‘I Said Nothing Wrong’: Greene Stands By Comparing Masks to Holocaust 1

‘I Said Nothing Wrong’: Greene Stands By Comparing Masks to Holocaust


Republican Congressmember Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia defended her statement comparing mask policies to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to the atrocities of the Holocaust. She stood by statements she made earlier, Greene saying, “I said nothing wrong.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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‘I Said Nothing Wrong’: Greene Stands By Comparing Masks to Holocaust


    1. @Weston W not even hitler made genocide profitable unlike said country who now censors the internet like a North Korean dictator

    2. @Ken Hoffman Hitler didn’t win or profit from anything. He committed suicide when he saw he was losing. He left his remaining supporters to flounder without him. Sound familiar?

    3. @Amanda Wilcox
      Awe boshirov skabeeva
      Is that the best you got ?
      Come on now you can to better

  1. Comparing health precautions and rules in order to control a pandemic to a straight up mass murder is completely disgraceful

    1. Americans make those kinds of comparisons all the time, especially when they’re deflecting the responsibility of their own reprehensible hypocrisy. MTG is just carrying on typical American behavior.

    2. Biden has put EVERYONE at risk at the Border.!!! and He could care less is the sad part… The Dem’s say he is empathetic.!! disgusting… 7 more deaths today.. with the temps. on the rise, good crop of rattle snakes this year. the death toll will multiply.!!!
      Horrible way to go… the temps will be well over 100 degrees next week in Arizona.. Good job Joe…

    3. @Richard Batchelder Tell me exactly what Trump did at the border that was so much better? Be specific, please.

    1. A9C would look at home on the floor of the United Nations. MTG would look at home on the floor of a trailer

  2. The people who delighted in telling Democrats to “get over” Hillary losing in 2016.
    Are the same people who are re-counting Arizona’s ballots in 2021.

    1. @extremely careless You must be incapable of moving on, well I don’t have that problem, Good-Bye.

    2. @Robert Davidson Only a willfully ignorant person would support a personally hired none experienced entity to count the people’s ballots. We are the greatest democracy in the world and you want to hand it to Cyber Ninjas?!. Say it out loud, it sounds even more ridiculous.

  3. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

    1. @Damirius Mason D M if one Ukrainian spirit could get into Putin and remove him by use of its own body(hands).. there be no one in russia that would blame the Ukrainians, or Biden./ Ukraine is known for its chocolate..

    2. @Sherry Russo as I said, I didn’t know if were true, I haven’t been to corroborate that information, but it comes from or city engineer, a guy with a six year degree, so he’s not stupid. I’m a new Yorker familiar with Trump since the 80s, I don’t like because he’s a con man, and leopards don’t change their spots. In my humble opinion the country is so divided because everyone has to be right about everything, in 16 he won, I didn’t have a problem with it-elections cant only be legitimate if we win, either side.

    3. @Sherry Russo you seem like a nice person, put aside the MTG comment let’s go back to the sometimes you have to grab women by the p****, can you honestly say if a Democrat said you would be ok with its just locker room talk, if you’re in politics you have to be responsible for what you say. When a Democrat is a hypocrite, I’m the first to call them out, I worked for 3 conservatives for over half of 90s, these guys were such hypocrites and the double standards were unbelievable, and I’m not some wild eyed lefty, I think there should be some kind of border security in the south, I’m a fifteen minute walk from Canada, but I have to cross a bridge and go thru customs, unless I try crossing the Niagara river, but I’m going to go over the falls

  4. What a sick excuse for a human. SMH… All she wants is attention even if it’s negative attention.

    1. That’s all she’s got. She blew her opportunity to serve in the US House and make a real difference in the world. Just one sick, unhinged comment on top of another.

    2. Double down and triple down. Trump playbook. Might be the same as Hitler’s, but i am not old enough to know it.

    3. @John Smith you don’t think all that money she raked in is going for campaigning. That unfortunately is what all politicians do with campaign contributions. But it will come back and bite her in the race, eventually.

    1. Trump just like Hitler ,is a Magnet for Spineless little Men ( and Women ) without Honor or Self Respect . Willing to follow a Psychopath , to gain a little Power . No matter what it does to their Country .

  5. Next election she’ll have competition and be gone. GA deserves better. Someone smart and caring. Not someone unhinged, looking and getting their 15 mins. “fame”.. She is a mess!

  6. M.T.G. : outrageous behavior, awful representation of her constituents, and thus a total waste of out tax dollars.

    1. @Donna Whiteturkey

      Please !! Please do that
      ..opens her mouth and drivel…absolute nonsense ( dangerous nonsense , but nonsense none the less )

      how on earth did she ever get to this position

      And…please ! Stop !!! voting over and over for these self serving , pompous , hard hearted multi millionaire politicians – who never do a thing for struggling communities and hard working Americans….


    2. I agree. She is a total waste of time and space !? The media shouldn’t be giving her, any coverage, let alone, the time of day !?

    1. @seaskiguy Let the Canadians grumble. They’ve been stuck listening to us for 255 years, with more to come.

