Ibram X. Kendi Responds To GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Slamming His Writings 1

Ibram X. Kendi Responds To GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Slamming His Writings


Sen. Josh Hawley has slammed the writings of Ibram X. Kendi, a prominent anti-racism scholar. Ibram X. Kendi explains how he is not a scholar of Critical Race Theory, and that in his book 'How to Be an Antiracist,' ‘I make the case that we shouldn't believe that anyone is inherently racist, or that we should identify anyone as a racist.’
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  1. Hawley isn’t intelligent enough to comprehend Kendi’s material, much less critique it.

    1. The worst thing i think is how these politicians will be remembered. Theyre tarnishing their legacies which they dont realize is the most important thing to them.

    2. Disagree with the “highly intelligent” assessments; maybe it’s because I’m a Mensan, but reviewing his educational/career background (a history major? psshh…any average ability person can attain that, at any institution, same with a law degree–look up degrees by IQ and test scores; those are wayyy down the list), nothing really impresses…I’d say he’s of middling intelligence (90-100 IQ).

      Kendi, however, is not. His work, which is not mere history/sociology/cultural anthropology, has impressed me, which, as you can see, is not easy to do. 😛 I’m quite sure Hawley couldn’t understand the theoretical underpinnings of his material; only the bare bones history sections.

    3. I cannot help but feel that America still does not get it. If Trump did nothing else, in his search for votes, he lifted a stone and uncovered a deep well of discontent with the status quo. How else can such support for a known con-man, liar, cheat, low I.Q. showman, be explained. Except that he was not a politician and he promised to be a disrupter. Enough support for him and half his family to be installed into the iconic White House of the Americans. The depth that such a level of discontent in the American system exists for tens of millions of good people is undeniable. A fact which many better resourced Americans have not yet come to terms with.

    4. @Progressive Humanist Republican voters wouldn’t understand him or CRT, either even if they did actually know what it is. Critical thinking isn’t their stong point.

  2. These guys know exactly what they’ve doing. Deliberately misrepresenting CRT by portraying it as bad too the bigot base. All they’ve got is irrational fear 🤣

    1. @My Pillow Guy no, talking about racism without looking at all the progress our country has made, to tell white people they were born racist, and to tell black people they were born victims…that mr pill is racist. Teaching history should not be a political endeavor. It should be factual….something you know nothing about

    2. @Jeanne Lesinski the discontent is the border CHAOS, the blatand disregard for the citizens…..biden is incompetent, biden was installed by corrupt dems and republicans. That my fine feathere$ friend is the tip of the iceburg of our discontent

    3. Race is a social construct, right? We now have transracial individuals….do you deny their existence?

    4. @lucy molockian society is a social construct to & racism exists in societies. Use your brains instead of spouting nonsense.

    5. @warpedjaffas1 Do you also deny the existence of Otherkin? Are they people if they identify as animals?

    1. A survey of the responsive comments indicate that the majority do not even understand what “thinking critically” means, let alone doing it.

    2. Yet you think a communist is telling you the truth. And you think you think critically. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    3. @John Smith not always. My thinking is distorted sometimes. Especially in these surreal times. What communist are we talking about? What does pitical philosophy have to do with ho nesty? I trust a fascist to tell the truth..unless he is a repbilican congressman. Than I will be more cautious about believing something they say

  3. What this is about is simply avoiding the conversation. Or the truth.
    The truth is the biggest threat to white supremacy is the truth…

    1. @John Smith Check a dictionary, mate, for the definition of “communist” and for the appropriate use of the descriptor “literal,” unless you meant “literate.”

    2. @KesArt That’s not an argument.

      Critical Theory is a Marxist tactic to destroy civilizations for conquest. They attack all institutions of value. They promote all conflicts. They divide people into groups as much as they can.

      They historically focused on class, as in the Soviet Union and China. But that didn’t work in the USA, because America’s poor are among the top 1% richest people on earth. Most have cars, smart phones, cable TV, and air conditioning.

      So they focused on sewing division by race. Thus, Critical Race Theory was born. It’s explicitly a Marxist tactic of destruction.

