Ibram X. Kendi: ‘The Heartbeat Of Racism Is Denial’ | MSNBC

Ibram X. Kendi, author of “How To Be An Antiracist,” explains that the first step is acknowledging your complicity.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Ibram X. Kendi: 'The Heartbeat Of Racism Is Denial' | MSNBC


    1. @cptunicorn don’t try and explain anything to these idiots. They don’t even know who robert byrd is. all they’re good for is calling people “racist, sexiest, homophobe.” Whatever their handlers tell them the flavor of the week is. I doubt most of them are literate anyway.

    2. @cambellschunky704 I dunno, I don’t want a civil war, I want unification. I was a lefty, until I studied history. I narrowly escaped being one of these aholes; luckily I studied my butt off.

    3. @cambellschunky704 Ancient history, back in the day when there were still far-right “Dixiecrats”, who are all now long dead

    4. @Greg Bors Robert Byrd died 10 years ago and served in congress for 51 years. card carrying member of the kkk. didn’t realize 10 years ago was ‘ancient’ but whatever….

      “…were still far-right “Dixiecrats…”’
      do you even have a clue about what you’re talking about?

    1. @Severin Slightly conquered was a bit of hyperbole on my part, it`s a lifelong process for those afflicted. i think maybe you`re conflating racism with prejudice, they aren`t the same thing.

    2. @Zymir
      They do a simple experiment in Psychological classes, when studying racism, that go like this:

      They raise black mice and white mice independently, then they’ll put a white mouse in the black mice cage and the black mice will totally ostracize the white mouse and sometimes it will be physically attacked.

      They will raise black and white mice together and they all get along fine.
      This behavior is attributed to what is known as the ‘shunning’, it’s a behavior that animals display when one of their group is injured, they shun that animal because it’s inability to keep up with the group is a danger to the whole group.

      When mice, who have never seen a mice that is not just like them, they assume it is a threat.

      This manifests itself in humans in irrational behavior towards people that are different.

      It is why children can be so cruel to a handicapped person, they minds haven’t developed enough to resist their evolved urges, yet.

      Obviously, there are other aspects to racist behavior, and no one condones it, but the ‘problem of racism’, is a little more complex than people think it is.

    3. @All For One&One For All they are both evils that need to disappear from America; change yourself, change the world.

  1. The current administration still claims there is no racism in the police force and therefore the system is fine. Perfect example of denial 🧐🤔

    1. @WAR STAR 10 you do run your own cities, I want to go to a fine black American restaurant, go to a nice club, tourist spots in your cities. I CAN’T

    2. @TheGuerillapatriot , lol you see what happens when you ask them to show you evidence of systemic racism? they call you names then disappear.

    3. @Space Alien I’m a “minority”, I don’t like to say it. I want to be judged on my character and by my peers in my industry. The systemic racism is crutch. Cheers, Space Alien!

  2. It’s like a German saying “I have a swastika on my wall because it’s my heritage but I’m not racist” 🙄

    1. @cambellschunky704 I don’t think offence or destruction of a statue that glorifies a person who fought for slavery is comparable to a Nazi

    2. That’s the most ignorant thing I have ever heard anyone say. Literally only 5% of people owned slaves not everybody’s heritage who is white is racism. There are many white people that fought to end racism. That would be their heritage

    3. @Philip Merewood so abraham lincoln and winston churchill fought for slavery? does burning down and destroying places of business and other peoples property do anything to solve the problem you are trying to rectify?

    4. @cambellschunky704 recognising statues of confederate generals or slave trader statues of people who literally made money from the transportation and death of thousands of slaves as not appropriate statues to be admired is surely not too much to ask

    1. I agree. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, poll tax, red lining. Shut stupid. You know not of which you speak. Sign your disclaimer and go to your rally.

    2. Who follows YOU around the store “Bob”, even though you have stolen nothing & have NO criminal record?! “White Privilege”…your is ignorance is showing!!

  3. Let’s pass a legislation that blacks will not be arrested by police. Only then you can solve this.

    1. @willholt11 Ah, yes. Not to be glib but it was like the Left (Soros) said, “The impeachment failed, release the virus!”

    2. @willholt11 Unless you are Native American you also should go back to where your economic migrant ancestors came from.

    3. @willholt11 I’m not sure you think much at all but then again neither do any Disinfectant Donnie Disciples.

    4. @Bono Budju Ah, so my thanks was misdirected. Yeah, I’ll get right on that as soon as every Hollywood liberal and Nancy Dingbosi sign the deeds to their mansions over to Chief Sitting Bull and Geronimo’s family.

    5. @john emeigh Yep, Soros is another traitor who should have been arrested years ago.He probably gave money to Epstein too.


    1. @cptunicorn What’s your point? Many of us know history. Even senator Byrd of West VA sought out Obama when he came to the Senate. Yes this country was founded on racism. You couldn’t vote in the South until the mid-60’s, Dixiecrats. But that was decades ago. LBJ gave up the South by passing civil rights legislation, and he knew that. The GOP has been avowed racists since Goldwater.