  7. Can’t really compare the holocaust with mask wearing. That’s like comparing a fatal car wreck with a flat tire.

    1. @Paul Wilson Weak AND wrong, not a success at all. Maybe like comparing MTG to a sane, honest, reflective person. Good luck with that!

    2. I know! It’s like the morons comparing the detention of illegal migrants at the border to concentration camps !!

    3. @Red Out president Biden just closed down a facility on the border where a doctor, under the TR45H administration, was performing illegal hysterectomies on women without consent then deporting them. So yeah, they were like concentration camps under Putin’s TR45H. President Biden is correcting the human rights abuses AND vaccinating the American public. AND he’s not tweet raging all night long. So go back to your prepped bunker and wait for the jewish space lasers.

    4. @Red Out I would disregard anything Sarah F.4.1 says because she admitted to me she’s paid to trash Trump (or TR45H as she call him)

  8. I could have lived my whole life without knowing this woman existed.

    1. @Weston W Her opposing candidate moved out of state, too late for anyone else to run. Sh*t does happen, within the U S A & elsewhere.

    2. @Rick Simon There were certainly not 100M breaking into the Capitol Jan. 6th, and 74M voted for Trump. Still terrible, but overstating so much costs you credibility.

  9. Being asked to wear a Mask isn’t the same as being loaded on a Train, taken to a Concentration Camp, and Gassed…

    1. I don’t know how this woman was voted into the position she holds. Dark money must. Be involved.

    2. It is to a GQPper. They believe the world owes them a perfect existence, with all their desires met.

    3. @Jude Guerard she talked the talk at a time when most people were getting high on the orange one. Trump was spewing hatred at a time people were for change, timing was right. MtG was in the right place at the right time, of course her then opponent dropped out, the rest is history, which can be rewritten in 2022. I don’t think people in her district were to excited with her after her outburst that got her kicked off her committees.

    1. @Mama Tara Yeah – but because she’s a woman she’s trying too hard and this makes her look worse than the rest of them. She says it out loud – they don’t. This is why she’s going to find out the hard way when they throw her under the bus.

  10. Can’t wait until tomorrow morning to hear all of the excuses Republicans make on how busy they were to have heard this

    1. @Paul Wilson I wouldn’t call thousands of people dying in an epidemic a trivial matter. Inflation isn’t that high right now, gasoline isn’t that expensive, and there’s often fighting in the Middle East.

    2. @NeOnFaeRies – We’ll be blunt.
      GQPers got their “2012 Autopsy”…and not only *ignored it,* but *they fired the 1st AA “RNC Chairman”* in their *entire history.*
      *Now…* they’ve devolved into #45’s ghouls.

  11. She’s crazy, and needs therapy, she acts like a mean and needs attention. She’s mimicking someone that needs to be locked up for awhile.

    1. There is not a psychiatrist alive that will touch this special case. Greene is dangerous enough without a professional helping her perfect her insanity.

  12. Why would anyone expect Crazy Maggie possesses enough self-awareness, introspection, or intellect to self regulate and empathize? LMFAO

    1. MTD is ALL she’s aware of and concerned about. That and making enough $$ to buy her next election.

  13. People that oppose the “overbearing mask mandate” also want to force women to follow through on unwanted pregnancies. THERE is an overbearing mandate.

    1. @Shannon Nelson You’re even more hilarious with your deflecting. First and foremost, every conservative isn’t a Christian. Secondly, what type of argument is that? It political affiliation of the carrying “mother” doesn’t make the act any more or less deplorable, you absolute muppet. Lastly, anyone who actually is a Christian and actually strives to follow bible based principles likely wouldn’t even be in a position where they would even need an abortion, clown.

      If you’re going to respond, at least try to do so with a sound, logical argument because simply pointing a finger and screaming about the other side who has supposedly has partaken in the detestable behavior isn’t really an argument LMAOOO.

    2. @John Dough Thanks to planned parenthood, abortion rates have been significantly lowered over the past few decades.

    3. @ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY I notice in your comment you don’t mention men… can women now conceive by themselves or are we now banana slugs?

    4. @AT 1984 Oh right. I always consult with people trying to live in the stone age for policy advice.

    5. @J lock yeah that doesn’t happen. Third trimester abortions are for birth defects incompatible with life outside the womb. If you to go an abortion clinic and see a heavily pregnant woman sobbing her heart out, that’s why. Those are very wanted babies. It’s a cruelty to let a pregnancy like that go any further once the defect is discovered, for the baby and the mother.

  14. She’s doubling down because she’s comparing wearing masks to something she denies ever happened.

    1. @Traci Bolen, Well said and spot on. There’s no such thing as “negative publicity” in the GQP. Say some crazy sh*t, get on the news, and the base of fascist morons cheer.

    2. @Insignificant360 “Baby Cheesus”? Good one. And yep, MTG is the second coming of Cheesus. Too bad her buddy Matt Geatz is ruined. Together, they fall.

    3. @Insignificant360 you should have posted your comment in the main comments. It would have gotten so many . Made me laugh even though she makes me so angry

  15. I have no doubt that MTG would’ve served as an aufseherin in the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.

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