1. Never going to happen in canada. In fact they are more likely to take the home away from him and give it tot he previous tenants.

    1. Yes Sudbury is especially bad. In town anyways. I went on an ATV trip up in Cochrane this summer. Spent a night in Sudbury on the way.. it’s by far the worst junkie infested town I’ve ever see .. Slumsbury…

  1. My heart goes out to this landlord,
    He goes out of his way to rent a nice home for someone, and that’s how they repay him.
    Such a disgrace of a tenant

  2. I feel this man’s pain and the problem is province wide. I have a house in Fort Erie and I too have an ongoing issue from last year where a tenant did 52,000$ in damages still waiting on a hearing with LTB.

    1. How so? How exactly is it the government’s responsibility? What exactly is the government supposed to do? How is the government supposed to review tenants for him and do occasional spot checks? 🤔

    2. I’m curious too. What exactly was the government supposed to do to prevent this? Dollars to doughnuts, you’d also say that the government needs to get out of citizens’ lives and business in the next breath 🙄

    3. Agreed with you Wayne. The ban on eviction is the fault of the government. Landlords should have the ability to evict bad tenants.

  3. If this was December 24th and a camel showed up with Mary and Joseph, I wouldn’t rent to them either but I would let them use the manger I have out back.

  4. I hope the renters that did this are punished.

    I’d call them “animals”. But even animals wouldn’t do that much damage.

    1. You can’t call them animals. Animals wouldn’t do that. They like to be clean. I don’t understand how anyone could destroy someone’s place like that. Why would anyone want to live like that? Drugs, drinking, partying, They’re just trash. Just one family like that can mess up the whole neighborhood. 🤬😡

  5. He should have rented the home to a nice senior couple and charged modest rent instead of drug addicts and charging double

  6. This is absolutely horrible 😨 I’m so sorry this happened to you my lord there is just no reason..yikes

  7. In past 10 months, Government spend around 10K per person (kid, adult, old -> just everyone). I did not get a dime. May be it went to someone else. Same happened with everyone in my family. May be yours too. So, where did all the money go 🙁

    1. They knew their time was coming for them to leave,so they decided to trash the place. Its the only motive i see.

    2. I’m guessing drug use must be involved. I can’t see anyone in their right mind doing this much horrific damage.

  8. Soon all the office towers downtown will be converted to low income housing, u can just hose those out after tenants like the pound does with dog kennels.

  9. That is why in our small town so many potential tenants now live in tents in the forest. They constantly beg for places like this to live, but those places no longer exist. You can thank our Criminal Government for siding far to often with animals like these…..
    I can’t even call them animals. I love animals.

  10. That’s exactly why I stopped being a landlord. I had over $7000 damage and 4 months of unpaid rent. Absolutely disgusting and destructive slobs.

  11. How sickening….these dirtbags need to be put in work camps and taught respect…prayers to this owner and family 🤔🙏🕯

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