‘I Respect The Fact That He Wants To Do It, But Level With The Americans’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

‘I Respect The Fact That He Wants To Do It, But Level With The Americans’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Former Vice President Joe Biden tells Lawrence O’Donnell that his plan to expand health care under Obamacare is more feasible than Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All, which he believes will not pass in Congress: “I’ve laid out exactly how to pay for it, and how I get it done and where the pay for comes from. And he’s talking about a $35 trillion program.” Aired on 3/2/2020.
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‘I Respect The Fact That He Wants To Do It, But Level With The Americans’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. dude, we have spent trillions and trillions just on the so called “war on drugs”. This clown has done nothing but milk the system all of his life, including providing shelter in his home state for credit card companies.

    1. C.C. Ekeke Trump is the only option. He has done many many good things for this country. Leftist have gone insane and all the way to the left and want to give this great country away to illegals.

    2. @TommyGunz327 No he is not. Trump has also done a lot of harm to this country. I’m not talking about his rants and insults. I mean the rollbacks of environmental protections, the restrictions on legal immigrants without properly reforming the immigration process, the weakening of protections for consumers against banks, not doing anything to address climate change, siding with dictators and authoritarian leaders over his own intel agencies, cozying up to big business at the expense of the consumer (which both parties do). The list goes on and on.

    3. Right? Joe *still* doesn’t get it. What’s more expensive, guaranteeing every American has a right to see a doctor without paying out of pocket, or giving lavish trillion dollar tax breaks to the top 1%, and spending trillions of dollars on the military when even the JCS is *not* asking for it! Unreal.

  2. I just got a surprise medical bill for taking my son to the doctor 1200.00 I work so I pay 500.00 for Obamacare a month now I have to pay more how do you not know about your own policy

    1. Rodfather Fishing ask about water court living man rights get baptized repent know theres a rod of moses and a cadeusous one is out to sell you something the sign of a merchant

    2. Remember, @Hello Stranger , Obama used The Heritage Foundation’s (a Republican Org) base plan for the ACA. Obama was also a centrist from Hawaii who tried to bring ppl together on the mainland… but hes black, and racism dont play as well here.. he thought being of mixed race might help, but that dont play on the mainland either. He was overly positive to say the least.

    3. @Gary Fox you’re wrong. And the ACA was a Heritage Foundation’s base plan anyway.. the Electoral College plan before the Civil War didnt settle racist, and neither could he, because its all or nothing with the tribal mentality… no matter what the issue is…

  3. We already pay for it Joe, through our premiums and copays and insane deductibles. We pay 2x as much as the average developed country. They ALL have universal healthcare. Every single developed country other than the united states has it. You are a pathetic dementia ridden geriatric with no business telling me how to die.

    1. @johnny whatthefuck
      “experience with what?” Experience with healthcare insurance?? It’s a known fact that healthcare in America is the most expensive worldwide. On top of that, we are now rated 27th worldwide for quality of healthcare and education. I put a link on another comment. Look for it. And, that wait time BS is just that. The waits are determined by need. I was reading a comment the other day by a person in Canada who said multiple generations in his family had never been put off for procedures that needed “timely” attention. People in our current system simply die because they don’t have “any” care because they can’t afford it. I guess you see that as “better”??

    2. How did Republicans mess up a bill they couldn’t see? Sorry your dems juked you. You payed more. You didn’t keep your doctor because they left networks. You are now penalized for not funding the scam. Pre existing condition is the only good. Strangely that is the argument against Trump care. BUT if I look for myself, I’ll see that part is still there. Don’t be spoon fed ignorance without checking the label.

  4. Joe Biden stands for nothing except helping Republicans pass their bills. Not surprising that MSNBC continues to push Joe — they’re both owned by Comcast.

    1. @Dill ChivesIf you think MSNBC leans right you need to go get your head checked. Same with Joe Biden. Have you not noticed that your party the Democratic party has been the party of millionaires and billionaires for the last decade? Democrats have abandoned the working class. Or why else would Democrats block the middle-class tax cut in the Trump tax cuts? They sure didn’t try to block their donors / corporate tax cuts. It’s funny how they say Trump’s tax cuts only help the Rich. When in fact they’re the ones who blocked the middle-class tax cut. Kind of makes you wonder. You don’t believe it go look it up.

    2. @kinjay 21 MSNBC nominally panders to “leftist” social issues while protecting corporate issues above all. It’s the same thing Fox News does on the right. My party is decidedly *not* the Democratic Party, the U.S. is just stuck with the dumb two-party model that backs special interests and big donors above all. Trump and the Republicans do the same thing. Neither one _actually_ cares about working class people, they just pay lip service to it.

  5. Biden touches children, Biden touches women who are not his to touch. THAT’S what America wants to represent us to the world? Unbelievable …

    1. @Angel Torres their age doesn’t matter as long as they can handle the job, keep their promises and improve America. How about you listing what promises biden has kept and what he’s done to improve America, and I’ll do that same for Trump. Then you’d see that the dems haven’t found anyone close to Trump.

  6. Biden is lying when he says Bernie doesn’t say how its paid for. It’s right on his website. Berniesanders.com/issues

    1. ShopFamilyFirst Ok None of us are supposed to cast our ballots and carry on. The millions who vote for Sanders will be the millions who apply pressure on anyone who’d dare not pass his legislation. The majority supports the policies he’s proposing and that only means something if we actually use our numbers to our advantage. That’s what makes it a revolution, we have to be involved beyond just casting ballots

    2. He’s not talking about the taxes. That’s still the “what”. The “how” is getting it approved by Congress. If “voter pressure” worked Bernie and his “overwhelming support” could be applying it now. Senator Bernie could hold those same pressure your representative rallies now. His M4A bill is already before Congress and he knows the names of those that support it and those that don’t. Why wait till your president? If pressure campaigns work they should be able to overcome Senate minorities and even presidential veto.
      Truth is truth.

    3. Suomy Nona it’s not just about what needs to go through Congress. There are executive options available only via the presidency and political capital you just can’t get otherwise. Democrats will have to support these issues with votes to reflect the goals of the administration and the pressure applied by the voters. That pressure will work because it already has with one example Sanders’ push for higher wages in multiple states

  7. Joe Biden up there saying the quiet part loud again: Democrats don’t believe healthcare is a human right. Poor people deserve to die.

    1. The Democrats are just another version of the Republicans. They hate the poor & just don’t want to admit it.

  8. Joe is running for senate he said few days ago. Why is he talking like he is running for president. Did I miss something?

  9. Biden: Begging his opponents to be honest while spitting bald-faced lies.

    People really want to elect this joker?

  10. This dude in 30 years gets one Primary win..suddenly he “knows how to get things done” give me a break coattails Biden

    1. That’s the plan, they’ll let em steal the nomination and get swoop later by someone else, maybe Bloomberg or Clinton

  11. So Biden’s plan is just re instating Obamacare?

    Are u serious?
    This guy is completely out of touch and relies way to much on re-doing things Obama did and rarely knows what’s going on.

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