ICE Raid Leaves Kids Pleading For Their Parents’ Freedom | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

The largest single ICE raid in history left nearly 700 undocumented people detained, after officials raided seven food processing plants in Mississippi. The raids left many children without parents to go home to after the first day of school, with a n 11 year old child pleading ‘government please show some heart. Let my parent be free.’
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ICE Raid Leaves Kids Pleading For Their Parents’ Freedom | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. Hamfists Man you should take a stroll in my native county El Salvador 🚶‍♂️. They’ll do both of what you mention for the fun of it

    2. Come into country illegally, don’t show up for court, bye. I wonder what happens if Americans don’t show-up for court? What happens to their kids?

    3. Saltponds239 where’s the outrage for all the innocent American “ BENCH WARRANT “ victims 😂😂😂😂

  1. We are inflicting pain on these kids that will never heal. I hope the media doesn’t just walk away. Follow those plants. I want to know who they hire to replace these people.

    1. @lazy gamer he”s not the president anymore so why are you still talking about him. That doesn’t make any sense

    2. @BbetrGODczU L isn’t it funny how #45 got rid of all the immigrants working for him with forged documents. But not one word was said about it . Now he is raiding other people’s businesses with ice taking immigrants to detention. Isn’t the double standard just rich. This is just sick.

  2. Since republicans are pro-life, why aren’t they adopting/ fostering the kids that are American citizens??!!! Where’s all those family values, religious, evangelicals, who supposedly care about children so much???How about practicing what you preach!!!!!

    1. Republicans are also for law and order. People can’t cherry-pick what laws they want to follow. Especially when they are not even American.

  3. Hope Republicans feel safer tonight. They have made the world worse for everyone else. Arresting people working for slave wages. The richest country in the world with a complete lack or moral fortitude.

    1. @Herr Kartoffelkopf and you want the people hiring them free to hire more. With that logic I assume you hate drug addicts and love drug dealers. Way to fight the victims and not the cause.

  4. These parentless and traumatized children…some babies…could be placed in for-profit ICE facilities…whereby for $800 a day…someone (minus their kickback to Trump) is going to make a ton of dough.

    1. @Cars by Chris it is a crime if you enter illegally…An illegal alien seeking asylum is still “an illegal alien.” It’s against the law to enter the country without our approval. See 8 U.S.C. 1325. Asylum is simply a defense to deportation.

  5. Why don’t they do a massive raid on every single individual involved w pedophelia and Epstein instead of stupid ish like this…

    1. Fernando Carmona : Trump was at Ground Zero of a Nazi Atrocity, while this was happening. Why could he have NOT DELAYED this? This was on the shooter’s manifesto, and Trump has just shown America that Far Right Terror WORKS. He literally CAPITULATED to a Nazi’s demands! He may as well have ASKED for another shooting! It gets RESULTS! THAT is the, “message,” Trump has given to Terrorists

    2. @eric shun how is coming into a country illegally and working/paying taxes the moral equivalent to raping children?

    3. @Cars by Chris because coming here illegally comes with more crime. And exchanges happen with coyotes working for the cartel. And the list of crimes they commit are earth shattering.

      And pedophiles are raided. Thats how they gwt caught

  6. Every rose of every color deserves to be in the garden.Each and everyone is beautiful and unique in its own way .All flowers don’t only need water but they also need sunlight.By turning our back on this our shadow becomes the darkness.With darkness the rose won’t be able to grow and flourish into the best most beautiful flower it can be.

  7. ny times “Jan 28, 2016 – The report also said that it was unclear how many of the approximately 90,000 children the agency had placed in the past two years fell prey to human traffickers ” OBAMA.
    unclear … because they LOST them…

    1. @Just a 5.0 Being illegal is a misdemeanor. Im sure you’ve committed a misdemeanour….for example a traffic citation? So therefore since you agree with this form of punishment over a misdemeanor you need to have your kids taken away and put into foster care. Bcoz you are a criminal just like illegals.

    2. Trump Doesn’t Wipe I’ve committed felonys. Done prison time in pahrump , Nevada . I was “ took” from my family. Maybe my mom should of cried for my release as well. A moving violation is different from being illegal Alien. That’s a federal crime bud. You should cry for drug dealers trying to feed their kids

  8. Evil hath no greater devil than punishing the innocent @ 0:49


    Arresting the minimum wage workers…while the companies suffer no penalty nor criminal adjudication.

