'I was shocked': McCarthy on Cheney accepting position from Pelosi 1

‘I was shocked’: McCarthy on Cheney accepting position from Pelosi


CNN's Jake Tapper talks with Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) about Liz Cheney being selected by House Speaker Pelosi to serve on the select committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection.

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  1. Laughable pay back is a B
    Kevin McCarthy stripped Cheney from her position .

    1. @Aska Martyr keep voting Republican, it sounds normal for you, but when you think you know who Jehovah hates. Well, that’s not normal. Get help

    2. @joseph velez*JeHoVah said that HE HATES YOU, Joe VeLow*
      *JeHoVah GOD HATES: Haters of GOD, Hates LIARS, Hates Thieves, Hates SOD O Mites!!!*

    1. @Paul Bat So does that mean we’re going in Alphabetical Order! If that’s the case then all A$$ holes first! Starting with you!

    1. @CharlieTWilbury if you think Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are not serial child rapists then you are a sad lost person or a bot pushing demoncrat narrative

    2. @doocieonu I see you didn’t accept my offer, cause you are delusional about Trump! You’re not fair! If you think Trump hasn’t abused many women, you’re a sad lost boy pushing the conspiracy theory, Republican lies narrative

    3. @doocieonu am a Marine, which means you’re inferior to me, coward. Keep hiding and lying like a little girl

    1. @Peter Dragon I’ll try to be your candle on the water, but you might find yourself floundering on the rocks if you don’t watch out.

    2. @sealyoness Right now we can be relying on lotality to political affiliations but on our own moral conscience

  2. Everyone fell out of their chairs when Matt Enemy at the Gaetz and Klan Mother Tailor Greene weren’t selected

    1. @Slick Rick They were trying to overthrow the government. It was, objectively, an attempted coup. Denying that just makes you look stupid.

    2. @Michael Morningstar so a couple hundred was guna over take a country of Millions. Yeah and I’m the stupid one

  3. It would seem to me you would want represenation on the panel, if you have nothing to hide. We want the truth!!!!

    1. Indeed.
      Seems they DON’T want it found out and proven for all the World to see, that FBI is behind the insurrection and that trump is this innocent saintly figure they paint him out to be!?
      – What’s WRONG with those people . . . 🥴

    2. “Everyone should take note of that, on both levels, that they’re not going to let up — and they should not. And we should not,”

      “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up,” “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

      Want to talk about January 6th? How ignorant of reality are you idiots? How many people died last summer? How much damage was caused in urban and minority communities while yelling and chanting Black Lives Matter? There’s been not one, “white supremacist”, charged with any weapons charges as a result of January 6th. Which you need weapons if it’s an Insurrection. One person lost their life, who was a military veteran, and I’ve heard no one say her name. WHERES her justice? Where’s her press conference? Her gold casket? Oh she was breaking the law? She shouldn’t have been doing what she was doing? Yeah, sounds a lot like George Floyd. Nothing more than a criminal his entire life. Now hailed as a hero for what? By the way, those quotes above were said by the horrible Vice President of this country in relations to all of the RIOTERS and the violence and damage they were causing. The second was said by the old bat Maxine Walters. Another idiot who was inciting violence if anyone was to cross paths with a Republican or trump supporter. You idiots need to get off social media, go get a job and do something to make this country better tomorrow than it is today. Enjoy it now. The fun you’re having at the sake of this country and everyone who built it will be over soon.

    3. Need to fine the TRUTH on where the CHINA VIRUS came from. LAB. We the PEOPLE of AMERICA need to KNOW.

    4. And what? Waste more money on a nothing burger?..How about investigating Hunter’s laptop?…

    1. @EVERYTHING WILL BE REVEALED The corona virus would just magically disappear Donald J Trump

      Meanwhile 600,000 dead Americans later it still hasn’t disappeared.

    2. @Carlos Rodriguez I dont want my kids to grow up in a racial jungle
      -Joe Biden

  4. With all this bitching about Antifa being the instigators of the attack and that the FBI having a hand in it by republicans I am shocked that they didn’t want to investigate the attack.

    1. @Izzy Bermudez – Antifa is made up of about 50 stoners who nobody supports. There are so few of them, and they’re so rarely active that the FBI calls it an ideology rather than a group. It’s a straw man for the GOP and an imaginary nemesis for the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. All of these people saying “BLM and Antifa burned down cities” don’t even realize that MOST of the rioters were not active in the BLM organization and very, very few identified as Antifa, if any.

