ICE Detention Center With Dark Past To Be Shut Down | Rachel Maddow 1

ICE Detention Center With Dark Past To Be Shut Down | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow revisits the story of alleged forced, unnecessary gynecological procedures and sterilizations performed at the ICE detention center in Irwin County, Georgia, with an update reported by NBC News that the center will be closed and federal investigations into the detention center and the doctor are "reactivated and ongoing." 
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    1. @Ash Roskell first I’m hearing of it too. Republicans called it “patriotism” if you believe it. Makes me sick my my stomach too – no actually it brings out feelings of bloodlust for politicians. REPUBLICANS ARE SO CONCERNED with not becoming communist China that they failed to see they’re worse than them in other ways. None the less the fact that it was actually the Chinese that invented the first fire arm in the 9th century, so republicans can thank China for their beloved second amendment. Sorry, I went on a rant.

    2. @Never Ending Productions : You have NOTHING to apologise for, my friend. It’s the abject hypocrisy that makes this evil so BANAL in the first place. Can they not see that sterilising is just as big a, “crime against God,” as abortions? If not worse! They can FORGET all that, “baby killer,” hysteria they were so happy to shove at us now! Where are these victims? Why are we not seeing their faces? Are they being represented? Why is this, “Doctor,” and his minions NOT under lock and key, awaiting trial? I have so many questions! I would want to know WHY they did this? Why would you physically mutilate defenceless desperate women who fled hear, leaving everything they had behind, out of desperation, to seek our HELP??? It’s like discovering the plot of The Hills Have Eyes has been playing out under our very noses, on the government’s dime! The Tax Payer has been FUNDING this sh*t!!! I HAVE HELPED PAY FOR THIS!!! But, I just want to ask them. Was this just some sick, f’ked up notion of, “punishment,” and, “deterrent,” or are they just some twisted Klan, who managed to form a torture club at tax payer’s expense? I mean, is it even POSSIBLE that there’s a third explanation I haven’t thought of? I’m actually in a cold sweat, right now. I genuinely need to take a minute, just to calm TF down! This is so HORRIFYING! . . . Why??? . . .

    3. @Ash Roskell preach but I’m so close to going over there and ripping to shreds whoever put this into fruition. And you’re right! It totally is the exact opposite of their “pro life” sham. These losers can’t practice what they preach to save their own lives. I say, if nothing gets done about this, then the people need to March straight to cheeto man’s doorstep and yell in his stupid face and ask why it was necessary. I will actually love to fly from here to Mara logo to personally give him my fist.

  1. I thought the russian Qult trolls said everything was a mess at the border lol sounds like it’s going better than we could expect so soon.

    1. @kyRee Elain Prohm
      Those criminal cases and lawsuits piling up on Trump has got you all in a tizzy, huh?
      It shows:)

  2. Very good news and again something that never would have happened under 45*. In fact, if he had “won” again, these detention centers would now be full of democrat/liberal politicians, members of the free press, academics, activists, etc. who would be deemed “enemies of the state”. No, I’m not exaggerating; cf. history.

    1. I want to know if these women are being represented? And why this Doctor Mengele and his minions are NOT under lock and key awaiting their trials? This is some of the most HORRIFIC stuff I’ve EVER SEEN! We were all sickened at the notion that people who were SO DESPERATE that they would leave all they had behind, and take the perilous journey to America, seeking OUR HELP, could be separated from their little children and tossed into Concentration Camps, where they were treated worse than cattle. But, Tax Payer FUNDED physical MUTILATION??? Well, the trump tribe have LOST their, “baby killer,” propaganda, having committed atrocities far WORSE than, “abortions,” but ACTUAL VIOLATIONS OF BODY AND SOUL! I just cannot express how SICKENED I am, to discover that WE HAVE BEEN FUNDING MUTILATIONS, out of our own pockets! But, WHY??? What is their, “REASON,” their, “JUSTIFICATION,” for such banal horror!? I really want to KNOW!

    2. @Ash Roskell Because Trump is a racist and blames people of color in other countries for world problems. But I could be wrong

    1. They shouldn’t stop at closing the facilities. Investigate who was responsible for the forced sterilization and other inhumane actions and put them in prison. “I was only following orders” didn’t work for the Nuremberg trials, it shouldn’t work here.

    2. It’s very easy. Just believe the ugly and false stereotypes about certain groups of people for years and years. Until it’s been socialized to believe certain groups of people are a threat. Or under par; “those people” and soon it won’t make a difference to you what “those people” endure; if they live or die. Josef Goebells, Hitler’s minister of Propaganda, knew exactly how to get the sympathy of the ignorant masses so they could “purify” their Aryan Race. America hooked their wagons onto these belief systems for centuries. What else is new?

  3. Don’t just close the facility! criminally charge every person that was responsible for this facility.

  4. Thank you Rachel Madden for all the difficult but truthful awareness to active and reactivate investigation news.
    So good to hear atlas these young women will get justice for these horrible crimes committed against them, so many people didn’t even know about it going on and wouldn’t know without reporters like you Rachel, so thank you for being there for us all .

    1. @Rob Perry were they not concentration camps during Trump’s administration? or Obama’s? or Bush’s?

  5. There’s not one aspect of Voldermoron’s “presidency” that will be untainted by the end of all these investigations, indictments, etc.

  6. Glad to hear this it’s great news! Nothing more than a money making facility and corruption under the previous administration. Good riddance!

  7. Forced sterilization??? Thats exactly what happened to Black Women in South Carolina in the 60’s…”AFTER” JIM CROW.

    1. Yep. Not just during Jim Crow. But decades later to. The government also did experiments on black Americans: the Tuskegee experiment, they denied it and convinced ignorant racists that the black pilots, Tuskegee airmen who saved America during WW2, spread STDS. It was course proven patently false. And then there was the Manhattan project. They’ve been doing this for centuries.

      Just like the Nazis that performed experimental surgeries on Jews in Concentration camps. Even on pregnant women and children. They don’t teach this in history classes. And got the nerve to whine about “cancel culture”

    2. It was also one of Josef Mengele’s hobbies when he worked for a bunch of intolerant, bigoted and racist far-right extremists during the Holocaust.

  8. That doctor should get life for all the lives he has taken by sterilizing those poor women.

  9. Rachael Maddow, the Georgia Election Audit was authorized by the courts today. Thanks you so much for your support. Great investigative reporting

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