    Two mass murders…with the people of El Paso and Dayton asking the President of the United States of America to not visit…citing the rhetoric of white supremacy espoused from his lips…whether be deliberate or political gamesmanship…this is moral evil.

    The Republican Party are going to be decimated in 2020…the party will essentially self destruct…and be forced to regroup…silence and selfish self preservation.

    Gobsmacked at such deliberate vengeance on the most innocent…the children.

  9. I must say I agree with Obama on this issue:

    “Even as we are a nation of immigrants, we’re also a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable -– especially those who may be dangerous. That’s why, over the past six years, deportations of criminals are up 80 percent. ” – President Barack Hussein Obama.

    1. Wow, look at all those dangerous criminals they rounded up!… For Pete’s sake they’re just minimum wage meat packers.

    2. @oreopoj minimum wage? Basically slaves earning 5$ an hour. They shouldn’t have the jobs to begin with.

  10. Can some lawyer or group of lawyers please represent these children and file a class-action lawsuit against Trump. Trump is heartless and must be impeached!

    1. Filing a lawsuit against something perfectly legal because your feelings got hurt isn’t gonna stop it.

    2. @Just a 5.0 – Really dude? First off this is Trump’s policy which is extremely cruel since all we know by the personnel of ICE that these individuals are supposedly illegal immigrants. Second, anyone who comes to our country regardless whether they are here legally or illegally have human rights under our laws. Third, there could have been an easier less cruel way of handling this situation by simply informing the local police and coordinating your activities with them and wait until the child is home with their parents as opposed to pulling a sneaky act of arresting your parents like as if they mobster style criminals. I am willing to bet that most these illegal immigrants have only broken one law in this country of ours which is they are here illegally. Fourth and you are forgetting most important part is their children which are US Citizens and one they will grow up with resentment on our country and could possibly pose problems in the future because of the actions in which our country has done to them. There is an old saying “you reap what you sow” and are important words to live by.

      Okay dude you are hurt and you feel these illegal immigrants are stealing your jobs. But did you ever think for one moment that most of these immigrants have far less right then you do and that possibly their current employer is perhaps more illegal than them since they might have known for quite some time that they were harboring illegal immigrants. These are the people that law enforcement should be going after since they are the ones that broke greater laws than the illegal immigrants by not paying what is owed to our government and not hiring a US Citizens. Also, I don’t you realize that it is fully documented that Trump himself also has illegal immigrants working in his companies and he himself is just as guilty as these illegal immigrant and should be prosecuted by the law. Oh wait, that’s right you think that Trump does no wrong and just because he’s rich he can dodge whatever law he wants including sure the person on the street. Dude get real and wake up for Trump is a conman dude and many of his friends which are billionaires to have broken so many laws and they themselves are a bigger contributing factor to our country’s problems then these illegal immigrants.

      Plus here’s another important fact that I am willing to bet that you’re not aware of, that Trump has connections with mobsters which means he himself is most likely a criminal. Did you know that? We have a criminal leading this country and buy rights should have been arrested a long time ago. Also doesn’t it bother you knowing that a criminal actually is leading this country. Why has an hour country done something about that?

    3. @Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN if it didnt bother you back when trump and bush had ice raids..then why is it bothering you now.?.get over it. Obama was nicknamed Deporter in Chief..he deported more than Trump has..

    4. Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN you write a lot to make no sense. They broke the “LAW” when they crossed international borders illegally. Makes them criminals. Just like drug mules.

  11. yawn this happens every time someone breaks the law. lmao where is all the outrage for all the parents who are in jail and who’s children can’t see them?

    1. Yawn, right this happens all the time. Where is the outrage for employers who hire illegals ya know like Trump who employs them?

  12. How?! Just how are u guys sooo cruel!!! You are traumatizing the kids causing them depression!! And anxiety🤧

    1. That was the fault of the parents not anyone else…they had their deportation letters but ignored it ..this is what happens

  13. 7 different food processing plants in Mississippi, so, what about the companies who hired them?

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