      KGB defectors described Critical Theory in great detail, decades ago. They described exactly what we’re seeing in America today. They described AXK’s rhetoric precisely, decades ago.

      He’s a communist, mate. Regardless of whether or not you’re completely uneducated. My language was accurate. His is full of s***.

      Marxists are all losers.

    3. @John Smith With all due respect, your highly digressive response is factually incorrect, wildly ill-reasoned and brimful of terms used incorrectly.

      Regarding your confidence in your use of language, your phrase he’s “…a literal communist” does not mean what you intend it to mean. Grammatically speaking, your construction places the word “literal” before “communist,” thus making “literal” a modifier of “communist,” and, thus, stating that the communist in question is literal in his thinking. If you wish to say, “Literally speaking, he is a communist,” or, “Quite literally, he is a communist,” then do say so. (I am a retired professor emeritus with thirty seven years of teaching undergraduate students behind me.)

      Furthermore, your trampling of history and rummaging about for terms to fling about to give a patina of authenticity to factually incorrect statements that lack intellectual rigor and are pastiches of worn tropes loosely knitted together, falls well short of being remotely persuasive.

      Critical Race Theory, as taught in the states, exists as part of law school curricula and in doctoral programs in the social sciences. It is a means of examining how American legal systems and rulings have served to perpetuate racial inequality–even to the present day. And while it challenges students to examine the systemic nature of racism in American institutions and society–dear Christ, imagine asking uni students to think critically about societal and legal issues–its intent and methods seek to create enlightened student/citizens, people who can objectively analyze problems within their nation and propose solutions that will make said nation (America) a more perfect union.

      Additionally, those engaged in teaching CRT do not have some hidden agenda as you imply. They seek to encourage informed, scholarly analysis of issues, particularly the terribly corrosive issue of racism in the states. There’s no vast conspiracy that spans continents and seeks to destroy civilizations, as you asserted in your fevered prose.

      In all truth, mate, your extended rant has a canned feel to it, a pre-scripted flavour, like talking points heard on FOX or OANN, and then regurgitated verbatim.

      Lastly, while the tossing about of terms–Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, etc.–may, in your mind, seem to imbue your words with a greater sense of gravitas and erudition, you really need to give far more thought to whether you mean to reference a pholosophy or doctrine in its theoretical form or in its real form, as in how it is actually practiced in the world. American Capitalism departs from pure Capitalism as originally defined.
      Cheers, mate. (My Irish accent–and not an appetite for snark–inclines me to say, “Cheers,” and “mate.” It is not meant to offend.)

  4. And that’s the story you need to be telling why do we have an all white GOP party why is there a new diversity there and who do they represent

    1. @Andra Book What are you saying? The Black Leaders in MO. are all bought & paid for by George Soros. The Cory Bush, that got a elected to Congress. She is a bought & paid for by a Bolshevik Commie.

  5. The more I watch the current Trumpian Republicans , the more I wonder how they choose who gets the grey cell for the day. It seems they have no independent thoughts so have have decided to work with messages slipped to them on Post It’s…’Today’s outrage will be….’

    1. @Mik4real Ron Johnson, arguably the whitest man in Congress, continues to forge ahead with his scattershot campaign of disinformation. No target ranks as too big, not too small for attack from Johnson’s Ministry of Lies and Division. Truly a man for our times.

    2. Well fathen… at least Russia has a strong leader who runs the country on his own brain power, unlike the pathetic pos who was handed his potatus.

  6. GQP: “We believe in the freedom of speech!”
    Also GQP: “We must ban any thinking that exposes our racist history!!”

    1. lol Someone filially got it right in less sentence than me constantly trying to explain to people why the GQP are really spooked by “CRT,” the teaching will lead to the source of racism, and that source is the KKK, the confederates and of course the Republican party getting 80% of the attention. While the Democrats get the remaining 20%, either way DEMS will get out of this with less criticism than the GQP will, and they know this.

    1. With that eyepatch , he looks like he would fit right in with the SS gestapo .⚡⚡ Probably has some lightning bolts in his medal drawer

  7. Hawley still wearing his tRump uniform… navy suit, white shirt and red tie…. Can’t they afford different clothes?

  8. Hawley is saying CRT will leave us divided??? Huh?? He cant even concede a fair election. Who’s dividing the country????

