ICE whistleblower Speaks Out, Alleges Mass Hysterectomies Performed On Migrant Women | MSNBC 1

ICE whistleblower Speaks Out, Alleges Mass Hysterectomies Performed On Migrant Women | MSNBC


Nurse Dawn Wooten alleges mass hysterectomies performed at Georgia facility: “I had several detained women on numerous occasions that would come to me and say, ‘Ms. Wooten, I had a hysterectomy. Why?’ I had no answers as to why they had those procedures.” Aired on 09/15/2020.
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ICE whistleblower Speaks Out, Alleges Mass Hysterectomies Performed On Migrant Women | MSNBC


    1. America has a history of taking away fertility from black and brown women. This is not the first time and won’t be the last unfortunately , so sad but true.

    2. @Raheel Pervaiz I promise you and the next generation, I will vote like the future of humanity is at stake, because it is

    3. More than likely it is no coincidence. I always assumed when disabled people here in the UK told stories of this happening over the last 50 years that they were an unlucky few but it is typical procedure to pressure disabled and poorer women not to have children as I found to my cost.

    1. Yeah, just like you were “doomed” during the first 4 years? Use that brain you were born with, but be sure to get the dust off of it first…

    2. Kelly McShane u just don’t like the truth what do u think Hitler did to the Jews locked up people and experimented on them trump is a nutcase and the sooner he is out the Whitehouse the better off Americans are

    3. Mr Rey no I’m not a investigator but when it comes to trump I think the worst everytime because he is a disgusting person and his record sways to the worst most of the time

    4. @hankakah You’re a inbred progressive. A vile and revolting human. You must and will be held accountable. Outrageous that you actually draw air.

    1. @1.0 Fan She must be a very strong and brave person to speak up because clearly she is drawing upon herself at the same time the lunatics who believe the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting was fake because that’s what Alex Jones told them and the folks who believe the Stoneman Douglass High School survivors (Parkland, FL) are faking, and the folks from Q-anon and the folks who believe Queen Elizabeth of England is the top of a worldwide drug distribution pyramid. Now she has to deal with all the crazies in addition to the trauma she carries already. Having one’s reproductive organs removed without one’s consent is generally considered “severe”.

    1. As i remember, Nazi Germany started at 1930s, but USA done killing the US native long before 1930s…so it’s Nazi getting close to USA, not the other way around. Nazi was much weaker than USA in the field of genocide.

    1. no it isnt, the people who work at ice are normal people who just want to feed their families. you are clearly the maniac, I couldnt imqgine being obsessed with a political figure like you are about trump, i pity you.

  1. No detention facility of any kind should be privately owned and operated. No one should be making profit off of detainees.

    1. those privatley owned facilities end up covering a large chunk of the bill when it comes to maintaing prisoners, making it so that tax payers save money. you people are so stupid it is not even funny.

    2. @Tails you make it sound so easy, the problem is those detox and rehab programs dont always work, and many homeless people dont want to get “back on their feet”, and they prefer living on the street. take a step outside of your bubble and into the real world.

    1. @Atsuko Roberts I agree. It us blatant and chilling. No one can sit in silence because to the death cult, that means acceptance. Im a grandma of a sweet mixed race grandbaby that I would defend with my life and the life of others for that matter. Life is precious. Black lives always mattered ♡

  2. I don’t understand . . . when I had my hysto, I had to stay in hospital – with morphine – for two days, then no activity allowed for WEEKS . . . this is NOT a simple surgery!!!

    1. @Cody Reed yes it all depends on how they do it. I had laparoscopic surgery and then needed surgery to correct what the robot messed up. I wished I had had the old fashioned cut me open kind. I couldn’t get the one that goes through the cervix because of a fibroid tumor. Different methods, different risks and different recovery times.

    2. Luyurobo L
      If you’re just throwing random sentences around, expect people who know how to read to question you !
      Hilarious !

    3. @Cody Reed Recovery from forced procedure is rather different. You weren’t doing so in a detention centre I take it?

  3. These women need a team of high powered, high profile human rights lawyers immediately.
    There must be serious consequences for this crime. Everyone involved should go to prison for this

    1. Bonita Janssen
      *Remember when this WH was tracking detainees Menstrual Cycles?*
      *..and all this is being funded with YOUR TAX DOLLARS! *
      *Seems this GOP have made every American **#Complicit** in this crime!*

    1. so you believe an anti trump story that has no proof to back it up and that is conveniently leaked right before the elections?
      yeah america is screwed, the masses of our country are sheep

    2. @Dumpty Humpty , You do not understand anything about Nazi tactics nor history… If you did, you would clearly see who the real fascist are in this country that are pumping out propaganda, promoting civil distrust/ unrest, destruction of cities, hampering the ability of freedom of speech, and trying desperately to initiate Marxist/ socialism in a free country. Wake up!

