'I have not done anything wrong': Top military commander says he wants his job back 1

‘I have not done anything wrong’: Top military commander says he wants his job back


Canada’s top military commander Admiral Art McDonald wants his job back, saying that he has “been exonerated,” and remains a “champion of culture change” within the Canadian Armed Forces.

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    1. @ConsumerOnlineVerified-IdentificationDigi-Passport What does that mean? You need to be clear and make coherent sentences. Hmm so you are saying a person who robs a bank never calls the police to report himself and demand a trial? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    2. Just a small point of clarification. No one is found innocent, they are found not guilty. But I’m with you on the basic point.

  1. I can’t believe there are so many who believe false allegations should permanently condemn someone. Allegations mean nothing. The truth is everything

  2. He stepped down when the allegations came forward. He took part in the investigation and process. He was found to be not guilty. Give him his job back.

  3. This is why the country is a joke. Just another place where politics run everything. The guy deserves his job.

    1. and the country IS a joke because Kebek has control. English Rationale says ‘YES” to McDonald,…..Kebek rationale?=lmfao.

  4. this would be funny if this is for the 500000th time is a false allegation and I wish the person(s) who make false allegations would be properly dealt with

  5. Can we please hear from “MEN” who have been victims of sexual misconduct. I trust there are several, why are their stories not being told?

  6. What is the point of even having due process or courts or laws or anything if we don’t respect their decisions or the process.

  7. “It will show women in the military You don’t need to hold the highest standards to become Canada’s top soldier”.
    SERIOUSLY??!?? Proven innocent but STILL GUILTY.

    1. What more do you want from the guy. He was literally PROVEN INNOCENT and you still want to believe the woman just because she’s a woman. The guy did nothing wrong. He should get his job back

  8. So his life get screwed and she gets to go about here merry way? Typical. And broads wonder why we don’t believe them

  9. Frankly, at this point if someone has their job threatened in the military I assume it’s because they’re competent.

  10. I wasn’t even aware of this case somehow. But when the Cadieu story broke I wondered what he had been accused of. So far, not so easy to find.

  11. Lt. Heather Macdonald should now be court-martialed for making false allegations. A country simply can’t have a lieutenant smash the chief of defense staff by deceit. The nation’s defense capability is ultimately at risk of being greatly diminished. There has to be a penalty to prevent widespread misuse of the complaint process including the potential for blackmail to gain advantage, i.e; “if you do not grant me a promotion I will say you raped me and even if you are exonerated your career in the armed forces will still be destroyed.” For this reason Adm. McDonald should be re-instated forthwith to prevent more abuse of the process. Either that or the navy, like a CFL football team, should be exclusively male to prevent it’s possible future destruction from within.

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