    1. What is your definition of “ fair”. Dead voters notwithstanding, there are multiple other teeny weeny issues that are currently being “ looked into”. How does that make you feel? Oooooooo….I love it

  9. Ron Johnson: “..our culture». Exactly; -could there be any doubt that this old, rich, white man means anything but white supremacy culture?

    1. You have to deliberately import your ideology to think him saying “Our culture” is racially exclusive

    1. Josh thinks that his diction will translate into a GOP presidential nomination in 2024 except the mass majority of those magats he’s targeting with this bs all have a 6th grade education. We’ll see if it sticks (and if donnie likes it….we all know how Higher Educated people rate on donnie’s pet peeve scale of trust).

    2. @Trent Timoy Josh Hawley, the preening Ken doll of United States politics, still has considerable explaining to do–as does Ted Cruz–regarding his contribution to the insurrection of January sixth. Mr. Power Fist salute needs, at the very least, to be held accountable for incitement.

    3. If you’re so upset, why don’t you just start yourself on the fentanyl your pos potatus is bringing across the border in record amounts. I hear it helps with the democrap delusional status while at the same time making you less difficult to live with

    4. @KesArt Absolutely. Hopefully, Hawley and Cruz will be subpoenaed for testimonies for the upcoming house committee investigation Pelosi will be setting up.

  10. Hey Josh it’s not professors who attacked the capitol. Maybe you’re wrong about which group isn’t so hot on America.

    1. Lol, what an idiotic deflection. While I don’t condone the Capitol invasion at all, 200 dopes invaded the Capitol because they didn’t like the outcome of the election. It doesn’t mean they hated America.

      However, we’re seeing millions of democrats who hate America and hate a certain race due to the color of their skin refusing to leave. It’s peak hypocrisy.

      They’re pushing this heinous CRT ideology in schools and the workplace that all b— are oppressed victims and all w— are racist. It’s insane. Collective guilt and false racial stereotypes should be condemned.

    2. Lol, while I don’t condone the Capitol invasion, that was a 3 hour riot. The BLM riots were a 3 month long riot and led to burned down cities destroyed businesses, and 25-30 deaths. I’m not even remotely conservative but you’d have to be brain dead to focus on the Capitol riot to the exclusion of the far more destructive BLM riots, which led to $2 billion in damage, according to the NY Post. Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    3. @Frederick0220 Nope BLM didn’t attack the capitol and attempt to overthrow the government, no matter how much you worship Dictator Trump 🤓

  11. Well if they don’t want our kids to think their “forefathers” weren’t/aren’t racist…maybe they should…STOP ACTING RACIST! It isn’t rocket science.

    1. @Snap Dragon hahahahaha You thought that was racism? hahahahaha Those were ppl that were tired of the Democrap Party pulling all the hoax’s and using our tax payer money. Hillary did pay for the Russian Dossier. But Comey lied to the Fisa Court and so the investigation began. Million & Millions of dollars. But the Democraps let all that BLM & Antifa, commie crap go on for months and let them out of jail scott free.

    2. @Snap Dragon I am a “Daughter of the Revolution”. We won the Revolutionary War, against The Whigs and the Crown of England. You are evidently one of the traitors, that tried to keep The 13 Colonies enslaved. Then don’t celebrate the 4th of July. It’s a Republican Holiday. Not a Democrap holiday. You are traitor, slaver & a commies.

    3. @Earl of Mar : what on earth are you ranting about, now? Because we don’t have enough ink on the internet to list all of Deplorable Donny’s crimes. Yeesh.

    4. @Earl of Mar what are the 4 biggest factors that started the Revolution? Honest Question. Let’s see how little you actually know about your own history.

    5. @Earl of Mar no that was a bunch of spoiled white Children throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get your Orange Nazi for Christmas!

  12. We should be asking to”take back our politics from the rep’s”instead.!!They are totally ruining democracy in this country.!!!Whats Happening.??!!!

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