'I need help': Urgent calls from interpreters stuck in Kabul who helped Canada 1

‘I need help’: Urgent calls from interpreters stuck in Kabul who helped Canada


Afghan interpreters who helped Canada's missions in Afghanistan fear for their lives as the Taliban moves into Kabul.

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    1. Grow a beard and put on a turban. Problem solved, he’ll blend into the millions running in the streets.

    1. not up to other countries to help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves. they didn’t put up a fight.

    2. @kn1v3z2k They are abandoned by Canadians and Americans all of a sudden and you expect them to fight while the stronge force they rely on just fled??

  1. What a waste of money,men and time. For Afghanistan to slide back into what it was two decades ago. SMH.

  2. 300,000 Afghanistan soldiers and all of them in hiding asking for other countries to fight for them. Just over a week and the Taliban take over most of the country.

    1. Pathetic that so called experts in the West even consider this. And the talking clowns on TV say we “let them down…” What a joke.

    2. Well it is true that they are pathetic as far as discipline and strength is concerned, you should know that the corrupt warlords took huge portions of their paychecks for years. They were also trained to fight with air support and resources that are now absent. These troops never stood a chance.

    1. @gmanhero 1 or 20,000+… still disposable. Unless you can turn them into votes, then they might matter

    2. @gmanhero tredeau is talking about taking in 20k? No he isn’t. He won’t take more than 20, I would bet on that. He only cares about his own rep and legacy on the world stage

  3. “Here’s an interpreter who’s hiding underground WITH HIS TWO CHILDREN, but here’s his name and his face and his voice, broadcast on the internet, just in case the Taliban didn’t already know who to target.”
    Seriously?? What producer approved this spot?

  4. It’s actually worse than it was when we got there. The taliban now controls more land, they have more money and some of the best military equipment in world because of this 20 year war.

  5. Suprising how the events leading up to this moment seem eerily similar of the evacuation of the vietnamese during their war

  6. Dont worry, just fill out your papers and send them in and JT will have them approved.And in 6 to 12 months you will be assessed.

  7. They should have learned from the two Michaels, leaving your life in the hands of a Trudeau is risky business!!
    I guess the travelling campaign clown show takes priority.

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