ICE Chief Shown Video Of Crying Girl Separated From Migrant Dad | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

MSNBC's Gabe Gutierrez interviews Acting ICE director Matthew Albence, and shows him video of a crying girl separated from her migrant dad. Albence defended his agency's raids across Mississippi, saying those breaking the law were ultimately the ones to blame for the separations.
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ICE Chief Shown Video Of Crying Girl Separated From Migrant Dad | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. They’re doing jobs no Americans will do. For low pay and little to no benefits. Like the ones working at Trumps resorts.

    1. The problem with your argument is that it is very simplistic and doesn’t account for any differences other can country of birth. A ret@rded person would on average make less than a genius born in the same country but you put the American ret@rd in a higher caste than a Mexican genius.

    2. @ruth depew I paid 100 dollars total for two chest freezers and my average monthly electric bill fluctuates between 50 and 70 dollars a month… If people can shell out 800 dollars for a phone and sign a contract that locks them in for easily over $100 a month, I’m sure they can search the internet for a good deal they can afford… My location isn’t unique either. Even if you live in a city, most of them have outlying communities within driving distance that can offer the same services…

    3. @Donna Willams Is that a fact? The fact that I don’t want to see marginalized people exploited by a system that *_encourages_* them to violate current immigration law? I want to see Americans earn a living wage and be prosperous. The only way to see that is to encourage them to naturalize and become a citizen… Encouraging them to cross over illegally only foments them being forced to live underground and accepting the “best offer”…

    1. Alex Ocasio-Gomez I’d suggest reading up on ‘Black Monday of 1954’, ‘San Francisco Vigilance Movement’, ‘Italian Lynchings in New Orleans, Louisiana 1854’. And there are plenty more if you seek.

    2. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez Will you support Fuhrer Trump when the first immigrants are processed in Trump’s industrial death camps?

    1. @Susan Merriman see we agree. And furthermore I’m a free market guy from fresno with a soft spot for the people I see out there harvesting peaches and table grapes. I just a soon they make permanent workpermits. I can’t for the life of me see why we would want to block a mutually beneficial transaction. All that said it really hurts me when I see people call to punish the employers cause they aren’t the problem. The racist protectionists are the problem.

    2. @Blaise MacPherson wow. That’s quite the double standard you’re hanging your hat on. You should think about it some more.

    1. @Southern Fried Cynic
      Asscrack, we are Americans, not Russians.
      The disfunctual Republican party has been hijacked by a Russian stooge. His involvement in crimes ranging from tax fraud to obstruction and conspiracy charges are under criminal investigation.
      Don’t be so arrogant with your comments, at the current rate of confusion, you’re liable to be next !

    2. @Southern Fried Cynic
      Asscrack, your over simplification of the border crisis, is as disastrous as the policies themselves !
      The current position of the border patrol, is to hold all asylum seekers hostage by the agents, regards of legal status, there is no separation of those people of legal entry from the illegals !
      It is not illegal for refugees to seek asylum from countries over run by murderous drug kingpins or Communistic dictatorships. These are rights guaranteed by the Constitution, as designed by the original framers, the same right for the pursuit of happiness as you or l.

    1. (sneaks across the border of another nation)
      “You’re just arresting him because he’s a minority!” (takes another gulp of soy milk)

    2. Obama done it before Trump so Obama was part of this slavery you claim that it is. Go try going into another country illegally and see what happens

    1. @SP Riggs We’ve got 30 million illegals here so just based on statistics there are probably hundreds of thousands of Jesii here illegally. The 700 peopple arrested last week probably included a Jesus or 2.

    2. Southern Fried Cynic there are still a lot of Christians who are racist. Apparently they forget God created all people no matter what the color of their skin happens to be.

  2. ☺Immigrants pay their taxes while the rich and wealthy hoard and take money out of circulation

    1. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez pshh I dont think u know anything lol stay out the politics kid if u dont know what going on in your own country

    1. You choose not to see it because of your “hate”, but I CLEARLY saw and heard compassion in this man’s voice.

    1. Hahaha… you’re a moron! You can’t have a discussion like this with a child… they wouldn’t understand. Jesus Christ where does YouTube find these idiots???

    2. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez Dear dear. Someone doesn’t know what constitutes a misdemeanor. Are you an undocumented immigrant? Because ” advise” is a verb, not a noun. The word you were looking for is ” advice”. Glad to help.

    3. @Kelvin Crowe Ooh here’ s a self righteous little model of Christian values. So let me see now, someone who intentionally broke our laws by hiring these people, should go to jail too..therefore, in the name of law and order, Trump should be handcuffed immediately. Glad we agree.

  3. You said you do your job with compacity? Did you have capacity for leaving children on the streets without their parents? Nothing but excuses of the way you treating immigration children and their parents.

    1. Colby Noblin I’m Mexican American and live on the border, what’s taking place has been happening for years but only now it’s getting politicized and brought into the spotlight. The right demonizes Latinos with heated rhetoric that resulted in a horrific mass shooting targeting Mexicans and Mexican Americans. The left is coddling, utilizing the victim card, and encouraging illegal immigration for political purposes along with creating a voter base. This shouldn’t be the case, it’s maddening and concerning to see the political talking points get worse by the day from both sides. The Democrats and Republicans take advantage of us.

