‘I was teaching’: Trudeau remembers where he was on 9/11

Justin Trudeau reflected on what he was doing on 9/11, saying that he was teaching a class in British Columbia during the terror attack.

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  1. No one cares where Trudeau was. No one cares where he is now. Just go away Trudeau. You are like a bad dream that never ends.

  2. Yeah he was pretending to be a drama teacher like he is pretending to be prime minister what a pathetic little boy 👦

  3. Teaching? Is that what he calls having inappropriate sexual relations with his students? Like the one his lawyers paid off and had sign a NDA 2 years ago? That’s what he calls teaching?

    1. @Agnostic Atheist , oh right, you don’t believe in anything. Maybe do some research before you attempt to dismiss someone’s statement.

  4. “I remember the moment well. I was dressed up in shoe polish and an Aladdin outfit with my octopus arms draped over an underage student….”

  5. “I was teaching that morning in Vancouver, teaching kids how to get elected by promising to throw money to potential voters.”

  6. He needs to get back to teaching. Apparently his students liked him. Maybe as a teacher, I would too. Not as a Prime Minister

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