'I understand this sucks': PM Trudeau addresses new restrictions ahead of holidays 1

‘I understand this sucks’: PM Trudeau addresses new restrictions ahead of holidays


Prime Minister Trudeau sends a message to Canadians ahead of the holidays as the Omicron variant spreads across the country.

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    1. @Life Unedited that is the business you work for and unless you work for a govt agency that requires vaccinations or regular testing then the business has every right to operate and require employees to follow their protocols this has nothing to do with the govt. just saying if you work for walmart their policies are not controlled by the govt,

    2. @timandsue legere so it is the government? Lol you do realize the government is one of the largest employers in Canada right? Not to mention they put pressure on smaller businesses to do their bidding.

    3. But anyway im not here to argue, if they keep this up they will have a talent drain to a country that isn’t so oppressive

    1. An apple a day .keeps the doctor away.nobody looks at the future in a negative way.why invest in hospitals and expansion.

    2. canada made cuts to healthcare spending and also spent billions on “healthcare” in ways that were extremely wasteful and did nothing to solve equipment issues and supply and also the administrative issues our healthcare system has dealt with for years. some governments even laid off thousands of doctors especially those who went on strike because of the cuts to healthcare spending.

    3. Not only wasn’t the money spent on hospitals, now that the wad has been spent there is now no money to spend on hospitals for a generqation!

  1. This guy didn’t make it acting in movies so he went the politician route. I mean he has an education in Grade 10 drama teacher

  2. “Hey guys, I’m taking the Fam on vacay to a tropical paradise on a private taxpayer funded jet with RCMP for security, BUT, and this sucks, YOU GUYS shouldn’t go anywhere because my government depends on you doing what ai say not what we, the government, are going to do this Christmas.”
    Ok so I paraphrased but I just save you minutes of your life.

  3. When you are standing quiet, wear a mask. When you are speaking out, take off the mask. Makes perfect sense.

  4. My confidence level in Canada has dropped to 0 with JustInflation. And the total lack of control on the Bat Virus by this government is disturbing.

  5. You know what “SUCK” is losing your company and the government not helping you when you gave the government millions of dollars in taxes revenue.

    1. @njam101 there is def flu season… but you go on hiding for the rest of your life. guess 2 years is not enough.

  6. My fellow Canadians please use your personal aircraft, do Not use commercial! Keep Canada safe! Trust in Trudeau!

  7. I wonder if Trudeau is going to try and skip the Country for the south during Christmas like he did last year and have the major networks cover for him.

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