‘I Want Qualified Immunity Out!’ Rep. Waters On George Floyd Justice in Policing Act 1

‘I Want Qualified Immunity Out!’ Rep. Waters On George Floyd Justice in Policing Act


The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act has supporters who demand that eradicating qualified immunity must be part of the bill, while others do not want to stall the passing of a quality bill over this one issue. "I want qualified immunity out!,” Rep. Maxine Waters says on whether nullifying qualified immunity must be part of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act’s passage.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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‘I Want Qualified Immunity Out!’ Rep. Waters On George Floyd Justice in Policing Act


  1. Old out of touch elitists can afford private security.None of this effects any of them in reality.

  2. Qualified immunity is why we have so much police corruption, lack of police responsibility/accountability and why things never change! Police should be held to a “higher ” standard…….not a lower standard!

  3. Democrats just need to come together and be on the same page. Dems have Senate and House exercise unity and pass what Americans need to live under equal protections under the law and equal applications for all those who uphold the law.

    1. Then politicians would be accountable. I just don’t see it happening. Police only enforce the laws. Who makes them?

    2. Democrats don’t “have” the Senate, therefore Democrats don’t have the votes or room to demand perfect bills

  4. That and sovereign immunity that federal employees are given…even do away with the federal tort claims act….it’s total bullsh*t that federal employees are given this…

    1. 2years ive been fighting yet ive found a case one year prior same outcome same exact circumstances

    2. @Nic Moreno I’m so sorry for your loss! You may be right that the pair are practicing medicine poorly. That’s why we need a national database for doctors, police, and any other “authority having jurisdiction” so that we can identify and correct such repeat offenders. Unfortunately, the pair might not have done anything technically wrong because continuing education for physicians is a joke. They’re trained by pharmaceutical companies in hotel banquet rooms, not university professors in laboratories. It’s possible they were trained for off-label uses that hospital administrators deemed profitable. I sincerely hope you get justice for the devastating loss you have suffered and to highlight the faults in our healthcare system.

    3. @Claressa Lucas there is a data base federal hospitals are supposed to use…they simply dont…I found that out by simply running IHS Medical Malpractice lawsuits in almost every search engine …some have multiple infractions and some hospital admit it..”calling it the choice of 2 evils” one that creeped me out…a woman had surgery had a bile duct cut and failed to repair he had 4 liters of digestive fluids leaked into her abdomen …same hospital lost my son

    4. @Nic Moreno Unfortunately, that they don’t submit to the database doesn’t surprise me. There’s little incentive and almost no repercussions. Thank you for trying to prevent this from happening to someone else!

  5. The objective has always been – find someone prepared to make it public and let the public know the truth and decide. I had no other agenda beyond that.

    But I will consider this.

  6. I want all criminals STOPPED…….lets get real . REPEAL SECTION 230 QUALIFIED IMMUNITIES!!!!!

  7. Lawsuits against the police should be taken out of the police departments budget. I bet they start locking up officers after they see that hit to their budgets. Less money in their budget mean less toys they get to play and there would be a correlation between an officer and less money

  8. Reimagined Policing requires accountability by removing immunity. National Registry for offenses. More substantial training and hiring standards.

  9. Lol the hypocrite that went to Minnesota in an attempt to start a riot and had an armed police escort go with her.

  10. Remove any control of the body cams from the police and place its total operation by ind dept, when you suit
    up camera comes on. When an incident occurs the ind dept reviews for correct reporting by officers,
    if not contact IA. It seems at present they work on their own terms

  11. Get out of murder trial free card. Why even have something like qualified immunity what are cops out here doing that they need to be exempt from the law?

  12. Qualified immunity applies to all government officials. If we are going to take away qualified immunity for the police, who are the armed agents of government then we must take qualified immunity away from our political class also. The removal of qualified immunity must apply to all officials.

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