1. Diagolon demands much lower service costs and an end to telecommunications protectionisms of the current monopoly.

    1. You can’t fire him. He will quit and take his multimillion dollar golden parachute of stock options and cash in hand.

  2. this will surely make them increase their rates now that they have to invest in newer tech and in hiring better expert technicians in the field. so no matter how one sees it, the public their customers are screwed still.

  3. How could something like this happen with all that “Canadian Experience” we are always being told about?

  4. “We have the best in the world….” Really? How many times has this happened? Blablabla apology! CYA!

  5. 1-day fee credit? That’s less than the bare minimum they could have done. If they were serious about compensating their customers and improving their reputation, they’d offer – at the very least, a 1 week credit – or better still, 1 month! But noooo…more slop and drivel from a President spinning corporate lexicon.

  6. CEO after 2021 outage: “I want to apologize to Canadians. We let you down”
    CEO after 2022 outage: “I want to apologize to Canadians. We let you down”
    CEO after 2023 outage: Repeat
    CEO after 2024 ourage: Repeat

    1. 2022…we will do better. 2023, sorry we didn’t do better, but will try. Nothing but lip service!

  7. *Am continuing to add to my portfolio. As warren Buffett said “be brave when everyone else is fearful”. The stock market always recover, so hold for long term and have the stomach for the ride*

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  8. So what is the phone number I can call to collect the $300 in lost wages due to the worst network in history?? No redundacy?? How insane!!

  9. Oh look, a billionaire apologizing. How much money is Tony Staffieri worth? He owns a conglomerate monopoly in this country.

  10. Just severed all ties with Rogers!! I’ve lost 2 days of income over the past month due to outages. I just cancelled my teksavvy account as they run on rogers backbone…not a Rogers customer but impacted the same. Will NEVER EVER use rogers services again!!! I’d rather go dial-up than deal with them again!!

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