1. @we will do it Ukraine are on its knee’s Rambo zelensky is hiding in a bunker between Poland and Kiev he’s bring used by America and he will soon be hanged out to dry…

    1. @Mike Kelley Correct.
      The creepy about the US is 48 states with no laws against archaic forms of discipline in private schools.
      The creepy about the US is it like Somalia refuse to sign and ratify a UN Charter that recognize the human rights of a child while over a hundred civilized countries have.
      The creepy about the US is women and children are second class legal citizens and our old British common law that you and I and millions of adults in the us are too lazy to fix that do our children and mothers and fathers and grandparents a disservice all because we know Netflix and sports are a hell of a lot more important as is marching against Covid policies.
      The creepy about the us is not paying and cleaning up our share of wartime dangers to the environment and people in far away lands supported and enabled by you and me every time we pay taxes.
      I’m sorry we’re you trying to go on about something your unable to act on and possibly fix instead of doing ANYTHING about victims of our creepy country?
      Our country that made my six year old son a victim of your need to go anywhere but where your thoughts and actions are needed??
      Is this what you and these republican scum do is go after each other instead of doing something about your own country??
      Have a nice day Mike.
      I’ll be here wasting time instead of actually making a difference in millions of American children’s lives.

    1. @Сергей Могутов Do not back door into what you want. A “no fly zone” will lead to a direct fight between two super powers..period. Putin sits on thousands of tactical nuclear weapons, and he said he will use them. Right now it, as bad as it is, it is a regional conflict, if NATO/USA sends planes, it escalates, that God knows what. But just be clear what you are asking.Because the worse would be a reality.

    2. WHY WAS THIS REGIME BUYING PUTIN OIL!? NOW HE WANT TO BUY IRAN AND VENEZUELA OIL! Both supporters of Putn and terrorism. Both are tyrannical governments.

      A caring leader would not do this!

      God gave USA resources. Only wicked lawless regimes would seek to starve and harm. Its own citizens well supporting tyrannical regimes! WAKE UP IN JESUS NAME!

      DISTRACTION is why is this adnin funding war against Ukraine? Billions for Russian oil!

      TO TRY TO GET PEOPLE’S EYEYS FROM THEIR Lawless tyranny and destruction!
      Bidens doesn’t care about them if he did he would stup importing oil from Russia! HE WOULD USE OUR GOD GIVEN RESOURCE’S! Rather then punishing working familiar!

      You hypocrite leftist are funding Putin!

      immoral platforms MSM…. using war to boost back up and try to change subject. GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN THEIR WAR AGAIN ST TRUTH, AMERICANS and all who rejected their propaganda.

      He will not allow thecabal of liars, thieves and bullies. To distract and hide from their crimes.

      Sin and punishment are like the body and the shadow, never very far apart. Who sin for their profit will not profit by their sin; you may see nothing but well in its commission, you will see nothing but woe in its conclusion. The law of retribution is as fixed as the law of gravitation. There is a connecting string between ourselves and our misdeeds. We tie ourselves by an invisible and enduring thread to every evil deed we do. There is an Australian missile called the boomerang, which is thrown so as to describe singular curves, and falls again at the feet of the thrower. Sin is that boomerang, which goes off into space, but turns again upon its author, and, with tenfold force, strikes him who launched it.

      This is why Jesus says to repent and preach! GOD IS MERCIFUL. This why Jesus said forgive and pray for others!

      Lord have mercy. DO NOT ALLOW THIS STATION FULL OF LYING IMMORAL PEOPLE TO manipulate anymore!

       Prayer to Deflect Satan’s Schemes

      In James 4:7, we are promised that the devil will flee from us if we “submit [ourselves] to God and resist him.” Resisting involves placing ourselves in the best possible position to serve Christ and avoiding any places or positions containing unnecessary sinful temptations.

      The places and situations in which we put ourselves are often infected with strongholds. We regularly and voluntarily place ourselves in situations allowing Satan’s strongholds to birth and bind our circumstances. For example, church leaders are often asked whether the believer should totally abstain from alcohol or whether an occasional drink is acceptable. Every believer has certain weaknesses and strengths. However, if we place ourselves in a position of vulnerability with such a dangerous ingredient, we are inviting and giving the devil an advantage over us.

      By resisting and deflecting the devil, we are giving ourselves a home-field advantage.

      Heavenly Father, I wholly submit myself to you and your perfect plan for my life. I ask for you to guide my path and to take control of my steps wherein I can resist temptation and the wiles of the devil.

