Ibram Kendi: We Need Policies That Reduce Inequity, Injustice | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Author Ibram Kendi discusses the death of George Floyd, the Trump WH's remarks on if the U.S. has a police brutality problem, how he defines systemic racism and what the country can. Aired on 6/10/2020.
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Ibram Kendi: We Need Policies That Reduce Inequity, Injustice | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @The Red Republic yep !! My kid put on waiting list for college with 4.0 gpa, perfect attendance , many school programs yet one of his classmates with 3.0 gpa, and history of trouble in his school got accepted because hes a minority .

    2. Keith Mcmorrow I read your post earlier. That law is unfair to everybody. Statistics show that minorities who had an average performance in HS and get in to universities through AFF ACT either under perform or drop out. It’s unfair to them because they weren’t prepared. And those are the same kids asking to postpone test or not take test so they can protest. Insane logic 🤦🏻‍♂️.

    3. @The Red Republic yep. Dont get me wrong , im not mad or saying they shouldnt get in ,but its a little out of balance. I have seen many very intellectual minorities get in also who did deserve it and went on to graduate and become something in the field they took.
      My wife works with a husband ,wife that both went to college in California , graduated with degree but now working a minimum wage job at an exxon gas station and tens of thousands in college loan debt .
      They are white !!
      Anything in life can be as good or as bad as you let it . If im living where the community is being mistreated , or horrible healthcare,high crime,high taxes ,high unemployment , and we cant get change after decades of promises , im moving to an area that is better .

    4. Keith Mcmorrow when you try to fight racism with laws nothing good comes out of it. Black ppl say the same thing about the war on “crime”. But there logic is twisted and warped. Simple question who’s has an advantage and is more privileged, will smiths kids or the white kids born in trailer parks? Race has nothing to do with it

    1. @Dominant Allele
      Your sloth is typical of your breed.

      Well… Guess I’ll just have to make do with father’s day, good credit and the joy of living no where near diversity.

    2. Dominant Allele So if I fit every excuse you made and am married doesn’t that prove it’s possible? Federal housing, a felon, and coming from poverty. You’re making excuses. I’m 27 and have been married for 3 years. You’re making excuses. My wife a college graduate and myself an aspiring engineer. Everything you stated I fit except my children live with Us. Also I don’t acknowledge any political parties. They can’t effect how I as a man need to lead. No matter the circumstances.

    3. @Dominant Allele Yes, purposely ignore the things you asked for and the facts you were given.

      Why are liberals such angry, emotional bigots?

    4. @D Jones These people don’t care about facts or logic, only their feelings and choose to ignore things they don’t like.

    5. @Blossom Bouquet but there IS special scholarships reserved solely for minorities. So that takes away morw than half of your competition for it. So yes educational scholarships are not biased towards white people, its actually the opposite

    1. @Jahh Cobb
      Preach brother. Educate the tools.
      And yes Bernie Sanders WAS our only last shot for a better America.

    2. Arthur Anderson I feel you frustration with the American right wing, but that person we were talking to seemed like a good person.

    1. @Mister Sturm Scott probably wouldn’t have did the interview.. Scott only do Fox’s where most Republicans go.

    1. @FunnyFavor I’ll feel just as proud as your people and celebrate like the Boston tea party incident….maybe my people need to riot with tea bags in our pockets next time or destroy tea then we’ll be celebrated again….#thenatives

    2. When current laws take freedoms away from Americans like the African Americans, latino Americans right to vote in elections they need to be changed. The reason they need to be changed is because the do nothing Republicans that make amendments to to make voter suppression legal so that thay can keep their power and there is no way for them to loose an election or seat of power in the southern red staes because if everyone was able to vote then things would change that the do nothing Republicans dislike. They are the ones that have done this verything to the african and latino american citizens in this great country for 4 decades that is why they have not lost many primaries or elections because they cheat every time by voter suppression. Look up the history of your party before speaking absolute nonsense.

    3. @Clarence Bayliss Great Words Clarence!. Keep Speaking & Being Courageous to Make America GREATER!!!

    1. In the police academy many years ago I learned it was 13%/75%. I’m sure the numbers for STDs is high as well.

    2. Not sure where you got that because most sources I’ve seen say 13%/53%. Not saying your info is wrong, just that it doesn’t fit what I’ve seen when researching it.