    2. @Colby Noblin Sorry, but if you commit a crime, you get separated from your kid. Nobody drank from a toilet. That’s complete fake news. The hygiene is also fake news. The investigators who went to look found enough supplies. The border agents said that they can show them where the showers are, but can’t force them to clean themselves.
      You also have no proof for your “criminal regime” claim. That’s ridiculous.
      If you were really that concerned, you’d support closing the border, building the wall, and getting rid of the Flores agreement that’s causing them to kidn@p kids, R@pe them, and force-march them to our border.
      We’ve made plenty of proposals that would reduce the numbers in these detention facilities to zero, and Democrats have rejected them all.

    3. @MIchael Rigby I saw your comment and I just want to bring to your attention some facts. Some People should never have children but they do. Children can never choose their Parents. Some children are murdered at the hands of their parents. No President can save all the children, but he can close the Border and try an protect the People in each community. The Media should never show children in distress. It is just a cheap shot.

  4. ICE raided that specific Koch company because the Koch company lost a court case against the workers last year. ICE is being used as a private militia…meanwhile Trump used (for 20years) and is still using illegal immigrants on his own property!!!!!!!

    1. Janet Masiello, old up, are you saying a business aren’t aware of the day to day businesses? GTFO. Trump likes money and he wants more of. He hates losing it, be it paying others for services rendered, lawsuits or other. Still, he’s bound by law to pay his employees and rather than giving an America a fare wage, Trump would rather pay undocumented workers far less because he can. He knows they’re cheap labor, just like everyone else in the country does. People often talk about how “migrant workers are taking our jobs,” but they aren’t, really. Most Americans don’t want to do janitorial duties, room service, kitchen work or similar jobs with few to no career paths! Migrant workers need money to survive in the US. As they’re undocumented, employers often work them harder while paying them much less than an American citizen who knows his/her rights, who could actually fight such companies in court and win.

      Trump and other employers like him know about the these cheap labor workers because they help them keep a bigger share of their profits. I’m not even a business owner and I know this. Everyone does. Yet, those down on their luck want someone to blame for the failing job market or the lack of higher paying salaries/benefits…so they often fall in line and blame people who have no power at all instead of the people at the top making the decisions to cut benefits and lower salaries. Crazy!

    2. @Bjorn Santens How were you able to tell from the video that they were illegal? Were they dressed like banditos in an old west movie?

    3. G1Transformed Pretty much, it’s really the fault of the employers. Corporations such as The Trump Organization, Cargill, Tanimura&Antle, etc give these migrants jobs as it keeps production high while keeping costs low allowing high yield profits every quarter. The migrants are coming because they know they will find work; be it cutting grass, cleaning hotels, or processing meat and produce. If ICE really targeted the employers, many of the goods and services we take advantage of would skyrocket in price and could tank the economy. No American wants $6milk or a $10 pack of 4 chicken thighs for example.

    1. What if your job was to guide people to the gas chamber? Would you say; pretty please get in that room and don’t worry everything is going to be ok. Is that compassionate enough for you?

    1. She wasn’t acting. She was crying because she was taken from her parents by the kidnapping child molester who trafficked her across the border.

  5. They do not have to enforce the law. It’s called selective enforcement. Sort of like how they SELECTED NOT to enforce the law against the employers.

    1. Underdog Justice , the topic “ selective enforcement “ and I believe that my example of the hildabeast getting away with multiple crimes because “ she didn’t mean too “ is a fine example of “ selective enforcement “ don’t you think ?

    2. @Kevin Jacobs No this rambling idot is way worse than your ever so bot response with Hillary and Obama. Its hilarious actually

    1. Donna Willams , I can be retired and comfortable on the internet also.
      I’m not “ whining “ about illegals costing me money , I’m pointing out that illegals are costing ALL taxpayers money

    2. Donna Willams , illegals cost American children education , when a “ teacher “ has to stop and explain in pidgin English , to someone that doesn’t speak English hardly at all.
      Illegals cost all Americans when they go to an emergency room for a minor illness and don’t pay.
      Illegals cost all Americans taxpayers money , when they cross the border , pop out a kid , and we’ve got to give them food stamps, to feed the kid
      Illegals cost the American taxpayers billions every year

    3. @Kevin Jacobs You’re inferring I’m a liar now? You’re assumptions are wrong again. You telling people to “stop whining, stop being jealous of rich people” is projection on your part. Undocumented immigrants also pay taxes, a fact you choose to ignore.

    4. Donna Willams , here’s something to think about , approximately 20 % of all inmates in American prisons are illegals , roughly 420k
      At the lowest estimates , that’s around $13.3b a year , and that’s just to keep criminal illegals off the streets , add in all the rest illegals cost the American taxpayers , including you
      America needs to spend money on America
      Look at the homeless tent cities , in west coast cities, it’s appalling that Americans favor people that aren’t supposed to be in America , over America’s own people
      There’s enough poverty , no need to import it !

    5. Donna Willams , I’m not “ inferring “ I’m clearly stating “ I can be anything I want on the internet “

    1. Did you notice he was blinking alot as he gave that dry, hollow explanation of his actions? I wonder what was going on in his head as he put up that utterly pitiless front?

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