'I have never felt safe': MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq's final HoC speech 1

‘I have never felt safe’: MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq’s final HoC speech


NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq says that she has never 'felt safe' and alleges she was racially profiled while being in the House of Commons.

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    1. Did you listen to her. She hasn’t experienced it. She expects to so she’s laying the racism ground work ahead of time

    2. @Jumbo Me no, she has experienced these things. This a farewell speech because she isn’t seeking re-election. Sounds like you’re the one who didn’t listen.

    1. Luckily you two don’t determine another’s worth or experience…but your words show who you pledge allegiance to, best of luck there is no love or loyalty amongst thieves

    1. @AngieP P. 100% Trudeau has been promising that since in power! Typical politician tell you what you want to hear!

    1. Shawn 🇰​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇳​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇰​​​​​🇦​​​​​ says:

      You can’t change evil!

    2. Shawn 🇰​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇳​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇰​​​​​🇦​​​​​ says:

      @Dr Suicide The Righteous tribes vs the hedonists!

    1. Yeah, we should give Nunavut their sovereignty. Then they can have their own house of commons, and their own budget.

  1. This, at a time when Canada is only now acknowledging unmarked graves of indigenous kids from the residential school scandal and a time when indigenous Canadians are finally starting to be heard. This young lady may be speaking the truth as she knows it. She may feel she’s been beaten down by the system and may feel that she doesn’t have the will or the strength to carry on her promise to those who elected her. But it seems to me this is exactly why she should stand tall and carry on.

  2. Absolutely shameful that this brave woman would be subjected to such intolerable behaviour. Even worse the limp response from the federal government. Take care of your own mess at home Trudeau!

  3. I’ve been living in Canada for 33+ years, and this is shameful on the Canadian government. With her words she also expresses the same circumstances that immigrants face on a daily basis.

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