1. Funding is what provides the training that gives these peace officers the skills to better handle what they need to.

  2. First time a call goes out to a mental health issue, which results in the death or severe injury of someone in the home, or a support worker, rather than the police being there – then who’s going to be responsible for that decision? We need to defund stupidity.

  3. Stop letting criminals off just because the cop is accused of racism or whatever. Try the criminal anyway and lock em up.

    1. Sense has never been common and clearly that’s something you lack because you believe your “experience” trumps those who have reached their grave early, due to an officers wrong judgement and lack of accountability. This system needs to be dismantled and heavily revised because millions are hurting in silence by the injustice. Racism is PREVALENT in Canada and it amuses me how they stay silent and discrete about it.

    2. @Sarah Brockett that’s very stupid. To defund a organization because of a specific case just shows your ignorance. You might as well be asking criminals to come in to the house

  4. Let’s define these government ‘officials’ that lie,they agreed to Serve the public.the premiers,the prime minister et all.

  5. Police needs education monthly, just like all health care workers, doctor,nurse! Defunding will benefits more crimes!

  6. Just because Tony does it doesn’t mske it right. Tony has many shooting every night. Not the brightest bukb on the tree.

    1. Seems voters their aren’t either. They seem pretty quiet right now. They’re letting it happen to themselves.

  7. Wait to see what’s about to happen there will be war and many more deaths buckle up buckaroos

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