'I recommend this to my own father': Dr. Chakrabarti on mixing COVID-19 vaccines 1

‘I recommend this to my own father’: Dr. Chakrabarti on mixing COVID-19 vaccines


Infectious disease specialist Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti discusses the World Health Organization warning against mixing COVID-19 vaccines.

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    1. @- complications are not the concern. We have no idea what kind of protection is conferred from giving two different types. It may be great it may not be any protection at all. We do not know, so why would any reasonable individual take a preventive measure without knowing the amount of protection conferred? I can give tens of millions of doses of saline with no reported complications, it will not confer any immunity.

  1. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

  2. So wait he’s just going against what the WHO says … it’s almost like he’s a conspiracy theorist ..

  3. Why didn’t the reporter reporting on the story confirm what the doctor, that they were reporting on, meant before releasing misleading report? Haha oh ya. Investigating isn’t part of journalism anymore.

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