    3. @Grim Reefer , No, not exactly… And if this ( big if) this story is even true, the surgeries were performed by a solitary doctor, and that Doctors Medical malice, not as a Policy written by the State as would have been under the Nazi regime. This is all hyper boil, and also extremely offensive to the Ashkenazi Jews that Really did experienced genocide and eugenics under the Nazis by having the word ‘Nazi’ thrown around out of context

    1. @Nicholas Parker testing the Covid19 inoculations on congress?? what a fantastic idea! I will share your message!! Keep on keeping on, bless your heart

    2. @DonkeyLips McGee You don’t have a womb, do you? Nothing ‘petty’ about sterilizing someone against their will. Shades of Mengele.

    1. wah wah wah, you morons think Trump is informed on every little thing hahahahhahahaha that means he would have to receive information 24/7 and it would never end, just all day long of telling the president of every thing that is happening across millions of people. hahahahhaha, you liberals just do not think at all, do you?

    2. People are surprised and skeptical yet even here in Europe we have heard it is happening. What are the US public doing with their time! US friends in reproductive health jobs know how common this is.

  4. The pious Evangelicals will love and defend this as well. Every immoract done by the chosen one is godly. They care only for the unborn and Republicans. The rest may die. They love it.

    1. Micky Cripplejohn everyone blames trump like he ordered this doctor to do this- arrest the a-hole and shut down that facility!

    2. @Jacquie J who instituted the policy? Something like that would logically have to come from somewhere very high up the chain of command. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, if Trump does nothing about it, he owns this. My gut tells me that he always knew about it. This will not go unpunished. There will be a reckoning.

    3. that’s not Jesus ChristChrist is about Forgiveness meaning no killing no sacrifices anymore,,,,they are not true christians if they condone this type of wicked acts on earth!!!! Holy spirit please come down on this center and destroy the evil people doing to the people who lack knowledge of who YOU ARE!!!

    1. @Anthony Burn Barr, Kushner, Ivanka, Pompeo, Moscow Mitch, Giuliani, DeJoy, Jordan, …
      They are all members of Trump’s mafioso mob.

    1. @Leydy Rodriguez
      I completely agree.
      I wasn’t trying to diminish her heroics.
      But for years now I have listened, painfully, to people around my community defend everything Trump has done. Or call it fake news. Which I’m sure they’ll go that route.
      And soon there will be another scandal from this disgusting administration and this brave woman’s efforts will be merely a footnote in a long disgusting list of horrific things done by this administration that 40% of Americans will NEVER believe happened or will defend!
      It’s like a cult of vile and willful ignoramuses!

    2. Leydy Rodriguez
      *Remember when this WH was tracking detainees Menstrual Cycles?*
      *..and all this is being funded with YOUR TAX DOLLARS! *
      *Seems this GOP have made every American **#Complicit** in this crime!*

      *What are the GOP up to?*

    1. because many latinos have these things called Brains and many have experienced first-hand what Biden-liken leaders and policys have done to their country so they know better than to vote terrorist, I mean democrat. Not exactly brain surgery, an intelligent person sees how terrible dems are acting and says, “I don’t want this b.s.” – Now only if white liberals could be as intelligent as the pro-Trump latinos, then this world would be a better place…but they aren’t so liberal areas in this country are crime-filled and filled with racism. I’m not saying become a republican (I’m not, I’m an independent,) but to vote democratic is to vote against America, plain and simple.

    2. @Cosette Laplante How naive are you?
      People get other people to fo their dirty work.
      Also, he order the immigrants to be held, all this under his administration and on his watch and he’s responsible for all suspect situations.
      So, do your homework and stop selling out humanity.

    3. @S It’s obvious that you love an abuser (Trump) in your life and now you and Trump want to abuse us with your lack of love and humanity in both your lives.
      Go “FOX” yourself!

    4. @D3ATH J3ST3R 13  @D3ATH J3ST3R 13 it sound like and, appears your the only person, to have come from Cuba, etc……
      All that matter to you and yours, is that you made it and that justify your vote and your inhumane, inconsiderate and selfishness ways for others who are still trying to make it…… To your question, everything, all suspection is under his administration and he order the detainees, and he’s is responsible for their plight.

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