      I pray for the courage to avoid the acceptability of the places and paths prescribed and allowed by the world. I pray for the greater awareness of your higher calling for my life knowing that full submission to your will is required for total effectiveness of resisting our enemy and conquering the strongholds in my life. Amen

    3. My grandpa passed before I was born and i would be devastated if i had if we had to leave him behind but hes in a better place 🥺😭💔🕊 prayers go to ukraine they need help🇺🇦🙏🏽

    4. @Jus Cogens You can’t loose a fight just cause another guy took out a gun if you absolutely must win it. It’s democracy vs tyranny. You just can’t loose that fight. Who said that he’ll not use this argument when he’ll massacre Finland for example?

  1. How can 1 man/government be so horrible, to be the cause of all this suffering and for what? What did Ukraine do to deserve this? 😢

    1. @Maldito Malo this isn’t medieval time anymore where countries like England and France go to war. A nuclear war will end all big army to just sand and pebbles.

    2. @Maldito Malo so when a person throws a punch in a bar and somehow the bystanders are at fault? That’s stupid.

  2. That definitely brings tears to your eyes, having to leave the 81 year old grandfather. The husband watching his wife leave in tears, damn! That made me tear up. This situation is horrible, I hope this comes to some kind of end immediately!

    1. PUTIN said : after ukraine next move to invade all ex-soviets states in eastern europe by sending his troops

    2. All this death, destruction and despair at the hand of one narcissistic crazy man. There’s really only one solution; Lindsay Graham is right. Putin needs to be cancelled ASAP!

    3. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound You should do a little research on where the US gets it’s oil. Only a small fraction, 10% came from Russia. This war isn’t about that.

    1. Praying for the Ukraine 🇺🇦 Hoping someone will remove ( in the nicest possibly way) this deranged man ! Before more people die including the Russian soldiers death is not a scenario with an option to return! When you’re dead you’re dead , unless you are safe in a bunker?

    1. @Fly Riding yes he is. But like i said. Hes not your wish list. We are all sinners and this war is produced by sinners. Thats why he gave us the path to live by jesus or rules. Its our responsibility if we dont do it and if we let it happen to break with gods way.

  3. And not knowing if they will see them again, its just heartbreaking, it’s a terrible situation to be in, I hope everything works out well for those brave Ukrainen men and woman,. Godspeed

  4. Those poor girls ran for their lives but had to leave their grandfather behind for he is not mobile enough to leave his home – The girls hug each other for their chances of finding a new life somewhere safe are pretty good – However the grandfather is now alone waiting to die or be killed – That guilt is clearly haunting them but the grandfather loves these girls and wants them to live and find happy lives – Meanwhile at the station a man cries out his love for his wife as she leaves to safety – He must stay to fight the invading Russians to keep Ukraine free from tyranny – That final look on his face had me crying my eyes out.

    I salute everyone defending that awesome Country of courageous people 💜✌🏾

  6. Just heart breaking I pray for peace I hope these refugees all call their Russian friends family etc and tells them what is going on SLAVA UKRAINE💜

  7. “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.” -Nicholas Sparks

  8. This is so heartbreaking! GOD please blessing all the people of Ukraine and all the people that are helping these wonderful people.

    1. My prayers join yours and all those who pray for these people, for peace and to end this madness.

  9. I can’t imagine sitting frozen in time on the train, watching my husband stand there alone and in tears on the platform staring back at me, knowing it could be the last time. And the grandfather, potentially making the critical heartbreaking choice to let his family move on without him. Premature, abrupt, and traumatic severing of families and lives. I know it isn’t the first time, nor will unfortunately it be the last in history, but it’s wrong. Everything about this situation makes me sick to my stomach, it’s just horrible.

    1. What do you mean that unfortunately it won’t be the last time? Entire world is likely to be nuked and be subjected to nuclear winter at any moment. Putin already caused fire at Europe’s largest nuclear plant few days ago and seized it. These are already bonus days.

  10. A country is great because of the people living there..ukrainians are strong and know that Ukraine is theirs.Family left the country but almost everyone missing one family men..this is heartbreaking

  11. I’m a 29 year old Argentine man. This makes me feel a sense of selfishness when I complain about my autism. This war is erasing self-pity of myself. I may have been at mental institutions for a few weeks. But this man doesn’t know whether he’s going to see his family again. We are privileged to live our privileged lives. Some obstacles don’t make it a difficult life.

    Glory to Ukraine.

    1. Autism is very hard to live with in this ultra chaotic world.
      Don’t sell yourself short, please.🌼

      As to the spirit of your message, I totally agree with you.
      This war is senseless.
      Because of one old KGB agent…
      he’s a heartless monster in my opinion.
      I also pray and hope for

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