1. lol biden saying he “understands” is basically him just acknowledging how bad inflation is right now. SMH

  2. Him saying he “understands” and always having a lie to tell of his childhood as to try and connect with us has nothing to do with what needs done! NO HELP NO SOLUTION and NO CLUE does he have.

  3. Kills pipelines and puts sanctions on Russian oil. Yea sure sounds like he’s doing what he can to lower prices huh.

    1. @Michael Dwyer BS. Keystone is already active. Keystone XL was only 8% complete and would have never been built because of all the lawsuits that would have had them in court for years. Also, that oil would have traveled through the US to be sold on the world market not your local gas station.

  4. Why do Powell and Yellen still have jobs? They were catastrophically wrong on identifying whether inflation was a real long term threat or just transient. Now someone has to take on the incredible responsibility of taming runaway inflation, and we are supposed to rely on the very same people who failed at the primary job to then identify if their policy recommendations are working? They weren’t just a little bit wrong – it is like a doctor seeing a woman having labor pains and telling her she isn’t pregnant, then a week later she is having a baby. That’s how egregiously wrong they were. The stakes are a devastating recession that will wreck the global economy for years – shouldn’t they be replaced with economists that correctly identified the inflation problem a couple years ago?

    1. @Magi Gooter It’s not disingenuous. Biden continues to insist he can’t or won’t direct the fed reserve to alter interest rates because he “respects their independence.” In other words, he has established the criteria the fed reserve should be acting independently. If it is as you say and the fed reserve knew high inflation was coming but were too scared to act because they didn’t want to harm Biden’s agenda, then they failed to act independently. By Biden’s own criteria, they should be fired. So either they are incompetent and couldn’t recognize the inflation problem or they recognized it but refused to act independently because they were to scared. In either case it means they failed at their mandate, which means they should fired.

    2. Last time Yellen was talking about gun control and climate change, go figure.

    3. Not only that but isn’t she 80 years old? My goodness, when is she going to retire, when she’s 90?

    1. @The American Zelensky soo you’re saying you enjoy paying $5-$10 for a gallon of gas? And hundreds more for rent? And your grocery bill being way higher? I find that hard to believe lmao. Tons of polls, comments say otherwise..

    2. @The American Zelensky “I have still never heard anyone running around saying this. It’s absurd”….and yet this whole comment section (and many others!) is filled with inflation concerns🤦🏽‍♀️ c’mon man!

    3. @The American Zelensky 👈 don’t mind the rich guy from Ukraine. He just got 54 billion from the big guy

    4. Со слов Байдена:
      Это Путин виноват!
      Кошка бросила котят –
      Это Путин виноват!
      Зайку бросила хозяйка –
      Кто виновен, угадай-ка?!
      Вот кончается доска
      У несчастного бычка,
      Наша Таня громко плачет –
      Рядом Путин, не иначе!
      Свет погас, упал забор,
      У авто заглох мотор,
      Зуб здоровый удалили
      Иль залез в квартиру вор,
      Не понравилось кино,
      Наступили вы в говно…
      У любого катаклизма
      Объяснение одно…
      Знает каждый демократ –
      Это Путин виноват!
      Кто вчера в моём подъезде
      Лифт зассал до потолка?
      Мне, товарищи, поверьте –
      Это Путина рука!
      Я поймал по пьяни “белку” –
      Это Путина проделки!
      Куча под столом говна –
      Это Путина вина!
      Засорился унитаз –
      Это Путина приказ,
      Накидал туда бычков,
      Воду слил – и был таков!
      По ночам бельё ворует,
      Стёкла в нашем доме бьёт.
      Пьяным во дворе танцует…
      Этот Путин – обормот!
      Нет спасенья от злодея!
      Матом пишет на стенах,
      Изломал кусты в аллее.
      Это Путин – ох и ах!
      Либерала дождик мочит –
      Путин весело хохочет.
      Затопило вашу дачу?
      Это Путин, не иначе!
      Вас гроза в пути застала?
      То рука Кремля достала.
      Холод, ветер, снегопад –
      Снова Путин виноват.
      Сносит крышу ураганом?
      Это Путин мстит баранам.
      Шторм, цунами, наводненье?
      Это Путин, без сомненья!
      Ливень, оползень, циклон –
      Виноват, конечно, он.
      Сель, лавина, камнепад?
      Ясно: Путин виноват!
      Смерч, тайфун, землетрясенье –
      Нет от Путина спасенья!
      В темя клюнула ворона?
      Это спецагент ОМОНа.
      Пчелы, осы жалят вас?
      Это путинский Спецназ.
      Видишь этого шмеля?
      Он на службе у Кремля!
      Если верите в такое –
      Это просто паранойя!

  5. If you know anything about true leadership, it starts with taking accountability for your actions and the current situation that you are in charge of. A leader sets the example for others. A leader does not point fingers and play victim

  6. Biden “I understand your pain” from the guy living with taxpayer’s money and 10% for the big guy
    Everyone: “no you don’t……”

    1. @Relentless Living No they don’t. All you people talk about is how you believe Trump to be 10,000 X the man you are and what an honor it is to take his abuse.

    2. @The American Zelensky well if you have the time you might want to travel around from state to state and ask people what’s troubling for them and they tell you inflation and they’ll tell you it’s Biden’s fault for all of the massive spending he did last year that was not needed. Try talking to ppl in Nebraska first they’ll tell you straight off this is only the beginning since Biden is blaming everyone else except himself

  7. There’s plenty he can do right now, he just won’t. Passing the buck is not a winning strategy.

  8. Good thing he didn’t get his 3 trillion dollar package passed. Imagine how much worse inflation would be if he did.

    1. He just sent 2 billion to Honduras and 3 billion to Ukrainian in addition to all the military equipment. Our taxes at work for them not us.

    2. Wonder if he’ll promise more stimulus checks for votes near the midterms, which will only cause more inflation.

  9. “Doing everything he can” to run us into the ground, and the one thing that’s working magnificently for him. FJB

  10. As a former Democrat I’d like to thank Joe Biden for finally helping me see the error of my ways.

  11. Man’s been in government for 150 years. I could only imagine he’s never actually stepped foot in a super market to buy groceries for himself. And there’s no way he’s actually pumped his own gas. He has no clue

    1. Hell he don’t even pay for his own gas we the people do. He don’t care how high the gas prices get.

  12. Biden: ‘I understand’
    Biden’s Cabinet: “We Understand”
    CNN: “You should understand”
    Me: “I understand you’re full of-”

  13. Can you imagine Joe as a lifeguard: “I understand you’re drowning, but I didn’t make the water.”

  14. Biden has tried a lot of things and failed at them all. Student, Man, Father, Politician just to name a few.
    LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

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