‘I made a mistake’: Morneau apologizes for WE controversy


  1. Your sorry you got caught all of you guys are a bunch of crooks stop taking our hard work for your selfs

  2. The only thing he is sorry about is the money will no longer be funnelled through his family for his retirement! The poor guy will have his monstress pension.

  3. Isn’t that sweet of him!

    If my kid ever robbed the entire nation and tried to lie about it he would get the whoopin of a lifetime Bi! Don’t matter if he was 79 and I was a hundred and two!

    1. Go to a store and rob it for $10 dollars and they send you to jail. Allocate a no-bid $912 million dollar contract to an organization that has paid your family and friends?. They make you Prime Minister.

  4. He considers Canadians stupid. He knew full well what he was doing, and his appology is worthless.

  5. You hear that everyone? They’re soooo sorry they got caught. They’re soooo sorry the entire Liberal party has no ethics and flaunts their corruption right out in the open.

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