Ian Bremmer Breaks Down How Russia is Responding To Taliban Takeover 1

Ian Bremmer Breaks Down How Russia is Responding To Taliban Takeover

As European Union foreign ministers meet to discuss the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, U.S. adversaries are embracing the terrorist group. Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer joined Stephanie Ruhle to explain how China and Russia are responding to the fall of Afghanistan after U.S. troops withdrew. NBC Foreign Correspondent, Janis Mackey Frayer, reports live from Beijing.

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Ian Bremmer Breaks Down How Russia is Responding To Taliban Takeover


  1. Other countries knew that the Taliban was going to take over. Anyone with a brain knew it. When Trump negotiated with them and essentially cut out the levity government,this result was inevitable. Inviting them to Camp David,giving what they wanted, all roads lead to this moment.

    1. Oh come on. Europe is in favor, Japan, England, France helped. How does he know. Noone helped us. Bidens Joint Chiefs planned it.

    2. @Shirley Fogge Piazza except Biden wasn’t president when Trump negotiated with the Taliban last year and cut out the Afghan government…

    3. @E E the difference, it’s that was Trump in this mess…we would be impeached by now pressured by the Media. Since it’s Biden. The Media gives him a pass…even if he is still in vacation.

  2. guy really suggested china to move in troops while we drone strike more civilians, warmongers out their mind

    1. @Joanne Wilson so do you care about us citizens and servicemen who came home or non citizens thats left behind, as you know everyone cant come.

    2. @Mark Evans they aren’t stuck there..he taking anybody that wants to leave including and esp those translators n families

  3. China made a comment… the US pullout of Afghan by stating that that went as smoothly as the transition of power to the presidency on the Trump. I guess that says it all!!

  4. Nice move, all those armaments in the hands of the Tally-banz… Good business our country’s in. Selling arms all over the world.

  5. The Taliban have a 4th century mentality. And they having modern weapons makes them more difficult to defeat.

    1. When you face cowards like the deserters aka Afghan Military – you look tough. In Many parts of the World, they’ll be wiped out.

  6. laughing their socks off I expect after the US supplied the Mujahideen with weapons to fight the Soviets in the 1980’s…..

    1. The Russians still need investment from the US; – USSR as an experiment failed. They’re not rivals – let’s not fool ourselves

    2. The mujahidin aren’t the same as the taliban who came in 1996 to take over after all the hard fighting was over. The taliban are the biggest collection of chickenshits in the region. That’s why they didn’t dare fight U.S. troops.

    1. @Tracy Franklin you should see Rachel lick sister Maddow’s said Trump is the leader of the Taliban. Where do they come up with this.

  7. You’d also have to include the Trump administration, since they started it by negotiating with the Taliban in the first place!

  8. With all due respect, all I hear is: Blah blah blah blah ….. You guys are clueless about the power dynamic in the Middle East.

  9. That is the part I am missing: what happened to the allied troops? U.K., France, Germany, etc.? Were they gone already?

  10. It’s just silly for countries to debate whether to recognize the Talibans when the US was the first country to recognize the Taliban as legitimate rulers of Afghanistan when US/Trump negotiated a deal to withdraw troops back in April of 2020.

  11. While the Talibanization of Afghanistan is of concern, of far greater concern is the Talibanization of America by Reich-wing plutocrats, Reich-wing media, Reich-wing demagogues, Reich-wing politicians and Christian nationalists.

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