    2. @SonOf McGringus Thanks, my friend. I post a lot of satire, and this one is obviously problematic, and it was never intended to fool folks on our side. But I gotta tell ya, it is intended for those space laser bamboo ballot MAGA idiots, and in the past on other threads it has been worthwhile when rubbing their noses in their infantile idiocy. i have been lucky to have exploded a few MAGA heads with this post, My Brother. Plus, I don’t get this funny very often, and I just don’t have it in me to let it go.

      I am sincerely sorry for the good folks who get tricked, and that was never my intention, but it seems to me that if you are going to criticize or preach about a posted comment, it might behoove you to find out what it is about before shooting off your mouth.  

      I mean, the post is one sentence and a link, this thread is about blaming ANTIFA, and my post indicates that so is the link, and how long does it take to see WTF it is actually about?

      Peace and Pizza to ya, my friend. Thanks for the comment and for being a good sport,
      ONE LOVE. Semper Fi.

      *_And now, for something completely different:_*

      *MAGA* _again some more right now again already_

      MAGA in the kitchen
      MAGA in the hall
      MAGA in the springtime
      MAGA in the fall

      MAGA on the mountaintop
      MAGA on the beach
      MAGA tail a wagga
      Just like a Georgia peach

      MAGA in the Kremlin
      MAGA by yourself
      MAGA with a gremlin
      or with a tiny elf.

      MAGA ’til next Tuesday
      MAGA ’til next June
      MAGA all around the block
      Or maybe on the moon

      MAGA on Uranus
      or Jupiter or Mars
      MAGA in a aeroplane
      and MAGA in your cars.

      no matter what the cost.
      because we’re all too stupid
      To accept it that we lost.

      *_Old Wack Donald had a farm_*
      *_And on this farm he had a horse_*
      *_Who left a pile of poo_*

      *_With horseshit here, and horseshit there_*
      *_Here a tweet, there a tweet_*
      *_Everywhere a mean tweet_*
      *_Old Wack Donald bought the farm_*


      _pollution creators and corporate raiders_
      _who under-tip waiters and live with the ‘gators_
      _there’s salvation healers and overweight squealers_
      _who hire young peelers for their dirty dealers_

      _there’s fanny pack rangers, adult diaper changers_
      _and funeral arrangers who fear any strangers_
      _they’re covered in cankers and love their big tankers_
      _and woship the bankers and tallywhack wankers_

      _these red hat collectors are haunted by specters_
      _of russian defectors and hannibal lecters_
      _there’s grandmas in slacksez with access to vaxxez_
      _who don’t want no blacksez in their anglo saxxez_

      _they worship and wallow while kneeling, they swallow_
      _they know they are hollow but know they must follow_
      _they’re lost in the foggo while humping the doggo_
      _with hate from their bloggo from here to chicago_

      *. . . . .* _and bow to the demon who haunts mar-a-lago_

      _Top 40 from the Back 40 (playlist)_


    3. @jones 😂😂😂 Semper Fi jarhead. I was 0844 in Lejeune in another life. Charts and darts, too stupid for the math but the command let me draw so I certainly appreciate creative “flexing”. The Left and Center are edgy and folks react like lightning to a rod when they see a comment or link like yours, which is understandable. However, though humorous, your post speaks to our need to react objectively when facing challenging ideas or thoughts. I’ve been through it with Leftists. During the protests after the murder of George Floyd, there was an older white guy the media showed getting knocked over by police. It looked bad. So I investigated. I found, as others did, he had actually wanted that to happen and there was video footage of a BLM protestor begging him not to do it and ruin their approach. He did it anyway. The world took his side. I attempted to show this link to leftists and moderates and of course… I was the “fascist lover” and the “Trump supporter”. I refuse to defend myself against such ridiculous slanders but you obviously understand the point. It’s why I don’t do “groups” or “parties”. I lean far left in my philosophies and my approach to solutions but I’m not a “Leftist”, I’ve never belonged to a party and the military was my last real tribal community. You gotta do you brother, that’s my point, and you do you so well – there’s no reason to apologize. If anything you’re the one that should be apologized to but I think you’re probably a bigger man than to sweat that one out! Appreciate the added bonuses at the end of your comment! Fantastic. Peace to you my brother!

    4. They know that’s bullcrap.
      They’re going to find traitors in their midst, which they’re already aware of. They just don’t want it known publicly.

  5. So let me understand this – they don’t want the commission because they say it won’t be bipartisan – but if any republicans are on the panel it’s unacceptable. Say what?!?

