Iceland Mourns Loss Of Glacier Destroyed By Climate Change | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Iceland Mourns Loss Of Glacier Destroyed By Climate Change | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on Iceland's Okjokull glacier, which has lost its status as a glacier as a result of climate change. Iceland's prime minister commemorated the loss with a plaque bearing a message to future generations.
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Iceland Mourns Loss Of Glacier Destroyed By Climate Change | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Iceland mourns while the rest of the world fiddles away like Nero. Maybe SpankyPants can purchase Iceland & bring back the glaciers.

    1. M. Rodrigo Lemus Tell most people that glaciers in the arctic is melting and they will freak out and worry about the future. Unfortunately, the rich billionaires in charge are cheering at new shipping opportunities. Depressing.

  2. Wonder how important tax cuts for the rich or building a wall vs. acting on climate change will weigh in 200 years? Just make sure the plaque says which party didn’t act or said it was a hoax

    1. Be no body in existence to read the plaque if ignorant hedonistic humans don’t stop raping their environment

    2. It’s on top of a volcano, lava upwelling nothing to do with the propaganda tax fiddle they used to call global warming.

  3. Rising sea levels and increased rain fall, future generations are going to hate us if we don’t become proactive.

    1. It’s too late for being proactive with climate change, this is now all reactive. Proactive would have been making changes 40 years ago when scientists first claimed this was about to happen. Unfortunately, we left it to industry, commercialism, and capitalism to make the changes, but they just gouged as many people as they could grabbing as much cash as they could. even now they are lobbying Governments worldwide to slow progress to keep making money. People don’t like it, but they have had enough time to make an impact and have done nothing. It’s time for Governments to take the lead and make the changes required to try and right things.

    1. Riche people got away with a lot of thinks in the past, they probably assume that it will affect poor people and they get away with it. That’s probably wrong and they will be the one grandpa no one talks about at family meetings.

  4. …split screen reminds me of the inauguration photos. Guess in an alternative reality that glacier is still there…

  5. Hurricane season is starting soon for the US. Will it be more hurricanes or more devastating ones this year? However, it too will be very real consequences for the people. Much like elections have consequences.

    1. Increasing the reporting rate on recurring, periodic weather patterns does not mean an increase of change.

    2. @Mind Freshener Yeah, your comment here is the same dumba$$ comment from above- LEARN something useful about the climate disasters we all are having and will face in the future.

  6. Do you part people plant trees! Preferably native to your area. Hardwood are best, they absorb the most carbon.

  7. Good to know that your rich and powerfull still make a profit…. never mind if the rest of the world frizzles and sizzles …
    Never mind the sea level rise or the increase in cyclones and tornadoes….never mind Africa drying up… and whole species vanishing…and acid rain…. it is important your making a profit…!! Long live the almighty Dollar!

  8. Seeing is believing
    I think we all know who needs to see this.
    Thanks for the reporting.

    1. Climate will change alright …. via continental drift … tectonic earth plates colliding. Through time new islands created and known islands will be submerged. Life will always be there. And fear is always created by men/women who created negative imagination. Politics will always make men/women collide and it is their choice to make their war or peace to seek the “perfect or ideal” world they need. And you are just seeing the effect of a segment lapse time variable. Maybe you are not just lucky, media can not provide you the data needed of variable changes. Environment changes…human population changes, politics and beliefs changes, tech changes etc. Who can control continental drift? Politics.

    2. @whoRwe02 well, I’m sure you think you sounded clever in your comment, but in reality – you are just another ‘facts dismissive’ Trumplican. Global Climate Change is real and it is getting worse. Try not to bury your head in the sand.

  9. “How we try to explain that in the future will probably not fit on a plaque.”
    Rachel Maddow, 2019
    This makes me sad.

  10. Shepard Glacier in Montana disappeared in 2012. Grinnell Glacier in Montana is almost gone.
    Glacier National Park in Montana is a misnomer, because most of the glaciers are gone.

    Google “glacier time lapse”, and you’ll see that we have past the point of no return.

    Good luck future generations, sorry that the Republikkkans sold out your future for tax cuts for the rich.

  11. Wow Icelanders, I truely feel so sad about your glaciers!!!!! I hope something can be done to save them.

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