1. “Rules and principles were drawn up to accommodate the abusers.” Blessings to Chris Rock ❣️.

  2. We spend years and generations on campaigns for non-bulling…enter Will Smith. He is the epitome of a bully, I feel sorry for Chris that he was subject to that abuse.

    1. I also believe Chris was the biggest bully this is the 2nd time using Jada for his joke and joking about someone’s health condition is wrong. Will Smith was also wrong for using his hands and not his words.

    2. Diane, actually you got it wrong, bullies usually are the ones to instigate fights. Bullies are usually the ones who call names and make fun of other kids, drawing those children to either fight or run.

  3. Will was more afraid of his wife than he was making a fool of himself in front of the world… Is everything alright at home?

  4. I am sickened by the kids (audience) on the playground cheering for the bully hitting the little guy. You are all cowards except for Chris.

    1. The Academy should be ashamed of themselves, they had a duty to act robustly. But failed to do so, Will should have been removed from the venue and privileges stripped. Will’s behaviour was not normal, when everyone clapped for him. This was an acceptance of violence and erosion of dignified values.

  5. Im glad that ppl are disgusted by will smiths behaviour. And the fact he was allowed to stay is disgraceful

    1. He should NOT be allowed to any future Oscars, and should have to pay a large fine! His fine could go to Victims Against Violence. The Academy is not handling this correctly, discipline should be swift not dragged out…such a disgrace too that he was allowed to stay and enjoy the Evening, should have been escorted out right after he received his Oscar PERIOD

    2. @SuzyQ If I was Chris Rock I would have said look, I won’t sue you but I want to see a decent donation going to a victims of domestic violence charity… Ok publically…

    1. If I read right..they thought will was on some drug and having a bad trip…
      Bad decision Academy let him stay..he’s not worth getting a trophy for assaulting

    2. I have a feeling noone knew what to do ….or what state of mind will Smith was in ….I think it was just best to go with flow then after everyones gone figure out what to do …. and will smith is such a likable guy

  6. There should be NO MORE debate about HOW this should be handled. They are showing partiality and that is not honorable.

    1. I wonder if you would find something wrong with the joke if it were directed at you, under spotlight, with cameras on you.

  7. What breaks my heart more is Jada laughed at chris after he was slapped, how so shameful and disappointing, she is a woman who was offended by a joke but laughed at someone for being physically assaulted!!!! How pathetic!!!

    1. We saw Jada laughing, but she could have been laughing to something that her neighbors were saying out loud. Things are not always what they seem – don’t jump to conclusions.

    2. Amazing how quickly she got over the pain she felt from the joke. One slap made her happy again. She isn’t worth defending.

    3. @Christine Tirpak sure thing… she’s laughing at something her neighbor was saying at the exact moment her husband is walking back from assaulting someone and she is looking directly at the person who was assaulted… but whatever 🤷🏻‍♀️ what ever makes you feel better about the situation

  8. No more hero roles for Will Smith. He will get an Oscar in a villain role in future. His facial expressions fit the profile of any villain.

    1. @Toniché Cavallari That’s right, and in front of the entire world, international Television… Will Smiths was a Disgrace

  9. It’s beyond the inappropriateness of Will. The entire audience and the Academy responded inappropriately.

  10. As an entertainer . . . Chris Rock was the perfect example of “The Show Must Go On.” Incredible excellence. Pure Class. Smith? The example of the nutball Hollywood celebrity. Classless.

  11. The playbook is: arrest him. He assaulted someone in plain sight with millions of witnesses. Seriously?

  12. I love how he boldly spoke to the notions that the Academy did NOT “handle it well” and the Academy did NOT “officially ask Will to leave.”

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