    2. @mrJwlock When they died out. Byrd was a Dixiecrat, and he was there when Obama entered the Senate. I think folks like him eventually had to surrender publicly. They become “moderate” democrats. It’s like “moderate” Republicans are folks who aren’t full-blown racists.

  5. Simply said: if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.Edit, for those who disagree, what is your great point of departure towards a solution?

    1. _”if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”_
      Like when George Bush said _”you’re either with us or against us”_ during the Iraq war?

    2. Roch Xavier that’s a nice saying for a poster or a t shirt but has nothing to do with reality. How simplistic.

    3. Chadillac it is amazing how sensitive these right wing snowflakes are when you tell them their god isn’t real, or let women make their own reproductive choices, or when consenting adults do something with their junk that they don’t like, or in general when other people don’t live in accordance with their particular brand of Christianity.

    1. @Space Alien If you think white people don’t act the same way your living in a bubble just look at the idiots that went to the government buildings armed WTF do you think would have happened if they would have been black that should be enough to open your eyes that white people get away with more than black people do come on how racist are you and by the way I’m white just not racist, bigot, or sexist.

    2. Fake News wont tell you this:
      The latest Rasmussen Poll (Jun 5th) has 25% “strong support” for Trump among blacks. More and more blacks are escaping the Democratic Party plantation that has condemned them to fatherless homes and choosing freedom and prosperity. Don’t believe me? Watch this: https://youtu.be/NNvBpXzKG2E

    1. Me. Anders, A simple last name is not a sign that somebody is illegal. Your comment on the country is a clear sign that you are poorly educated. I have a Latin last name and a lot more formal and informal education than you, including US history and grammar.

  6. When drugs are involved, however, it can create an alternate reality that often will effect the situation adversely! 😊

    1. you mean when Dumpty is trying to tell America how he fixed it.
      and does the sudifed thing everyday along with hate speeches from Nazi Miller- kauf!
      the foreign countries controlling the media, his “warrior” sons shooting every thing dead in Alaska , his botox daughter & son-in-law doing photo ops that only get citizens gassed for believing they NEED TO BE TREATED better than Russian citizens.
      it has been an alternate reality since he became a Russian asset and listens only to Putin.

    2. @kalbs89 You have to know whether a person is on drugs or just being belligerent! Otherwise, you can end up creating an accident that is totally unnecessary! …….(And, yeah, I know, sometimes the cops act like they are the ones that are high! lol! 😏)

  7. Why isn’t Jarrad working on this. Oh right, middle east peace and the opioid crisis. Bummer. It’d be solved already.

    1. @King OfTroy Yeah it’s funny how that is. Interesting how once white people are using drugs it’s no longer a crime, especially middle class white people.

    2. @Kingoftroy: Oh yeah. The laughing stocks of the civilized world have got this. Soon you will have 250,000 dead, on your way to half a million, police shooting unarmed citizens. But the good news is, the opioid epidemic is over. Thanks for the heads up,” really well educated person… LOL

  8. Republicans: “No more racism?! You are taking away my livelihood!” *waves Confederate flag around*🤢🤮 Vote all Republicans out of power!

    1. @Space Alien I’m sorry to insult you. I truly am. But there’s no use talking to anyone that is still for 45 and whose logic seems spurious. I just don’t have the patience.

    2. Dani Vertiz lol good one. Typical low IQ individual. No proof or evidence, so you just hurl insults like the sh*t panted toddler that you are. You just got OWNED. Say something.

    3. @Paul And RIGHT NOW Republican lawmakers all over the south are fighting to keep their confederate statues and flags UP, while Democrats and any decent people try to do what is right. People generally care more about NOW than 160 years ago. But by all means, keep telling tens of millions of black Americans that we should vote for a party that won’t LISTEN to us but smiles and says they know what’s best for us.

    4. @Howard G , lol just as i suspected. you cant answer a simple question. you respond to my post and insult me right off the bat and when i ask you a simple question what is it that i dont have an idea on, you cop out with your passive aggressive im better than holier than thou retort. i mean what’s the point of rioting for change? arent i the perfect person to “educate” and change? dont you want the world to be a less racist place? dont you want peace? who else is the perfect candidate to use your patience on and correct ignorance???? why preach to the choir when you can convert someone? so go ahead, tell me what i have no idea on. unless of course you just dont know and you’re just stalling. which is what i suspect.

  9. Why do they keep calling the police on black men who have done nothing wrong?!!! They know it’s likely they’ll be killed!

  10. I am listening to Kendi’s book “Stamped From the Beginning.” He’s so smart, I’m glad to see him on here.

  11. qui tacet consentire videtur
    “he who is silent is taken to agree”
    “silence implies/means consent”

  12. “They bought him a hamburger“. Why didn’t they buy this guy who was just sleeping a coffee. No, instead they put him to sleep forever. No humanity.

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