"I will not let you down": Erin O'Toole named new leader of the Conservative party 1

“I will not let you down”: Erin O’Toole named new leader of the Conservative party


New Tory Leader Erin O'Toole takes the stage after winning more than 57 per cent of the vote on the third ballot at the convention.

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  1. I am ecstatic to hear you’re the party leader. You have my and my family’s votes. That speech was extremely liberating. Thank you

  2. I was worried he was gonna be just like trudeau or something. This guy seems genuine. Gives credit to canadians.

    1. @Michael Nye
      To protect our resources and our country…YES. But to invade other nations to steal their resources….NO.

    2. @garry w Yes, they hate socialism because it is the ruination of every country it has been imposed upon, but hating colour… NO!!! THAT is ABSOLUTE BS!!!

  3. Nice to hear him reach out to his three competitors, although I am no fan of Mackay.

    I pray that Mr O’Toole has the strength of character to stand up for Canada and its citizens.

  4. Congradulations to Mr. O’ Toole! You are our next prime minister ! I hope there is a fall election.! We need the nasty Liberals gone!

    1. As a conservative, I have to say that O’Toole has no hope of defeating Trudeau. He has only 25% approval Nation wide. Mackay had 51%. He would have won. This is a sad day for the conservatives.

    2. @jO ETHI MacKay would’ve led to the destruction of the Conservative Party. All the opinion polls had MacKay beating O’Toole, but they were wrong. A random homeless guy should be able to beat Trudeau at this point. I’m voting PPC either way.

    3. Trudeau has met his match ! Just watch Trudeau squirm & hide .Erin O’Toole has his “combat” boots on to take back our Canada from Communism.

  5. To all those who are supporters of the NDP and Bloc: Come support O’Toole and the PC’s otherwise we are all looking at more of the same with Trudeau and his Liberals. Canada cannot afford that.

  6. Let’s put Canada first. We have come from all around world but this is our home now.
    Let’s care for each other, create more jobs and respect for one province to another.

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