1. Open borders would destroy social welfare and low cost housing in less then a year. But you fools scream racism.

    2. texas thunder that was when the Europeans first arrived to the Americas. Have you ever picked up a book, opened it and read it ?

  1. Imagine this country is a character in a Disney movie. You get a million dollars if you can write a script about this situation with us as the good guy. Go.

    1. America defends it’s citizens and future Americans (immigrants) by protecting the safety of current citizens and economy while keeping the country a desirable place to live in.

      I take wire transactions.

    2. Okay I would make it a reality show. I’m thinking flood the border get some crocodiles maybe a few Cayman. Forget the Cayman they’re not politically correct.
      so we flooded the Border we added crocodiles now an obstacle course. You know shoots and ladders use your imagination.
      We can sell popcorn……

  2. When you come for my neighbors you come for me. Thoughts and prayers ICE family’s you just might need them.

    1. You’re so freaking brainwashed. Nobody’s hurting any children. Except the people trafficking them.

    2. @Kitty S. You should remember that does not change the fact that they are illegal immigrants.
      And the original inhabitants of this continent we’re eurasian’s.

    3. @Laviathin Beast if your a Democrat you can’t use that excuse and support abortion. Sorry no moral high ground for you.

  3. So Ice will be the following the law, A Court order enforced …What’s wrong with that CNN?

    1. @Miguel Gordillo Since you’re spewing accusations you have proof to back them up, right? Go ahead, show us the evidence. I mean, if ICE is “breaking all sorts of laws”, as you claim, you must have something to show us. Btw, I won’t be holding my breath while I wait.

    2. @R Free Countless of articles from the start of the investigation to the court proceedings. It’s a simple Google “court ice slavery” search away. But hey maybe it’s just a bunch of lying media liberal propaganda. What do you want me to provide? Camera footage?

  4. Politicians will tell us that we need one more amnesty, and then we will have fixed the immigration system once and for all. The truth is, another round of amnesty will encourage another wave of lawless immigration, to be followed by yet another round of amnesty.The cycle repeats every thirty years.

    1. Jah Hebrew um if a US citizen does not show up to ct they are listed as a fugitive if you don’t show up to jury duty your listed as a fugitive ! I was wrong in Fed ct it’s a misdemeanor chg if you don’t show up to ur hearing! In either case they should be deported if they have no respect for our LAWS! Most of these illegals have ZERO proof they are in danger if sent BACK! They come here mainly because they are poor and live in a shithole country! Which is NOT a legit REASON to invade another country and PARASITE off it’s TAXPAYERS! 80% of these illegals are single men lets cry a river for the pooo lil men!

    2. Jah Hebrew also the majority of stories i googled on illegals showing up to ct were from prior to 17! This yr homeland security are saying that the majority are not showing up because a new sherrif was elected TRUMP and is enforcing immigration laws that the KENYAN CLOWN did not enforce his last term!

    3. @Bobby Dawg it’s not even a misdemeanor. Immigration is a civil proceeding. Not criminal.
      You say most have zero proof, I disagree, you, like most Americans don’t understand asylum laws and the process of claiming asylum. Each applicant has to pass a credible fear test conducted by ice officers. Running from poverty wont work. If they pass they get to see the judge and get a court date, if they fail well deportation process begins. For the ones who pass, they now have to prove to DHS and the immigration judge that if release on bond they’re not a danger to the American public and won’t be a public charge ( welfare or assistance). Even after proving all this, they have to prove they have to have a sponsor who can provide them with somewhere to live. Then, and only then they MAYBE release on bond. They’re beyond vetted,
      DHS/ICE break their own laws daily, so if they don’t respect the laws, how can you expect the immigrants to?

    1. @Brian William Turns out Acosta’s really not that interesting and everyone already knows what he’s about. He’s predictable…Go figure. It’s kind of like a Democratic political rally. No one shows up there either. It’s the same 26 people that bought Jim’s boring book.

    2. Isn’t he the one who went to the fence along the border and found……no illegals entering…was so shocking…..

    1. DrunkenMaster_0 in truth yes. But my family s mix with native Americans so I’m more legal than most

    2. @DrunkenMaster_0 dinosaurs called…want their stolen land back.
      So when are you gonna donate your stolen land and move to Europe you bullshit artist?

  5. yeah, maybe they need to admit there is a crisis and deport these people home and stop them from making the trip…

    1. Maybe if Trump didnt make it so they couldn’t seek asylum at the American embassy in Mexico so of course they’re going to the border lol. That’s the only place to apply for asylum. They aren’t trying to push their way through lol. Trump literally created this “crisis” so he could look good.

    2. You’re right sir there’s a crisis in America it’s the Pasty white Europeans Deport these people hold and stop them from making the trip again

    1. Puppets & Traitors those jobs are chosen by people who respect the rule of law and our country which most far left libbie sheeple DO NOT! it’s apparent you don’t 😎

  6. Cognoscenti nothing wrong with that to sleep cement floor. What β€˜s wrong with bare foot?
    What f law you did study?

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