  1. “reduce inequities and injustice”… nothing specific. Got a policy for dealing with gangs and thugs?

    1. @Daryl Leckt a lot of chicago id gang violence. Plus they are almost completely democrat. But yeah a lot of far left libreals love to see any problem and immediately say its because of white people or conservatives

    2. @Dominant Allele i KNOW you didnt just lose an argument and call everyone a racist troll. Come on, try a little harder

  2. Perhaps reducing inequity and injustice starts with the people.
    Why do you expect law enforcement to do so much?

    1. @TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ I read your comment, and it’s drenched in false superiority which automatically disqualifies any reasonable discussion. You’re entitled to believe whatever you want to believe though but as I said before, I want to see these people prosper. They’ve proven several times over the course of their history that they are resilient, and more than capable, and it’s my belief that the thing that holds both groups back is integration. We each need our freedom from each other…it’s that simple.

    2. just expecting law enforcement to STOP KILLING American Citizens for doing next to nothing! Its not much.

    3. @TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ “Starving and chased by wild animals”? Could you name the nations where this is happening please?

    1. Mike Elton That does not really reflect what is happening. Universities are mandated to accept a certain percentage of minority students. A company i worked at years ago had a standing hiring policy that we had to hire a percentage of minority employees. Government contract work has a set number of DBE and MBE participation, I go up against these issues for work on a daily basis. I was told by a DOT person that they use firms that meet the criteria of DBE/MBE/WBE even when the firms have proven to be less qualified. That makes no sense to me. I think we are doing a lot as a country to level the playing field, to the point it seems to be overboard. Is it perfect, no but it is not a system setup to block minority groups out of universities or jobs, quite the opposite. I have friends that came to America from Eritrea, they had nothing when they got here(came in legally) and now they have several businesses that are thriving. They took advantage of what the system provided, legally, and are now doing very well. There are racial issues but to state the the USA is systematically racist across the board is not reality.

    2. Says the guy with a skull flag icon spouting racist comments 😂 Weren’t you a character in “American History X”?

    3. @J DAN American History X is a Hollywood movie bud. The reality of the world is a lot different from “MUH NEO NAZIS WITH SWASTIKAS.” I know that this is almost impossible for people with low IQs to be able to see past the brainwashing. “MUH RACISM!!!!!!!!!!” You’re like robots, honestly.

    1. @John Henry
      Man EVERYONE’S a sheep!! Depending on what the mindset is in what is believed. That’s why there’s no such thing as “independant thinking”!
      All agreed upon thinkings(ideas, ideologies) are someone else’s idea. Period. Ppl either agree or disagree. And they move on that agreement or disagreement. Sheep either way. So as far as I’m concerned that’s a moot, pointless stand and phrase.

    2. @John Henry
      Evidence of what? I’ve got PDFs that will blow any excuses you make out of the water. Your rake in the inherited benefits of your forefathers. But you frantically try & dodge responsibility for his crimes against humanity. Life doesn’t work that way if it doesn’t go both ways. We’ve been collectively dehumanized by systemic racism for decades. Our own government tried to backdoor us. Well no more. Live Free or Die trying.

    3. @Arthur Anderson ” kicked the down the road” TOTALLY well said. They knew their domination was coming to an end for years. “The browning of America”: Again, well said.
      People like them don’t want to lose their privilege.

    4. @Blossom Bouquet explain to me this white privelige we all seem to get and you dont. Dont tell me to go off and educate myself because thats just you saying you dont know

  3. You know you’re not treated fair when you have countless private organizations, that receive tax money, and a Caucus in Congress all dedicated to working for the interests of people based on the color of their skin.

    1. WTF has the Congressional Black Caucus done for blacks?? NOTHING, except promote racism in America. Maxine Waters is a prime example.

    1. @Roger how dare we give the most disenfranchised a fighting chance 😒 yep that’s so racist

    2. sesshokitten I hope you are black, because that is a very demeaning statement to black people. Perhaps you were being facetious and in that case you are just being insulting and not the least bit funny.

    1. What we need are candidates chosen from the large pool of wise and ethical people whose wide range of abilities put our present “choices” to shame.

  4. Weird I have posted some facts regarding police interactions by race and it was removed both times

  5. Yup. I say let’s start with the NBA. Let’s even things out there by getting more whites in the league. Oh wait, you mean they are better at it so they should get the job? Well, then let’s use that logic everywhere.

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