    1. @Jinxmim
      That comment clearly shows where your train of thought leads. Riot was the only part you got somewhat right. It was, say it with me, an IN…SUR…REC….TION. Few hours, didn’t know from 1pm to 10pm was a few hours? Disbursed? If you call activating the national guard and asking for all neighboring state to send back up disbursing. I can’t shed a tear to someone trying to override the election process because they disagree with it. Would you cry if a traitor to this nation were to be executed for treason? I call it justice. Show me where I am wrong.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx
      So can we include Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, 3%ers, and others in that call to investigate domestic. I would agree with you that domestic terrorist should be investigated. But the key is to find out why a group of people decided to storm the capital and hold an INSURRECTION. I think that is more important right know. Then we can go after the other national threats. Does that work for you?

    3. @pigskiner4life
      Name only, because she believes in the core Lincoln principals and values. So who is more the face of the party, Lincoln, Reagon or trumP?

    4. @Mimzy Jinx
      Yes, they found weapons and pipe bombs as well as molotov cocktails. Warning shot, the warning was to stay back with guns points to then. Do I think an investigation into the shooting be done, YES. But to see how better reenforce the building so no one has to get shot again the next time it happened.

    5. @David Gray Oh, that’s right, you guys don’t like anyone who doesn’t toe the line and follow the group think. Sheep like yourself always get nervous about things like that.

    1. He thinks he has a strong grip on everyone, McCarthy doesn’t even had a grip on himself. He’s flipper , a big flipper.

    2. @Cooper Kooper Not a gripper but a flipper. I like it. Well done. I bet they like it all across the nation, all the way from Walla Walla to New York, New York. I even bet Jimmy Two Times likes it.

    1. @USA Dominates well it’s the truth. The republicans are passing new voting laws in 49 states that will limit absentee ballots, not give water to people waiting in line, and limit drop boxes because of trump’s false claims of voter fraud.

    2. @Joseph G absentee ballots are a joke and you know it, Democrats are pissed because it gives them less time for rigged votes

    3. @USA Dominates I’m studying journalism in college. And I know what I’m talking about. You just don’t want to believe because you are reading those conspiracy theories, watch Newsmax, Fox News and OAN.

    4. @USA Dominates how are they a joke when Trump cannot even win the popular vote? Trump lost the popular vote twice. Trump lost by 3 million votes in 2016 but won the electoral college. In 2016, Trump lost the popular again by 7 million votes and lost the electoral college.

  6. I ain`t Republican but Liz Cheney has got something that most GOP`s are lacking which is having a spine.

  7. McCarthy is scared that his coverup is going to be exposed. Silly statement by McCarthy— the guy dumped her and shows more respect to Margery Taylor Green. He’s trying to protect the GOP’s that were part of the insurrection

    1. @Aska Martyr WOW!!
      Are you a little upset 😡 with America right now? It should get better when Sleepy Joe stops those nasty stimulus checks too!!

    2. ​@Tina Sanders*Thank You for My First Up Vote!!!*
      *I am GLad that you are Getting your Stimulus Checks!!!*
      *I Voted for Joe Biden, OnLy cuz Trump was Worse!!!*
      *But In Future I wiLL Vote for AnTi Trump RePubLiCans!!!*
      *You are a Woman & you NEED HeLp!!!*
      *But you Don’t Care, about 5-MiLLion Afghan GirLs, who are NOW going to be,*
      *Raped, Tortured & Murdered by TaLibon!!! You OnLy Care abt. YOU!!!!*

    3. @Trump was Right*<= Biden is NOT GOING to be in OFFice!!!!?????* *How OLd are You????? Wut Grade did you ComPLete in SchooL????* *Justin Martyr; Eugene, Oregon. I Voted for Joe Biden, Cuz Trump is a MAGA LIAR!!!*

  8. McCarthy “Shocked?” Oh dear, what a shame. Kev, you’ll be laughing on the other side of both your faces when they subpoena you, and then charge you with contempt and suspend you from Congress for refusing to attend. And you can’t complain either, you had the chance to get a bipartisan commission!

    1. *I am just SICK of Biden’s Surrender of Afghanistan to the TaLiban!!!!!*
      *I Must just STOP Watching NEWS!!! As of Joe Biden’s InFamy Day, JuLy 2, 2021*
      *I wiLL just VOTE Every RePubLiCan on Every BaLLot for Rest of My Life!!!*
      *I Know that Joe Biden Lovers are DeMons & Sod O Mites & JeHoVah GOD, Hates YOU!!!*

  9. “I was shocked that the person I publically defenestrated in order to toady up to Trump has now joined a committee that might prove Trump is a danger to the nation”

    1. We’ll see if she actually has a spine when it counts. Her voting record says otherwise. I’m happy she had the good sense to impeach. That was the only instance of her showing any character. A true partisan 99.9% of the time

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