1. EVERY ONE of these callers should get Visit from law enforcement. Contact needs to be made to evaluate threats. A society/ or individual that feels its okay to threaten lives of Congress members, their partners &/or children should be viewed logically as a threat.

    1. @Mcl Black actually, yes.
      I went to HS with him. He’s always been good people.

      I’m sorry that you’re so obsessed with worshipping your cult leader that you feel that you have no choice but to slander good people just to prove your loyalty to your false god.

  2. There is certainly a proliferation of Southern accents spouting that vitriol. They should be embarrassed to sound like a revival of the KLAN, however my guess is that these people would be fine with that.

    1. @Joe Neil you could be right but I live in southeast Mississippi and know many people who think that way. They have jobs, families, own their own homes and LOTS & LOTS of guns. It’s a scary world we live in and those callers need to be found and prosecuted.

    1. just last week they were doing this to our supreme Court justices… it’s sickening

    1. @Dave Mckolanis I know when my country is united. I was responding to the threats which is wrong in my view. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have Truth either. I work my land, read, love the outdoors and enjoy life through my travels. Politics is what is wrong with America. If you are trying to get me involved in a discussion of Jan 6 you are wasting your time. Now go away.

  3. In today’s volatile world when you speak the truth this is what you can expect from trumpworld. We need to move past this as quickly as we can, please.

    1. @John Browneyes so what you’re saying… its okay if the side you agree with is doing it.. but not the other side?? Lmao 🤣 hypocrite!

  4. Can’t these people be charged for terroristic threats to a government official? Turn it over to the FBI.

  5. I remember when telling the truth did not get you killed. These are some strange times we are in.

    1. And nothing has changed. Telling lies, misrepresenting reality and your constituency while misconstruing the truth is still dangerous. Who’d have thunk?

    2. @Common Sense Your attempt to make a vague comment has succeeded. Are you here to try to recruit new cult members for trump, or just display your ignorance?

    3. Back then you would get killed if you didn’t tell the truth, just think about what we did during the Salem Witch Trials to those accused witches to get them to confess to being a witch, this Gen X era is something different.

  6. Every person who left a threat on that voice mail should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

    1. @Simon Le Doux So be what? Is it realistic to incarcerate hundreds of thousands of people just for this? They can’t even keep the people who actually peroetrate physical violence in prison.

  7. Bullying from behind a keyboard or voicemail messages, is the true mark of a coward. Please, trace these nut jobs and start arresting them.

  8. And why aren’t these being treated as “Terroristic Threats”??? If you call and say that to ANYONE it should prompt a quick arrest.

    1. @MyShi DonStink Yes i did now let see how biden been doing not so good . This is the problem with this country in steed of bulding each other up we go out of the way to tear each other down .we are all grown ups

  9. Adam Kinzinger is a winner in our history books, someone who stood up for his & our beliefs in the constitution. We stand by you Adam & your family!!

    1. Adam is a national hero and true patriot. These threats need to be investigated and those responsible hunted down and exposed and punished.

    2. We stand with you, Mr. Zinzinger but think about your new born this Country is unsafe for all of us but in your political position is more, this are direct warnings these people leaving notes on your door are no longer threats, look for a safer country for your new born, your wife and you, leave all this behind your baby deserves a much safer place to grow up in, America is done, sad to say it, it hurts me every day to see the United states fall apart 😪😥🙏🇺🇸.

    3. Bess it is essential the threats are taken seriously and protection given to every person who is investigating Trump.

  10. Even if you disagree with their politics, Kinzinger and Cheney are heroes. A true example of integrity. The world is watching!

  11. Isn’t it a Federal crime to threaten a member of Congress? Can these callers not be found, charged, prosecuted and sent to jail? Seriously, this kind of crap has to stop

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