of Dominica should raise voice against such kleptocracy and nepotism of the current rulers in Dominica?

A: Absolutely there is a very strong undercurrent being felt in Dominica and people are starting to voice ever more their disgust at what is happening.

Q: Would you kindly elaborate as to why you have been always claiming that the Skerrit government was involved in severe corruption centering issuance of ordinary and diplomatic passport of Dominica?

A: Yes, I have many evidences of diplomatic passports being issued, and the people of Dominica are quite simply not aware of them, quite apart from what has already been disclosed in the media and other outlets. and a course of conduct is clearly demonstrated that in diligence procedures alone the Government are found to be wanting.

Q: What would be consequence of recent arrest of Italian casino tycoon Francesco Corallo, who possesses diplomatic status and passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica? How a foreign national can become a diplomat of a sovereign nation like Dominica?

A: Money of course is the prime motivator avarice , greed, profusion, without any mental reservation of any kind, the ECP program is designed to encourage investors but what we experience is something quite different, in circles such as the present regime it is not difficult for favours returned to attract men and even women to the benefits of diplomatic immunity, the consequences of this proves course of conduct, and the arrest of the Dominican Diplomat Francesco Corallo will but serve to highlight the matter and bring further international attention and will lead to consequences, it is known that the Police investigation has discovered embarrassing detail for Mr. Skerrit to answer and it is more that likely he will be questioned by the Italian Police and could face a court in Italy.

Q: Do you see any participation of Mr. Anthony Astaphan in the current passport scam, where Roosevelt Skerrit is directly involved? If Anthony is involved, do you think his attorney ship should be revoked for participating in immoral and illegal activities?

A: In the UK and Europe the USA in particular there is a serious risk to a lawyer, advocate, Barrister for being largess with the truth, lawyers are taught at the very beginning of the university days never lie, never allow yourself to be personal, it is strictly business and professional, and never lie in writing other wise you as an officer of the court bring disrepute to the very institution you are obliged by your practicing certificate to up hold and place at serious risk the removal of your practicing certificate.

Q: Do you think sedition and treason charges should be brought against Roosevelt Skerrit and his associates for their involvement in selling ordinary passports as well as renting out diplomatic status and passports of Dominica to dubious people in the world?

A: There are specific offences relating to this in the Constitution and laws of Dominica.

Q: Do you think the military and judiciary of Dominica are silently watching the ongoing irregularities and crimes of the Roosevelt Skerrit regime? If yes, then why the military and the judiciary are allowing Dominica’s dignity and integrity to be smashed internationally?

A: I believe every one in Dominica is waiting to see what happens next who is going to win or loose.

Q: You told us earlier that civil servants in Dominica are not getting monthly salaries for two months. Can you please update the situation for our readers?

A: Yes that is in the public domain.

Q: It is believed that, Roosevelt Skerrit is pushing the economy of Dominica into visible bankruptcy. What can be done to save the people and the economy of the country?

A: Well the obvious answer is impeachment maleficence in public is covered by the laws of Dominica and an interim government should be put in place.

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