1. OMG he was forking drooling watching the attack, replaying favorite bits, refused visitors as he was dancing naked on the resolution desk and couldn’t answer the phone as he kept climaxing over people raging hatred and committing violence in his name 🤤
    Looking to proof intent? Inspect the carpet for blue lit stains.

  2. This is one reason Garland hasn’t yet pounced – still more to come from the House in the next six months.
    Midterms anybody?

    1. @Jim McLoughlin
      I guess youre one of those “independent” (democrat) voters that just love to be disappointed hahahahahaha

  3. Merrick’s in a judge mindset during a prosecution, and that’s a problem. The DOJ has a responsibility to respond to Congressional contempt referrals. The revelations this week amounted to damage control, Garland responding to the lack of confidence the people have in his approach.

    1. @RockStarJazzCat yes, like what law applies, are all the requirements met, can you prove fact beyond a reasonable doubt. Doesn’t help when people continue hiding evidence.

  4. Trump’s official schedule during his last 2 weeks in office read:
    “President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.”

    1. A year later in liberals can’t keep Trump out of your mouth.🤣. You know you want him in there just remember to wipe your chin afterwards

    2. @Donald Morris between watching cable news and overthrowing the government he was a very busy orange Mussolini.

  5. “The only pressure I’m feeling is the pressure [to do my job.]” I’m hoping he’s going to live up to those words and manage to do something before the GQP removes him from office..

  6. Since Garland was once a candidate to sit on the Supreme Court, I expect an ironclad case that can overcome any Supreme Court challenges. At least by a vote of 8-1, that is.
    It’s hard to be patient, tho, when the stakes are so high and time is of the essence.

    1. It seems that maybe McConnell was right now to have the vote for him since garland seems to be too scared to make any moves towards people of congress

  7. They have to prove it could not have happened any other way- and it looks like they can do that with several breaks in normal procedure and laws from the president before,during and after 1-6

    1. They don’t actually have to prove it not have happened any other way. A preponderance of evidence and “more likely than not” is the evidentiary standard for a civil case. And in a criminal case this may be sufficient if the defendant can’t offer a reasonable doubt alternate explanation… in either case, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    1. @M Hall- What he didn’t lie about: “I love the uneducated.” And polling shows that the uneducated love him too. As for me, I wish they would get a room.

  8. The rules are not the same for everyone.
    Over a year later and where are we at in arrest of consequential members of the government?

  9. “‘Iced out’: Ex-Trump diarist testifies to Jan. 6 committee” so let’s #ConvinceItForward with #SlavaBOHU

  10. It ain’t the crime its the coverup. For every outgoing call during the 7+hour gap there were incoming call to “one of the usual suspects”. The committee has the other half of what Trump tried to flush. Gotcha!

  11. “He will be working early until late making many calls and attending many meetings”.. I remember thinking 💭🤔 ‘NOTHING good is going on backstage’. WE ALL knew this was about to go down. It was so obvious that a lot of us out here were real nervous about January 6th. And, we we’re CORRECT.

  12. Conseratives: when you attempt to converse here with these poor souls don’t make any spelling mistakes. It will distract them from their short attention span.
    They don’t even seem to remember they took medical advice from trump.

  13. People should be giving Garland political cover by contacting the DOJ directly. The Dept. of Justice maintains a secure website with a first class contact page. Everybody should take the 3-5 minutes it takes to use their Contact form, it requires name and email, and if you take a screen print you will have a record with a timestamp.

  14. His long days of work is their way of saying he was focused solely on trying to figure out how to commit treason without getting caught ……

  15. And when you look at Garland background you would see that every single nomination he has ever gotten has always ended in rejection all because some felt he simply didn’t have the experience

  16. “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive”.-A. Einstien

    1. You do realize Einstein was a physicist? Maybe a quote on quantum string theory would be more appropriate.

    2. Einstien’s intellect encompassed many facets of intelligence. He wasn’t just a one hit wonder. His IQ was 140…..but besides all that, he was wise and reflective and a philosopher. I would suggest you educate yourself instead of pretending that you have a superior intellect…you’re only holding yourself back..but thanks for the reply

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